College Fashion: What NOT to wear

Good evening readers!
So although Wednesday’s are designated to the latest trends and fashion I see on campus, I decided to do this Wednesday on the things NOT to wear on campus. -now, like I’ve said before-I’m so terribly sorry if I offend anyone, the things I post are just my opinion! With that said, let me share the latest findings:

Problem: Ankle Socks

Fix: Low-cut socks.

Where do I even begin. Guys AND girls seem to be wearing these sad, sad socks more lately, and I really don’t know why. I’ve seen the socks worn with Norts (nike shorts), leggings, short-shorts-you name it. Although I GUESS these socks are warmer for cold days, (ok, but are they really-probably not). Unless you’re an 80’s aerobic teacher or an NBA star, stick to regular low-cut socks. Save yourself.


Problem: Oversized Shirts.

Fix: Regular sized shirts

Ok, now this isn’t the WORST of the things I see on campus (and I have had my fair share of wearing too-big tshirts), but there’s a fine line between a little big, and WAY OVERSIZED, like 5 SIZES TOO BIG!!!!! Ladies, if your boyfriend could wear it and it’s STILL too big-probably a no go. By too big, I mean wearing a tshirt that goes down to your knees. Thats just ridiculous.

Problem: The tshirt dress. Or “no-pants”

Fix: Put on some pants!

Going along with oversized shirts-wearing shirts as dresses. So obviously if your shirt is way huge, your bottoms are probably going to be covered. Now, if you decided to wear shorts with a huge tank top or tshirt well, maybe it’s time to make a better decision. I know for a fact that guys HATE seeing girls wear shirts that make it look like you aren’t wearing pants-because trust me, they probably really are wondering! (and not in a good kind of way either…) So if you absolutely MUST wear big shirts-just please don’t wear shorts also!


Problem: Leggings with short shirts.

Fix: Real pants, or longer shirts.

Now leggings are kind of a love/hate with me. Leggings worn the right way means wearing a tunic, extra long shirt(NICE shirt), or a dress. NOT a crop tshirt, a sweatshirt that hits you at the hips-no. I know girls probably think that guys want to see their booths (which this is probably somewhat true-we are on a college campus), BUT I’m pretty sure they don’t want to see the junk in the front. No one does. SORRY NOT SORRY.


Problem: Heels on campus.

Fix: uhhh maybe flats?

Heels on campus-if you are either A) a professor or B) a grad teacher/student, then this does not apply to you. However if you AREN’T one of the 2-keep reading. Now if you’ve ever thought about wearing actual heels on campus (I’m talking 3-4 inchers), then I applaud you-that means you’re wanting to dress cute!! BUT- I also want to stop you from embarrassing yourself! We’ve all seen that girl-walking in too-tall heels for too-long of a time. She starts to develop what I call the “backwards-flamingo walk”, because you know how flamingos have legs that are bent the opposite way of ours? When you walk in heels for a long time you get tired of walking at such a weird angle, so your body starts to compensate-by bending your legs and just walking SUPER strangely. So just take my advice, which is basically common sense-DO NOT wear heels to campus. And here’s a friendly tip-if you have to wear heels for a class presentation or something, just carry them in a bag. I promise you, walking for 15 minutes in heels is never worth it.


Problem: Hygeine-or lack of.

Fix: Some time grooming, thats all!

Personal Presentation is probably the biggest mistake made on college campuses. Before I go on about this particular what-not-to-do, let me just start by being honest- I DEFINITELY do not look fab every single day of my life. However, I do brush my hair, wash my face, and brush my teeth. And wear clean clothes.  Sounds normal right?? You’d be surprised. I can’t even tell you how many people I saw today on campus that were literally wearing pajamas-at 12:30 in the afternoon. Some might say-oh, they had a 7am class so they didn’t have time to get ready. Ok, if you have time to physically get out of bed, you have time to change clothes. Here’s a friendly tip:set out your clothes the NIGHT BEFORE, so you don’t even have to use you brain in the morning, because I know I never want to. Another thing-if you aren’t into wearing makeup or doing your hair(I really am not), at least make it LOOK like you somewhat care about your appearance! Even if you don’t someone else might. Don’t you hate it when you’ve just worked out and your all nasty and of course you see a super cute guy looking at you? Ya, that’s what you might look like to guys if you don’t look somewhat presentable. Now I’m definitely not saying ‘flat iron your hair and cake on makeup EVERY DAY OR ELSE!!!”, but I am saying take a brush to your hair and put on some moisturizer. Bad hair day? Grab a cute headband or hat! Simple as that!


Now as I said before, I hope I didn’t offend anyone! If I did-I’m terribly sorry. BUT, lucky for you-I included fixes for all the college fashion mishaps! So, now the UofA should go back to looking FAB (a girl can dream…)

That’s all for now folks! Have a wonderful rest of the week! Happy Hump Day ya’ll!

XX Flancake

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