Obsessions! Hair Products

Goodmorning pretty girls!
SO sorry this is a few days late-this week was SO crazy! But for this Monday Obsession post(even though it’s Thursday, I know…) I’d like to talk about hair products!
Recently I’ve been trying to get my hair as healthy as ever!!! And even though I’ve only stuck with a plan for about 2 weeks now, I can already see results! SO, I’m going to share with you my routine and my favorite products!

My routine:

  • Wash every other day! (this might sound gross but I PROMISE it’s not-I still take a shower :P)
  • Don’t use heat on your hair every day, but if you have to-use a good heat protectant!
  • Alternate shampoos when you wash your hair (for my thin haired girls!)
  • Put your hair in a braid before sleeping-this helps keep all the hair follicles going the same way and obviously not getting tangled!

That’s it! Now I’d love to share my favorite products:

1. DRY SHAMPOO IS MY BEST FRIEND!! Seriously though, I use this to mask nasty looking hair. The good thing about dry shampoo is that it’s like matte nail polish-it just makes it LOOK like your hair isn’t greasy, without actually drying it out at all! Also Dry Shampoo can be used for giving your hair a little body on those -blah days! My favorite is Tresemme-Fresh Start. You can buy it at WalMart for cheap too!(PLUS!)


2. Damage Remedy Shampoo & Conditioner from Aveda. Although my hair isn’t SUPER damaged, it still has heat and color damage. This Shampoo & Conditioner really does make my hair feel so rejuvenated, soft, and just healthy! It’s a little pricey but OH SO worth it!!


3. Something I’ve recently discovered Kusco-Murphy beach hair, a product from Australia for those days that I either A) want super natural looking hair or B) want to style my wet hair. I have to warn you though-this product DOES contain salt, so it will dry out your hair if you use it too much, but for me once a week is usually not damaging. Not only does this product smell like the beach with a margarita, but it really is the best beach hair product I’ve used!! It’s kind of like a thick gel and its SO easy to style your hair with it. LOVE this stuff. (also the website I have it linked to is SO great-my makeup, Jane Iredale is sold on here! Check it out also!)


4. Pre-Natal Vitamins!! And Biotin! So you’re probably thinking, wait-what?? But I promise you-these things have made my skin and hair SO much healthier! Because think about it-pregnant use them to make their hair and skin and their body healthy, so  why not use them too! (And their gummys! YUMMY!) Also Biotin is so good for your skin and hair, and I’ve FINALLY found one that doesn’t taste terrible, it dissolves in your mouth and tastes like cherry-and you don’t have to take food with it! (PLUS!)

gummy-prenatal-vitamins images

5. If you must use heat, USE HEAT PROTECTANT!! I really love Aveda’s, I feel like it really does protect my hair!


6. Last but not least-Moroccan Oil! I have to use Light Moroccan Oil, but this is seriously SO good for your hair. I use it every day-if not 2 times a day! Before I style it (when my hair is wet, it also works as a heat protectant) and before bed. Not only does it smell heavenly, it really does heal your hair and make it so shiny. Before trying Moroccan Oil, I used Biosilk for a little while. After doing some research, I discovered that Biosilk actually damages your hair after some time! Because yes-it does make hair shiny and feel like it’s healing it, but unlike Moroccan Oil, it doesn’t get soaked up into your hair so it just sits on the ends making them heavy and then eventually causing split ends and more damage. So in case you’re using Biosilk-switch to Moroccan Oil-SUCH a difference! You know what they say-Moroccan Oil a day keeps the split ends away!


I hope you found this post helpful! I just am loving my hair recently and I wanted to share why! Also-if you have products you love-TELL ME ABOUT THEM!!! I LOVE discovering new products!!

Have a fabulous week!


XX Flancake


Sunday Funday: Small Business Sunday!

Good morning lovely ladies!

In light of shopping and etc, I’d love to share with you all some of my all-time favorite businesses in Arkansas for the next couple of Sundays! I’d like to hit 3 towns that I’m in frequently-Mena AR, Fort Smith AR, and Fayetteville AR. Most of the shops are definitely places that you’d love to visit-so get your google maps open and get to shopping!! Today’s town is Fort Smith!

