Spectacular Saturdays: 1.20.13

Goodmorning pretties!

Sorry for this to be a day late! But this Saturday was a very relaxed, easy going day! Much needed after the first week back at school!

The day started off by getting up at around 10am, SO nice! Then my roommate, Alex, and I grabbed some breakfast at Panera Bread-baked potato soup and a big kids grilled cheese=yum! Then we went to Kimmy’s Nail Salon to get some TLC on our little nails. Alex got a hot pinkish/coral color with a glitter ombre, while I got a baby pink/nude gel color. (The pictures don’t do them any justice at all!-mine look nude in the pic but I promise they have pink tones also!)


After getting our nails prettied, we did a little searching for outfits for the upcoming Lady Gaga concert!! (WOO-HOO!! Jan 20th!) We went to 2 of my favorite vintage places in Fayetteville-Cheap Thrills, which is your one-stop-shop for interesting, cheap, thrift store items. They not only do they have clothes, but also crazy costumes(today we found Thing1 and Thing2 costumes). Anything you need that involves some kind of rad party-go there. Image

Then we ventured not to far on over to my all time favorite vintage store in Faytown, Vintage Violet! This cute little store has not only the prettiest vintage gowns, tutus, lingerie, but also custom Arkansas shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters and cut-off shorts in ALL different sizes and colors. Oh, and did I mention that the owner can customize anything in the store to your liking? She has her sewing machine set up in shop. I told you, almost too good to be true! (all photos are from their Facebook-I don’t take ownership of taking any of them!-click any photo to be taken to their facebook homepage!)


After looking around and sadly not finding anything, Alex and I made our way back to the dorm. Since the weather was OH SO NICE out today, Ethan and I decided to take a bike ride! Since we both have mountain bikes we normally go on the trails, but today we decided to take it easy and just stick to pavement. Below are some fun pics, we might have gotten a tad bit carried away…improv photoshoot anyone??


After our bike riding fun which I must say was a LOT cooler than I expected-as in weather, we stopped by Rick’s Bakery for some yummy pastries. Ethan got a huge cinnamon roll why I got a delicious cream puff. Can you say heaven in my mouth?? If you aren’t familiar with Ricks, go check out their website-they really do have the best looking (and tasting!) cakes in town, PLUS seriously yummy treats. And stop by their place sometime-it’s just so fun inside!


As we were driving around, I noticed how pretty the sunset was! I tried to get a snapshot of it, but all I got was Walgreens. Oh well, I still decided to share it. Who knows, maybe someone will think it’s a masterpiece, right?


The last thing I did on this Jan Saturday was make a delicious meal! For dinner, Ethan and I made Lemon Peppered Salmon, fresh green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. The picture makes our meal look…interesting, but I promise it was DELICIOUS!! To make this yummy meal is simple:

Put green beans, carrots, cauliflower and broccoli in a sauté pan (don’t laugh but I’m not sure what you actually call that..oops!) with lemon peppered butter and sauté for about 5-8 minutes, or until you think they’re cooked! When you think they’re ready, pour a little lemon pepper marinade on top of the veggies for even more added flavor. (TIP-since that’s a lot of veggies, you might have to make them separately in order for them to cook all the way and then mix them together once they’re cooked!)

To make the salmon, first let it thaw COMPLETELY! Then sauté some lemon butter, then cook the salmon for about 3-5 minutes on each side, maybe even a little longer to give it that golden brown look for extra yumminess. Then add the lemon marinade on top, then cut up a lemon and squeeze half of it onto both sides of the salmon-voila! A seriously delicious meal, which is also nutritious!

Side note: Although fish and veggies ARE heathy, don’t be deceived. Since butter and marinade is used to make this, that just makes it not as good for you as it could be! If you want to make it absolutely positively healthy, here’s some substitutions you can make:

Instead of lemon butter-use coconut oil! (it should come in a jar, this alternative to butter literally has NO taste, and you can alternate it for butter on just about anything-and you still get the moist, yummy taste!)

Instead of lemon marinade-use real lemons and a lot of pepper!! Simple and easy.


Although there wasn’t much fashion or beauty (Saturday’s aren’t really my prettiest days, I’ll be honest…) I still hope you enjoyed my first Spectacular Saturday post! I’ll probably be posting later this afternoon for Sunday, but until then-have a fabulous day!!

XX Flancake

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