Obsessions! Hair Products

Goodmorning pretty girls!
SO sorry this is a few days late-this week was SO crazy! But for this Monday Obsession post(even though it’s Thursday, I know…) I’d like to talk about hair products!
Recently I’ve been trying to get my hair as healthy as ever!!! And even though I’ve only stuck with a plan for about 2 weeks now, I can already see results! SO, I’m going to share with you my routine and my favorite products!

My routine:

  • Wash every other day! (this might sound gross but I PROMISE it’s not-I still take a shower :P)
  • Don’t use heat on your hair every day, but if you have to-use a good heat protectant!
  • Alternate shampoos when you wash your hair (for my thin haired girls!)
  • Put your hair in a braid before sleeping-this helps keep all the hair follicles going the same way and obviously not getting tangled!

That’s it! Now I’d love to share my favorite products:

1. DRY SHAMPOO IS MY BEST FRIEND!! Seriously though, I use this to mask nasty looking hair. The good thing about dry shampoo is that it’s like matte nail polish-it just makes it LOOK like your hair isn’t greasy, without actually drying it out at all! Also Dry Shampoo can be used for giving your hair a little body on those -blah days! My favorite is Tresemme-Fresh Start. You can buy it at WalMart for cheap too!(PLUS!)


2. Damage Remedy Shampoo & Conditioner from Aveda. Although my hair isn’t SUPER damaged, it still has heat and color damage. This Shampoo & Conditioner really does make my hair feel so rejuvenated, soft, and just healthy! It’s a little pricey but OH SO worth it!!


3. Something I’ve recently discovered Kusco-Murphy beach hair, a product from Australia for those days that I either A) want super natural looking hair or B) want to style my wet hair. I have to warn you though-this product DOES contain salt, so it will dry out your hair if you use it too much, but for me once a week is usually not damaging. Not only does this product smell like the beach with a margarita, but it really is the best beach hair product I’ve used!! It’s kind of like a thick gel and its SO easy to style your hair with it. LOVE this stuff. (also the website I have it linked to is SO great-my makeup, Jane Iredale is sold on here! Check it out also!)


4. Pre-Natal Vitamins!! And Biotin! So you’re probably thinking, wait-what?? But I promise you-these things have made my skin and hair SO much healthier! Because think about it-pregnant use them to make their hair and skin and their body healthy, so  why not use them too! (And their gummys! YUMMY!) Also Biotin is so good for your skin and hair, and I’ve FINALLY found one that doesn’t taste terrible, it dissolves in your mouth and tastes like cherry-and you don’t have to take food with it! (PLUS!)

gummy-prenatal-vitamins images

5. If you must use heat, USE HEAT PROTECTANT!! I really love Aveda’s, I feel like it really does protect my hair!


6. Last but not least-Moroccan Oil! I have to use Light Moroccan Oil, but this is seriously SO good for your hair. I use it every day-if not 2 times a day! Before I style it (when my hair is wet, it also works as a heat protectant) and before bed. Not only does it smell heavenly, it really does heal your hair and make it so shiny. Before trying Moroccan Oil, I used Biosilk for a little while. After doing some research, I discovered that Biosilk actually damages your hair after some time! Because yes-it does make hair shiny and feel like it’s healing it, but unlike Moroccan Oil, it doesn’t get soaked up into your hair so it just sits on the ends making them heavy and then eventually causing split ends and more damage. So in case you’re using Biosilk-switch to Moroccan Oil-SUCH a difference! You know what they say-Moroccan Oil a day keeps the split ends away!


I hope you found this post helpful! I just am loving my hair recently and I wanted to share why! Also-if you have products you love-TELL ME ABOUT THEM!!! I LOVE discovering new products!!

Have a fabulous week!


XX Flancake


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