What a wonderful Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday to all!

So I know I’ve been on a kick lately about trying to make the best of things and make your life a lot happier, but I really do believe we should be doing these things! Poking around on Facebook the other day, I came across this inspiring video. Now, the title says it’s for girls-but it is honestly for EVERY one!! It’s basically about someone who seems to have nothing in life going for him if you just look at the outward apperance, but he definitely does. If you have about 5 minutes, I HIGHLY suggest watching this and sharing it with friends!!! It will definitely put a smile on your face.
Here’s the LINK

In other news…I’ve been doing some Spring trend forecasting, and my results are IN!


Now this probably isn’t too much of a shock, since stripes have been circulating recently all around. But what I’ve noticed that I think will become super popular are black and white vertical stripes! Probably mostly in pants and skirts. On the runway, we’ve seen this trend in many colors…with Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, and Marc Jacobs.


So that’s the runway, and this is real-world!

This striped peplum can be found at Free People..(I may or may not have ordered this beauty…)


And from Nasty Gal


How fab are these nails!?Image

I love the black and white stripes with this pretty emerald shade! (emerald is the Pantone color of the year, by the way!)Image

Old is New again! From a vintage VogueImageImage

stripes in the home-SO adorable!


Last but not least-local stripes!

At The Rage in Mena, AR-a lovely black and white striped tank! My favorite way to wear black and white striped shirts is first with either black bottoms or solid bottoms, then with fun, colorful necklaces to add a different look to the stripes! (the pic has a link to their website!)


Either of these necklaces would be perfect with a striped top! (Available at Riffraff in Fayetteville)
The shirt below the necklaces is also at Riffraff! (click the pic below to be taken to their FB page!)


From one of my favs-Savoir-Faire! This cute skirt would look awesome with a neon yellow loose tank with tons of silver jewelry!


That’s all folks!
I hope to see stripes on stripes on stripes this spring!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday…until next time! Stay fabulous darlings!
Last but not least, my inspirational picture/quote of the day, taken from one of my ALL time favorite moves-Ferris Bueller’s Day Off!! (Which btw is on NETFLIX!!!!!)


XX Flancake

Monday blues be gone.

Happy Happy MONDAY everyone!

Yes yes, it is a Monday and I’m determined to make it a happy Monday!
Yesterday I had a lot of time to think, and I decided on something that I’m going to stick to!!
Having a healthier lifestyle, being happy with life and becoming self-confident/assured!

(to start off reading this, I suggest you listen to this fun song that’s one of my fans!

For my new healthy lifestyle, I’m going to A) Stop eating out as much B) Make my own food (oh lord help me…) C) eat more veggies!! and D) try to eat all natural!
So since I basically spelled out the alphabet, I’d like to elaborate. I REALLY need to stop eating out as much because first of all-a lot of places don’t tell you what goes in your food so you don’t even know what’s going in your body and that definitely freaks me out! Also eating out is SO expensive! Notice I never said fast-food though because I honestly don’t really like fast food! It for sure freaks me out! I’m going to start making my own food because going with what I just said-I’ll know exactly what goes in my food! And it’s always fun to spend a little extra time preparing food because it makes you appreciate it more. For eating more veggies, well this is pretty self explanatory. I’ll be honest, to me a veggie is Carrot Cake (IM KIDDING…) but I really do have to start eating better veggies other than just carrots! Lastly, I’m going to start eating all natural, non-processed food! This not only prevents nasty pesticides from going in my body, but it also hopefully prevents animal abuse if you buy from the right place.

On my mission to become happier, I’m basically going to surround myself with positive things! I’d say I’m genuinely a pretty happy person, but theres sometimes that I find myself complaining WAY to much or gossiping or just not listening enough-which has all got to GO!! I’m determined to be happier by NOT gossiping/complaining, and just by listening to what people have to say! If you stop for a minute and really listen, and not just hear-its amazing what inspiring and meaningful things different people have to say! Another thing I’m going to do to try and become happier is to meet more people! Friday I was approached while sitting along waiting on someone and they simply asked to sit with me. Of course I said yes, and we ended up having the same major and talking about life and just really awesome stuff! It was so cool to me that this girl was so comfortable going up to a stinger, which of course made me want to do the same! So now I’m making it my goal to talk to a strange, and REALLY talk, at least once a week if not every day!
I’m also going to of course surround myself with positive things-uplifting images, quotes, bible verses, anything that makes me smile!

