Sunday Funday: Small Business Sunday!

Good morning lovely ladies!

In light of shopping and etc, I’d love to share with you all some of my all-time favorite businesses in Arkansas for the next couple of Sundays! I’d like to hit 3 towns that I’m in frequently-Mena AR, Fort Smith AR, and Fayetteville AR. Most of the shops are definitely places that you’d love to visit-so get your google maps open and get to shopping!! Today’s town is Fort Smith!

Fort Smith, AR

Some might not think of Fort Smith as a shopping destination, but trust me-it IS!! I’ve fallen head over heels in love with these shops in FS, they all offer GREAT quality products, great customer service, and of course great prices!

The Makeup Lounge

When I was in probably middle school, my mom took me to The Makeup Lounge to get a “makeover”, basically to teach me about makeup and etc so that I wouldn’t end up looking like a clown-and let me tell you, after I left The Makeup Lounge- I felt like a runway model! For real though, Donna, the owner-is SUCH an amazing person, in all aspects. She knows exactly what she’s talking about when explaining all the makeups and how they work, (She was at Nordstrom for 11 years in the cosmetic/fragrance department, she was a regional trainer/manage for FRESH cosmetics, AND she was a National Makeup artist for Chanel and Trish McEvoy! Need I say more??) and she is literally just so nice and helpful! This little gem is next to the mall in Fort Smith, and they offer top of the line products-BareMinerals, TooFaced, FRESH…are you making your way there yet? Because you should be!  Here’s their address-go there, now. Seriously!


Next in Fort Smith is Creative Kitchen! Although I’m definitely not a cook by ANY means, I’m literally obsessed with Creative Kitchen!  Jami, the owner-is another fabulous person you’ve got to meet! Her eye for everything crafty and tasty is just incredible. Not only does CK have super cute things to cook with, great recipes to work with-but CK has THE BEST delicious treats and cakes! Every time I stop in I HAVE to get a Petit Four! (not even kidding-the BEST petit four I’ve had ever!) Every time I leave CK my hands are ALWAYS full of yummy goodies! Check them out! This is the link to their website, and below is my graduation cake they made! (It was almond flavored-YUMMM)


Another gem located in Fort Smith is The Secret Nook! The Secret Nook has SO many things to offer, but jewelry is their specialty. The prettiest jewelry I’ve ever got seems to always come from The Secret Nook, with vintage pieces and vintage inspired pieces alike! Here’s their Facebook-they’re definitely worth a look!



Last but not least-my favorite clothing boutique in Fort Smith, Suite One! They’re SO on trend every time I go in and they aren’t afraid to help you put together an outfit! Here’s a link to their Facebook (also-check out their blog!!)



I hope you go visit these fabulous places, because they really are all SO fabulous!!! Have a wonderful week pretty ladies!

Just a quick note-after all my post’s I’m going to start leaving an inspirational/fun quote/picture/saying I think you all might enjoy-that’s always fun right?


XX Flancake

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