Fort Smith, AR

Some might not think of Fort Smith as a shopping destination, but trust me-it IS!! I’ve fallen head over heels in love with these shops in FS, they all offer GREAT quality products, great customer service, and of course great prices!

The Makeup Lounge

When I was in probably middle school, my mom took me to The Makeup Lounge to get a “makeover”, basically to teach me about makeup and etc so that I wouldn’t end up looking like a clown-and let me tell you, after I left The Makeup Lounge- I felt like a runway model! For real though, Donna, the owner-is SUCH an amazing person, in all aspects. She knows exactly what she’s talking about when explaining all the makeups and how they work, (She was at Nordstrom for 11 years in the cosmetic/fragrance department, she was a regional trainer/manage for FRESH cosmetics, AND she was a National Makeup artist for Chanel and Trish McEvoy! Need I say more??) and she is literally just so nice and helpful! This little gem is next to the mall in Fort Smith, and they offer top of the line products-BareMinerals, TooFaced, FRESH…are you making your way there yet? Because you should be!  Here’s their address-go there, now. Seriously!


Next in Fort Smith is Creative Kitchen! Although I’m definitely not a cook by ANY means, I’m literally obsessed with Creative Kitchen!  Jami, the owner-is another fabulous person you’ve got to meet! Her eye for everything crafty and tasty is just incredible. Not only does CK have super cute things to cook with, great recipes to work with-but CK has THE BEST delicious treats and cakes! Every time I stop in I HAVE to get a Petit Four! (not even kidding-the BEST petit four I’ve had ever!) Every time I leave CK my hands are ALWAYS full of yummy goodies! Check them out! This is the link to their website, and below is my graduation cake they made! (It was almond flavored-YUMMM)


Another gem located in Fort Smith is The Secret Nook! The Secret Nook has SO many things to offer, but jewelry is their specialty. The prettiest jewelry I’ve ever got seems to always come from The Secret Nook, with vintage pieces and vintage inspired pieces alike! Here’s their Facebook-they’re definitely worth a look!



Last but not least-my favorite clothing boutique in Fort Smith, Suite One! They’re SO on trend every time I go in and they aren’t afraid to help you put together an outfit! Here’s a link to their Facebook (also-check out their blog!!)



I hope you go visit these fabulous places, because they really are all SO fabulous!!! Have a wonderful week pretty ladies!

Just a quick note-after all my post’s I’m going to start leaving an inspirational/fun quote/picture/saying I think you all might enjoy-that’s always fun right?


XX Flancake

Friday I’m in love: Pretty Weddings!

Goodafternoon gals!

Now before I post all these pretty images for your tired eyes to feast on, let me just clear one thing up-I am DEFINITELY not getting married ANY time soon!!!!! Seriously, I’m not (MOM!!). HA! But really, I always joke about never getting married, but with wedding images as pretty as these-I might just for the fun of it! (IM KIDDING!!!!) 3 things that will for sure be at my wedding though (IN A MILLION YEARS) will be glitter, ribbons, and DISCOBALLS!  Well, now that that’s all said and done, lets get to the Friday prettiness! With this wedding post however, I’d love to share my favorite things from weddings: the Hair, the Dress, the Flowers, the Cakes, the Pretty Pictures, and of course the RING!

First though, A few days ago I was poking around on the web, looking at my all time favorite jewelry place, Catbird, and I made my way on over to their blog. I was doing some pretty heavy duty creeping and I though-“hey, I’ve seen these images before…OMGGG I PINNED THEM ON PINTEREST!” It’s true-I had! What I’m talking about is possibly the most spectacular wedding of all spectacular weddings. Seriously, your mind is about to get blown.



This lovely of course was in the UK, in Aynhoe Park. The couple was Alix and Matt (I say that like I know them…I wish!) But isn’t the location seriously SO gorge!!! The thing that gets me every time is the giraffe and the disco balls, all in one room. MEEP! That really is the perfect background. That’s basically all I have to say about that, but if you’d like to see the whole story-click here!

Now, for all the prettiest of pretty images of wedding shenanigans I could find!

The Hair

 (Helpful tip-all these looks would be really cute and unique for prom, formal, etc.!) 


The Dress





The Flowers (I might have went a tad overboard-but what can I say, I love flowers so much!)