Last but not least-I’m determined to make myself more self-confident and be comfortable with my own skin! I’ve always been pretty confident, but sometimes I find myself thinking-if only I could have skinnier legs or prettier eyes, when in reality, God made me who I am for a reason-just like he made everyone else for a reason! Now of course I work out almost everyday to keep my body healthy and fit, but I’m really going to work on appreciating myself more! Which is something I feel like EVERY one should do!

So now that all that is off my chest, I’d like to bring some attention to a trend I’ve noticed and it’s something I absolutely LOVE!!! And no, it’s not a fashion trend…but a beauty trend!! RED LIPS ARE BACK YA’LL!!! (and pink!)
Whenever I was younger I always wanted to wear red lips out and about, but I was always a tad scared…and I felt like they were to ‘formal’ or something! (I did however wear them to highschool one day…uh, talk about stares.) But I’ve noticed that red lips are being worn casual AND dressed up, by all ages! Talk about a revolution! Red lips really do go with anything, and I promise you-there’s a shade for every skin tone!!

First-the right way to put on red lips! I literally do this every time I wear a red lip-


Next are some of my favorite red and pink lips, worn many different ways!

ea96caff1132a67eaefe1037848996ab 5bb823ff68914825d0796845f22c1bb8 0d9ddd7ba3547971edc990fc3c333502 50982781a567f47aa5847708c1f1e551 13e5416dbdb60dd15ec96f7bf53a1e2d eccf1b8aeb4cca91c37b5d1264b8f4c2 fbd31ad25ea36c1f1c83dea87d5d3724 65781ecdbb07e71b0ff0d2ae1e0d5e9b 549bba95d04760df7d896003e4b4b052 8f57c5418f3cf0632a15f86edd45aa9264dd8ba9c409cbdc937283f7fd87b96b 5e32d89a198acd30587e2ffd4e0aa702

As you can see, red really does work on everyone! However, let me give you some tips-

  • if your face is broken out around your lips, wait for a while before wearing a pink/red tinted lip. My dermo told me that there’s a pigment in pink/red lipstick and balms that makes breakouts become more inflamed AND of course (this is kind of obvious) look more noticeable! So just be a Patient Patricia and….wait!
  • as the first picture suggests, exfoliate!! There’s nothing worse than nasty, cracked flakey red lips. Luscious? I think more less-cious.
  • While colored clothing can look good with red (in example-color blocking with orange and pink and a red lip), try to either stick with solid clothing or clothing that has the same color scheme in patterns (black&white stripes, leopard print, houndstooth, lace…etc!)

My skin tone is fair with red undertones, so to balance this out I wear a red lip with blue undertones, to cancel out the red in my skin! My favorite red lip is by Aveda, in Cherrybud! (and a plus-it smells like Aveda products, which is really yummy mint!)
For all other skin tones, click this link to take you right where you need to be!
(here’s an example of my dark red lip!)


That’s all for this Monday!

I hope your Monday blues are LONG gone!! And I hope you can join me in trying to create a healthier lifestyle for yourself, being happier with yourself, and just being self assured and having self-confidance!

Last but not least-my inspirational quote of the day! I thought this one fit just perfectly with what I had to say today…
Have a marvelous Monday!! I hope to see more rep and pink lips soon 😉


XX Flancake

Playing Footsie.

Happy Sunday Funday!

“He who seeks beauty will find it”

First things first-PLEASE listen to this cover of Fleetwood Mac’s Everywhere by Selebrities-I’ve heard it a few times but never knew what it was but I FOUND IT WEEEE…ok, moving on

As we all know, fashion week was last week! (and a little of the last week too…)

And although I didn’t post anything about it because I’m sure we’re all over it by now (ok, but who wouldn’t want to be there???) I wanted to share one of my favorite things with you that has to do with fashion week-Bill Cunningham.

I learned of this spectacular person about two years ago while attending a fashion workshop at FIT-which was Fashion Forecasting(for you highschoolers who are interested-I HIGHLY recommend going!!), and he was included in one of the lessons!

