Sunday Funday: 1.20.13

Happy late Sunday!

Although I designated Sunday’s as “no-blog” days, we all know I couldn’t resist it! So I renamed no-blog Sundays to Sunday Funday! Because Sunday’s are normally fun right? I won’t describe my Sunday, I’ll just share some pics! Here’s what my Sunday Funday involved: Rogers, AR Pinnacle Hills, Calvin Klein, PF Chang, and the boy.

Below are some pics takin with my new Ollo lens for my iphone! I am seriously OBSESSED with it!! I got it at Target for $60, but it’s totally worth it! It has 3 lenses on it-fisheye(my personal fav), macro (super close up! which the next 2 photos are), and widescreen. Its so easy to use and so worth the money.



Also on this Sunday Funday, I finally put up all of my instagram prints from Prinstagram!


At Pinacle Hills today, I found the definition of perfection when it comes to shoes. The one strap/ankle strap heel is SO HUGE right now and I’ve been dying to get my hands on a pair, I just haven’t found the right pair yet. Well, today I definitely did! They’re Calvin Klein with a small platform under the toe part, leopard dyed calf hair, with a thick ankle band. Oh, and super easy to walk in! (BONUS POINTS) It seriously took absolutely everything in me not to walk out of the store with them. Sadly they didn’t come home with me this Sunday, but maybe next Sunday 😉 I also posted the actual pic of the shoes from becuase my pic doesn’t really give you a good look at the beauty.



And of course, we had to eat at PF Chang! Ethan’s fortune is very true for everyone, that’s why I wanted to share!




I hope everyone had a fab Sunday FuNdAy! I know I did! Farewell friends.

XX Flancake

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