The Cakes (and other eats)





The Pretty Pictures


And of course (drumroll please..)


The first 4 rings are from Catbird, mentioned earlier!





As you can tell with most all of these images- I LOVE vintage inspired weddings! From the abundance of lace to the super unique ring, I love it all! Now a wedding post isn’t complete without the wedding of the century, with my idol-Miss Kate!




 Now, if you try to tell me she isn’t prefect, then sorry-we can’t be friends.

That’s all for today lovely ladies, have a FABULOUS weekend!!

XX Flancake

College Fashion: What NOT to wear

Good evening readers!
So although Wednesday’s are designated to the latest trends and fashion I see on campus, I decided to do this Wednesday on the things NOT to wear on campus. -now, like I’ve said before-I’m so terribly sorry if I offend anyone, the things I post are just my opinion! With that said, let me share the latest findings:

Problem: Ankle Socks

Fix: Low-cut socks.

Where do I even begin. Guys AND girls seem to be wearing these sad, sad socks more lately, and I really don’t know why. I’ve seen the socks worn with Norts (nike shorts), leggings, short-shorts-you name it. Although I GUESS these socks are warmer for cold days, (ok, but are they really-probably not). Unless you’re an 80’s aerobic teacher or an NBA star, stick to regular low-cut socks. Save yourself.


Problem: Oversized Shirts.

Fix: Regular sized shirts

Ok, now this isn’t the WORST of the things I see on campus (and I have had my fair share of wearing too-big tshirts), but there’s a fine line between a little big, and WAY OVERSIZED, like 5 SIZES TOO BIG!!!!! Ladies, if your boyfriend could wear it and it’s STILL too big-probably a no go. By too big, I mean wearing a tshirt that goes down to your knees. Thats just ridiculous.

Problem: The tshirt dress. Or “no-pants”

Fix: Put on some pants!

Going along with oversized shirts-wearing shirts as dresses. So obviously if your shirt is way huge, your bottoms are probably going to be covered. Now, if you decided to wear shorts with a huge tank top or tshirt well, maybe it’s time to make a better decision. I know for a fact that guys HATE seeing girls wear shirts that make it look like you aren’t wearing pants-because trust me, they probably really are wondering! (and not in a good kind of way either…) So if you absolutely MUST wear big shirts-just please don’t wear shorts also!


Problem: Leggings with short shirts.

Fix: Real pants, or longer shirts.

Now leggings are kind of a love/hate with me. Leggings worn the right way means wearing a tunic, extra long shirt(NICE shirt), or a dress. NOT a crop tshirt, a sweatshirt that hits you at the hips-no. I know girls probably think that guys want to see their booths (which this is probably somewhat true-we are on a college campus), BUT I’m pretty sure they don’t want to see the junk in the front. No one does. SORRY NOT SORRY.


Problem: Heels on campus.

Fix: uhhh maybe flats?

Heels on campus-if you are either A) a professor or B) a grad teacher/student, then this does not apply to you. However if you AREN’T one of the 2-keep reading. Now if you’ve ever thought about wearing actual heels on campus (I’m talking 3-4 inchers), then I applaud you-that means you’re wanting to dress cute!! BUT- I also want to stop you from embarrassing yourself! We’ve all seen that girl-walking in too-tall heels for too-long of a time. She starts to develop what I call the “backwards-flamingo walk”, because you know how flamingos have legs that are bent the opposite way of ours? When you walk in heels for a long time you get tired of walking at such a weird angle, so your body starts to compensate-by bending your legs and just walking SUPER strangely. So just take my advice, which is basically common sense-DO NOT wear heels to campus. And here’s a friendly tip-if you have to wear heels for a class presentation or something, just carry them in a bag. I promise you, walking for 15 minutes in heels is never worth it.


Problem: Hygeine-or lack of.

Fix: Some time grooming, thats all!