He’s an 83 year old fashion photographer who works for the New York Times (and has been at Women’s Wear Daily and Tribune to name a few mags…) and takes pictures of everyday women on the streets of Manhattan. His pictures really seem to capture every type of woman-the rich, the poor, the crazy, the conservative-they’re all, and it’s so fascinating to see what he finds!

He can always be found in his blue jacket on his trusty bicycle on the streets of NY, but he can also be found every week on the New York Times website giving his weekly evaluation, you’d be crazy if you didn’t take a look at his forecast. One of my favorites so far has been his sights at NYFW titled Playing Footsie

If you have Netflix or have time, I also dare you to watch one of my favorite documentary’s about this incredible insight to the fashion world. It’s called Bill Cunningham New York. SO worth watching.

Last but not least, some shoes I’d DIE for….SWOON


That’s all for today lovelies! Some final words of wisdom like always-


XX Flancake

Saturday Shenanigans: Recent happenings…

Happy Saturday everyone!!

Since I’m still playing catch-up, and Saturdays are supposed to be FUN!!- I thought I’d catch everyone up on what I’ve been up to, since I’ve been MIA for a while now! I’ll get back on track after today’s post I pinky swear!

So as everyone knows-last week was valentines day! HOW cute am I…totally kidding. But my roomie and I decorated cookies for Valentines Day at her moms house and they turned out SO cute! Below is only one of my cookies, there were so many and I actually forgot to take a pic of them all…sad face, I know! But I thought I’d at least share one!


Something that I’ve been oh-so-excited about recently is Prabal Gurung’s line for Target! It came out a few weeks ago and I am just IN LOVE!! I already knew I loved this designer-his floral designs and bright colors have always been intriguing, but a line with target? SWOON! I wanted to literally buy everything, but as we all know I couldn’t, but I did want to share one of my favorite pieces! Below is the peplum top he designed for Target, which would be perfectly paired with a black body-con skirt for spring, some neon yellow sandals and some pretty clear/sparkly jewelry!


We all know I can barley make a post without including this little handsome devil, but I really couldn’t resist posting this pic! We had a fun day at Target one Saturday afternoon and I got this really cool tool for my phone-its called an Olo clip, and it makes fisheye, widescreen and super zoomed pis! (I had a pos about this fun gadget actually a while back!) But I just love this picture-it’s so dashing….sigh.


Another fun thing happening recently is the decorating of my Mama D’s new store in Mena! She’s opening up a cute little antique shop which will see antiques (duh) and my FAV candles-Seda France!! AND much more fun goodies. I went home this past weekend to visit her and the fam and to also set up the window displays! I went for a theme with HATs if you couldn’t tell! And I thought it turned out quite nicely! Take a look and see for yourselves! (I’m not done yet btw, still have to ad more fun stuff!) And in case you’re curious, she’s set to open in probably a month or two!


In other news, I’ve always been a fan of cat eyes. I actually ALWAYS used to wear them and recently Ive started doing them again-this time with a new tool! Previously, I used Maybelline’s pot which always was pretty good to me (with a steady hand anyways!) but my brush started to get frayed, so I went searching for a new magic wand. I couldn’t find one, but I did stumble upon Maybellines Magic Marker! (I forget what it’s called so I call it that!) It’s basically liquid eyeliner in the form of a marker. It’s seriously SOO easy to use and so fast! The pic below isn’t that great and you can hardly see my cat eye, but I wanted to give a visual somehow! I’ll be doing a tutorial on the cateye sometime soon btw….stay tuned! Image

Another thing I did last weekend was visit my Norwegian friends! Long story short-my dad’s family had an exchange student when he was younger and over the years, they’ve kept in touch and we’ve all just become great friends, we’ve visited them in Norway and they visit us about every 4 years! But anyways, here’s all the grandkids and Thea and Christian!


Something I also did this past week was get my hair done-WOOOO IM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS! So I obviously got a little blonder (well, kind of a lot! 🙂 ) and I also got..(drumroll please…) So.Cap extensions!! I am seriously SO in love with them-I already said this in a post a few days earlier, but Kelly from Studio * in Fayetteville did them-they’re literally perfect. They’re maybe a few inches longer than my hair (I only really wanted them to make my hair thicker, but the length wasn’t so shabby either!) I thought I’d post a pic of my curls today since I thought they looked so fab-enjoy!