Personal Presentation is probably the biggest mistake made on college campuses. Before I go on about this particular what-not-to-do, let me just start by being honest- I DEFINITELY do not look fab every single day of my life. However, I do brush my hair, wash my face, and brush my teeth. And wear clean clothes.  Sounds normal right?? You’d be surprised. I can’t even tell you how many people I saw today on campus that were literally wearing pajamas-at 12:30 in the afternoon. Some might say-oh, they had a 7am class so they didn’t have time to get ready. Ok, if you have time to physically get out of bed, you have time to change clothes. Here’s a friendly tip:set out your clothes the NIGHT BEFORE, so you don’t even have to use you brain in the morning, because I know I never want to. Another thing-if you aren’t into wearing makeup or doing your hair(I really am not), at least make it LOOK like you somewhat care about your appearance! Even if you don’t someone else might. Don’t you hate it when you’ve just worked out and your all nasty and of course you see a super cute guy looking at you? Ya, that’s what you might look like to guys if you don’t look somewhat presentable. Now I’m definitely not saying ‘flat iron your hair and cake on makeup EVERY DAY OR ELSE!!!”, but I am saying take a brush to your hair and put on some moisturizer. Bad hair day? Grab a cute headband or hat! Simple as that!


Now as I said before, I hope I didn’t offend anyone! If I did-I’m terribly sorry. BUT, lucky for you-I included fixes for all the college fashion mishaps! So, now the UofA should go back to looking FAB (a girl can dream…)

That’s all for now folks! Have a wonderful rest of the week! Happy Hump Day ya’ll!

XX Flancake

Tutorial Tuesday! Smokey Cat Eye

Happy Tuesday everyone!

This tutorial isn’t what I wore to class today (sad face, I know), but it’s what I wore last Saturday night! This look is definitely a night look, unless you’re brave enough to dawn it during the day!  Regardless-these are the things you’ll need.

Yes, I posted a picture of my lighted mirror because it really is SO helpful!


From the left-BareMinerals Flawless definition, Voluminous Lashes, and Buxum Lash. (Black bottles are at Sephora, Gold bottle at Walmart!)


Anastasia eyebrow liners, at Sephora (I used High Arch)Image

Eyebrow filling brush and eyebrow shaping brushImage

From the left-Too Faced eyeshadow primer, Maybelline Eyestudio liner in black, Naked2 palette, and Fresh shimmer palette. Image

I used Half Baked, Bootycall, the purple-looking beige, Pistol, and Blackout.ImageImage

From the left- Jane Iredale makeup primer, Jane Iredale concealer in Z2, Jane Iredale powder foundation, Holiday in Balm beach, Jane Iredale blush, and BareMinerals hydrating setting powder.


I used the top color from the Baked palette.Image

Angled eyelinger brush, thick angled eyeshadow brush, and eyebrow shaper.ImageImage

Concealer brush, foundation brush, bronzer brush, highlighter brush, and setting powder brush. ImageImage

Now that all thats been shared, lets get to the good stuff!

Makeup tip #1-ALWAYS do eye makeup first-if you mess up and spill some powder on your cheek, its easy to just wipe it away or get out the makeup remover without having to worry about taking off your foundation!

So, first things first-put on eyeshadow primer!! This will make your shadow literally stay ALL DAY!

Then, draw on the outline of what you want your cat eye to look like. A good tip is to slightly close your eyes and draw upward until you get to the lid, then draw into the lid. And don’t worry about how terrible this looks right now, TONS of blending will come later!


Image 17

Image 18

Next, start blending the eyeliner into your eyelid like so, using the angled eyeliner brush. Image 20

Then blend in a grey color on top of the black eyeliner which is in your eyelid, this will start to create the smokey look

Image 21

Keep blending until the grey is covering most of your eyelid (but NOT the center of your eyelid!)

The add a silver color to the inside corners of your eye to make your eyes pop, and put a white/silver color on the center part of your lid and also on top of the silver in the corners of your eyes. DONE!Image 22

Now for face makeup! (because I know your all probably scared of looking at my nasty face without it!)

First dap concealer onto blemishes or red spots, and blend by using your fingers and making a downward motion. After the cream concealer is blended, use a concealer brush and pat/blend your foundation on top of the blemish area to keep it concealed.


Next is foundation! I used Jane Iredal’s pressed powder because I like the light finish it gives my skin. Use a foundation brush and put the foundation ALL over your face, but don’t blend right away.

As soon as you think theres powder covering your whole face, blend in a downward motion. I keep saying to blend downward because there’s tiny hairs all over your face that grow downward, and if you blend them down-they stay down and aren’t noticable. If you blend them upwards and all around, they become noticeable and your face might look uneven.IMG_4365

Next comes conturing! This part can get kind of tricky, so I included an extra photo for help if my directions aren’t clear.

For conturing, I use my bronzer brush and my bronzer (without a lot of sparkle thought-try to find a matte bronzer). Apply your bronzer first in the hallows of your cheekbones, then right about the outer part of your eyebrows, then right on your jaw line. Conturing is a HUGE step a lot of people miss, but it really does make the biggest difference in looking good-and looking freakin fantastic! Think about it-foundation creates a solid blank canvas on your face, with the same color all over. Conturing adds the color back to your face and it defines cheekbones (making us look skinnier-PLUS!) SO DONT skip this!IMG_4366IMG_4367 IMG_4368106467978660760120_FIF5mpey_c

After conturing, I usually add some color and definition to my eyebrows(They’re naturally super light without a specific shape!) For this, I trace my brows with Anastasia’s brow kit. This makes it super easy to find the right shape for you without looking clown-scary. If you don’t have a brow shaping kit-here’s some easy tips for filling in brows and making them have fuller shape.

Use an angled brow brush with an eyeshadow color slightly lighter than your eyebrows. But first things first!-DO NOT FORGET EYESHADOW PRIMER!! What’s more awkward than thinking your makeup looks so fab than to find out one of your eyebrows has been wiped away?? Well ladies, I don’t think anything IS more awkward! So just use the same primer that you used for your eye-makeup.

So to fill in the brows-scrunch your face to make a “mad face”. this will make your brows into a straight line on top. Trace this line and fill in on the way. Then do the bottom part of the brows the same way. Bascially follow your natural brow shape with a little definition, because if you make your brows TOO defined they won’t look real!

Lastly, if you find your brows are too harsh, simply use one of your fingers to blend the edges, wah-lah!

IMG_4371 IMG_4372 IMG_4373

Next comes eyeshadow! I use 3 mascaras that are listed at the top, but basically you need a thickening and lengthening mascara. (TIP-do one eye at a time so the mascara doesn’t have time to dry in between different coats!)

I actually don’t curl my lashes because they’re naturally curly-but I definitely recommend doing so! First, use the thickening mascara on the bas of your lashes. This crates volume. Do about 3 coats of this, then move on to the lengthening. Focus the lengthening mascara on the tips, and do about 2 coats of this. Then blend the 2 mascaras by using the lengthening mascara to go from bottom to top. Just a friendly tip-NEVER curl your eyelashes when there is mascara on them. This leads to serious breakage which you most definitely DO NOT want if your lashes are already on the sort side.

IMG_4374 IMG_4376

That’s all for the smokey cat eye look! I hope you found this helpful!! If you have any questions or comments feel free to comment or email me!

Here’s the finished look!


Enjoy the rest of the week pretty gals!

XX Flancake

Obsessions! the 2-strap sandal.

Happy Monday everyone!

Not only is today actually a great Monday(NO SCHOOL-EEK!), but it really is a GREAT Monday-it’s Marten Luther King day! Of course I hat to post about this, because we all should be thankful for this day and MLK no matter the race, age or sex. I just wanted to share some of my favorite pictures going around right now…


From one of my favorite designer’s instagram: Rachel Roy


From Invisible Children’s instagramImage

From Profreshstyle’s instagramImage

And another of the same quote from one of my favorite bloggers Aimee Song’s SongofStyle instagram,


Just take a moment and think about how this person has affected us in such a positive way, and how we can continue to do as he would have wished.


And now for my Monday special!! You might remember from yesterday’s post something that I tried on that I literally want to buy in every color and every shape and form….(I’m not sure what to call it, so I made up my own name-) the 2 strap sandal!!

I’m not sure how or where this sandal trend started, but it’s definitely catching like wildfire! As I said yesterday, the sandals I tried on yesterday were Calvin Klein. And SO adorable and classy-like a proper pair of heels should be.

I would definitely wear these heels dressed down with a pair of skinnies, maybe a blazer and a tshirt. But I would most definitely wear them dressed down. Or with leggings and a loose shirt.

For dressed up, just with a very flowy dress. You wouldn’t want to put these heels on with a form fitted dress because then you take the risk of looking SO much older than you are….scary ladies. Here’s some of my favorite 2-strap heels and ways to wear them.

from Alexander Wang


from L.A.M.B (my FAVORITES) such a pretty color and detail!


Brian Atwood


From Tibi


From Giuseppe Zanotti


and the girliest (and least expensive!) of them all-Steve Madden.Image

and now a few ways to style these babes-from 2 of my favorite bloggers-

Aimee Song from SongofStyle


and Ashley Madekwe from Ring My Bell (If you watch Revenge, she looks familiar, eh? It’s her!)


I love how Aimee paired her heels with unexpected camo pants, but still made the outfit look girly and pretty(I doubt I could pull this one off-but I might interpret the outfit with colored skinnies instead…) and I also love how Ashley’s outfit is simple and do-ble, also chic.

That’s all for now, I hope to see more of these fabulous sandals-they really are the epitome of a classy, stylish woman.

Have a wonderful Monday!

XX Flancake

#OOTD: Leather & Lace. 1.20.13





Since today was a tad warmer than usual, I opted for an easy transition outfit. My fav grey sweater over a lace slip-dress, over leather leggings with grey fringe booties. And of course layers of bracelets. Messy hair completes every outfit.

And of course I had to include the boy’s outfit, because he looked very dapper, as always. Loving his skinny tie and grey/brown combo.

(My outfit)

Sweater-Old Navy, discontinued (similar sweater)

Slip dress-Free People 


Shoes-Sam Edelman

Wristlet-Michael Kors


Sunday Funday: 1.20.13

Happy late Sunday!

Although I designated Sunday’s as “no-blog” days, we all know I couldn’t resist it! So I renamed no-blog Sundays to Sunday Funday! Because Sunday’s are normally fun right? I won’t describe my Sunday, I’ll just share some pics! Here’s what my Sunday Funday involved: Rogers, AR Pinnacle Hills, Calvin Klein, PF Chang, and the boy.

Below are some pics takin with my new Ollo lens for my iphone! I am seriously OBSESSED with it!! I got it at Target for $60, but it’s totally worth it! It has 3 lenses on it-fisheye(my personal fav), macro (super close up! which the next 2 photos are), and widescreen. Its so easy to use and so worth the money.



Also on this Sunday Funday, I finally put up all of my instagram prints from Prinstagram!


At Pinacle Hills today, I found the definition of perfection when it comes to shoes. The one strap/ankle strap heel is SO HUGE right now and I’ve been dying to get my hands on a pair, I just haven’t found the right pair yet. Well, today I definitely did! They’re Calvin Klein with a small platform under the toe part, leopard dyed calf hair, with a thick ankle band. Oh, and super easy to walk in! (BONUS POINTS) It seriously took absolutely everything in me not to walk out of the store with them. Sadly they didn’t come home with me this Sunday, but maybe next Sunday 😉 I also posted the actual pic of the shoes from CalvinKlein.com becuase my pic doesn’t really give you a good look at the beauty.



And of course, we had to eat at PF Chang! Ethan’s fortune is very true for everyone, that’s why I wanted to share!




I hope everyone had a fab Sunday FuNdAy! I know I did! Farewell friends.

XX Flancake

Spectacular Saturdays: 1.20.13

Goodmorning pretties!

Sorry for this to be a day late! But this Saturday was a very relaxed, easy going day! Much needed after the first week back at school!

The day started off by getting up at around 10am, SO nice! Then my roommate, Alex, and I grabbed some breakfast at Panera Bread-baked potato soup and a big kids grilled cheese=yum! Then we went to Kimmy’s Nail Salon to get some TLC on our little nails. Alex got a hot pinkish/coral color with a glitter ombre, while I got a baby pink/nude gel color. (The pictures don’t do them any justice at all!-mine look nude in the pic but I promise they have pink tones also!)


After getting our nails prettied, we did a little searching for outfits for the upcoming Lady Gaga concert!! (WOO-HOO!! Jan 20th!) We went to 2 of my favorite vintage places in Fayetteville-Cheap Thrills, which is your one-stop-shop for interesting, cheap, thrift store items. They not only do they have clothes, but also crazy costumes(today we found Thing1 and Thing2 costumes). Anything you need that involves some kind of rad party-go there. Image

Then we ventured not to far on over to my all time favorite vintage store in Faytown, Vintage Violet! This cute little store has not only the prettiest vintage gowns, tutus, lingerie, but also custom Arkansas shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters and cut-off shorts in ALL different sizes and colors. Oh, and did I mention that the owner can customize anything in the store to your liking? She has her sewing machine set up in shop. I told you, almost too good to be true! (all photos are from their Facebook-I don’t take ownership of taking any of them!-click any photo to be taken to their facebook homepage!)


After looking around and sadly not finding anything, Alex and I made our way back to the dorm. Since the weather was OH SO NICE out today, Ethan and I decided to take a bike ride! Since we both have mountain bikes we normally go on the trails, but today we decided to take it easy and just stick to pavement. Below are some fun pics, we might have gotten a tad bit carried away…improv photoshoot anyone??


After our bike riding fun which I must say was a LOT cooler than I expected-as in weather, we stopped by Rick’s Bakery for some yummy pastries. Ethan got a huge cinnamon roll why I got a delicious cream puff. Can you say heaven in my mouth?? If you aren’t familiar with Ricks, go check out their website-they really do have the best looking (and tasting!) cakes in town, PLUS seriously yummy treats. And stop by their place sometime-it’s just so fun inside!


As we were driving around, I noticed how pretty the sunset was! I tried to get a snapshot of it, but all I got was Walgreens. Oh well, I still decided to share it. Who knows, maybe someone will think it’s a masterpiece, right?


The last thing I did on this Jan Saturday was make a delicious meal! For dinner, Ethan and I made Lemon Peppered Salmon, fresh green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. The picture makes our meal look…interesting, but I promise it was DELICIOUS!! To make this yummy meal is simple:

Put green beans, carrots, cauliflower and broccoli in a sauté pan (don’t laugh but I’m not sure what you actually call that..oops!) with lemon peppered butter and sauté for about 5-8 minutes, or until you think they’re cooked! When you think they’re ready, pour a little lemon pepper marinade on top of the veggies for even more added flavor. (TIP-since that’s a lot of veggies, you might have to make them separately in order for them to cook all the way and then mix them together once they’re cooked!)

To make the salmon, first let it thaw COMPLETELY! Then sauté some lemon butter, then cook the salmon for about 3-5 minutes on each side, maybe even a little longer to give it that golden brown look for extra yumminess. Then add the lemon marinade on top, then cut up a lemon and squeeze half of it onto both sides of the salmon-voila! A seriously delicious meal, which is also nutritious!

Side note: Although fish and veggies ARE heathy, don’t be deceived. Since butter and marinade is used to make this, that just makes it not as good for you as it could be! If you want to make it absolutely positively healthy, here’s some substitutions you can make:

Instead of lemon butter-use coconut oil! (it should come in a jar, this alternative to butter literally has NO taste, and you can alternate it for butter on just about anything-and you still get the moist, yummy taste!)

Instead of lemon marinade-use real lemons and a lot of pepper!! Simple and easy.


Although there wasn’t much fashion or beauty (Saturday’s aren’t really my prettiest days, I’ll be honest…) I still hope you enjoyed my first Spectacular Saturday post! I’ll probably be posting later this afternoon for Sunday, but until then-have a fabulous day!!

XX Flancake

Friday I’m in Love! Store Spotlight

Good afternoon loves!

(just a warning, this is a really long BUT very interesting post! 🙂

SOOOOO starting new week I’m going to be doing a series of certain topics in my blogging-here is the tentative schedule:

Sunday- “no-blog” day! I’ll either not post anything, or if I’m feeling groovy I’ll write a little something random, probably from a prompt!

Monday- Obsessions! Meaning that I’ll blog about what I’m currently obsessed with! And show pics and give tips and advice of course!)

Tuesday- Tutorial Tuesday! I’ll either post a picture tutorial or video tutorial that I’ve made concerning makeup, hair, fashion-etc. If I somehow don’t have time to make a tutorial, I’ll post one of my favorite tutorials!

Wednesday- College Fashion! This is a series I’ve somewhat started.. for Wednesday’s I’ll talk about what trends and fashions I’ve seen on campus throughout the week.

Thursday- Rando! Basically this is what it suggests-something random!!

Friday- Friday I’m in Love! By Friday we’re usually all pretty tired and ready for the weekend, so on Friday’s I’ll try to post something interesting, fun, and lovely to look at! It might even be some fun ideas for the weekend, something to wear for the weekend, or just pretty pictures! Basically anything that I think is interesting and that you might want to know about!

Saturday- What I did today! On Saturdays I usually craft, shop, or both! Whatever I do (if it’s interesting, that is!) I’l try to post about it!

SOOOOOO all these days are subject to be Randos, if I can’t seem to blog about anything pertaining to the topics-but I’ll try to keep on schedule! If you want to see something different on my blog-pretty PLEASE let me know!! Now, onto Fun Friday!



For this Friday, I’d like to do something I call Store Spotlight!

Store Spotlight is something I like to do where I feature one store, and put together complete outfits using only their merchandise! This Friday’s store is going to be one of my favorites for basically…anything!-TARGET

The first look I created was borrowed from the boys-one of my favorite things to do right now, since it’s a little cold and sometimes my jackets just don’t cut it!




For the “Lynard” look, first-go looking around the mens department (kind of scary, right? Don’t tell anyone my secret-but I like to pretend that I’m looking to buy something for my boyfriend, so no weird stares are involved!). But grab this faded denim button up from the guys, and layer it on top of the dark grey Lynard Skynard t-shirt (also borrowed from the boys!), then go back to womens-and look for the totally rad washed out skinny jeans. If you’re feeling spontaneous, maybe tuck in half of your tshirt for a laid back, cool vibe. Then head over to shoes and get the totally on-trend sneaker-wedge in a grey/silver blend. Then look in the jewelry for this great layering necklace, then bam-DONE! To make this outfit really “yours”, layer some of your own cool necklaces over this Target one. This outfit is super laid back, edgy, and chill-all at the same time!

Mrs. Cool 


The “Mrs. Cool” look is definitely polished, but also trendy too. With this outfit, the yellow cardigan, white/gold dotted shirt, black flowy skirt with brown belt, grey/blue satchel, and coral heel tipped with gold are needed. To style this outfit, first-tuck in the white shirt to the black skirt. Then layer on the yellow cardigan and scrunch up the sleeves, then roll the white shirt’s sleeve over the cardigan. Then simply put on the heels and stock your bag-done!

I love this outfit because it’s polished enough to wear to maybe a formal work setting, but casual enough to wear everyday. And I think it’s definitely on-trend because of the shoes-HOW cute are they?? The coral mixed with black and yellow will really make a statement! Just a warning though, I actually own the coral heels and they LOOK to be an easy 2 inch heel, but actually they feel like a 3 incher because there isn’t a platform. Other than that, this outfit is PERF!

Sassy Lady

Image ImageImageImageImageImage

Sassy Lady is probably the favorite out of the 3. I feel like this outfit is for one of those days where the weather cant decide if it’s hot or cold! Those days are SUPER annoying,  but with this outfit-you’ll be wishing for some more! Top off this cute little number with a grey, slouchy beanie. The beanie will give the skirt a more casual feel. Then go with the white/navy striped sweater, then grab the orange mesh skirt. In my opinion, leaving the sweater un-tucked gives the outfit more of a casual feel, which to me looks best. Then use this super stylish metallic grey bag to store your lipgloss, then put on some grey argyle socks (for warmth-but also style!) and scrunch them down to look like leg-warmers, then put on these grey wedge booties-FAB!

I hope you enjoyed this Store Spotlight on Target! Again, all the items shown can be found at Target.com or in stores! If you’re interested in some more Target looks, check out one of my FAVORITE Tumblr-Target does it again! They also have an instagram feed you can follow for awesome pics!

Last but not least-Glitter Loves Haute Couture was featured on one of my fav store’s blog! Here’s the link to see the post- http://www.shoptheelle.com/blogs/news/7193614-me-time, and here’s a link to The Elle’s store, and they’re also on Facebook-check them out!

Have a great rest of the day and a FABULOUS weekend!!!

XX Flancake