And last but not least, I got my nails done! WOO! That’s seriously always fun, especially when they were a result from a snow day=NO CLASS HOLLAA! I got a simple mani-nude base with a white half moon! I’ve been wanting this for a while and I finally got in done in gel-it’s so lovely, I definitely recommend it!


That’s basically it for now! Have a FABULOUS rest of the weekend….MWAH!


XX Flancake

Recent Outfit of the Days!

Happy Thursday loves!

Since I haven’t posted an outfit of the day in a while, I decided to add a few that I’ve worn over the past few weeks to give you an idea of what I’ve been looking like lately! (sorry these are all in the nasty dorm bathrooms-there’s an awesome huge mirror that I just cant resist!

Green Machine:

Necklace-Masons(Fayetteville, AR), Dress-Savoir Faire (Fayetteville, AR), Leather Leggings-Forever21, Boots-Frye


Rebel with a cause:

Shirt-borowed from my roommate, but from The Rage(Mena, AR), same leather leggings as above, Shoes-Cynthia Vincent


I just HAD to show off my new Sam Edelman booties!!! I’m literally SOOOOO in love with them. It doesn’t help that I got them 70% either…at Warrens in Fayetteville, ARImage

Ride Ride Pony:

Shirt-Lady Gaga concert tee, Leather Leggings, Sam Edelman booties-Warrens(Fayetteville, AR)


I don’t have an entire shot of this outfit, but I was wearing my Silver Glitter Joe’s Jeans, with a dark grey V-neck T-shirt and a dotted chambray shirt from Old Navy, pilled with tons of fun and pretty jewelry and my grey Superga sneaks.


Red Lips are for Smooching-Valentines Day Outfit!

Sweater-my all time fave from Old Navy, Dress(worn to look like a skirt!) Free People, Shoes-Jeffrey Campbell Litas


Always buzzin just like neon, neon-

Sweater-Grey Cashmere from JC Penny, Skirt-RifRaff(Fayetteville, AR), Sneaks-Superga, Neon Necklace-RifRaff


A close up of the neon necklace from Rifraff (paired with a different sweater than above!) Pink lipstick from MAC-the shade is Lustering


The colorful necklace is the one I posted a while ago about me painting it!! My ZTA Arkansas necklace is from The Party House in Fayetteville, ARImage

And last but not least- I changed my hair up quite a bit!! It’s longer and blonder!!! I literally LOVE it so much!! Kelly, from Studio 8 did it and she’s so amazing!!


Thats all for now loves! I hope you enjoyed my outfits and can find inspiration from them! Have a fabulous rest of the week! -I found my inspirational picture today and it just makes me so happy! Not only are peacocks so pretty and unique, but this really is so true about being yourself!!


XX Flancake

Breast Cancer Awareness and Education!

Happy Tuesday everyone!!

The past few weeks have been extremely busy for me!! However, I wanted to take some time and share something dear to my heart-Breast Cancer Education and Awareness! Being a part of my sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha, our philanthropy is BCEAA. We do a lot of fun things throughout the year to get our local community and campus educated and involved, and supporting BCEAA is just SUCH a great thing for women because early detection is KEY!!! With all this said, PLEASE take about 5 seconds to like THIS facebook link and share with your friends to help us win a donation to our philanthropy!! It would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!! 



XX Flancake

Friday I’m in love!

Happy Friday everyone!!

This week has been SO incredibly busy, sorry for not posting!! I promised my readers that every Friday I would post something fun and cheerful-it is a Friday!! And with Valentine’s Day coming soon, I figured I would share something so amazing!! Now this post isn’t about me, but I thought I would share it since one of my Zeta sisters shared it with me!!

This past summer my appendix ruptured and I was rushed to Arkansas Children’s Hospital (3 days AFTER it had ruptured-so I wasn’t really in great shape). But I had surgery and everything turned out fine, but I did spend about a week in the ACH. For my visit, I stayed on the floor that cancer patients stayed as well. As I walked around the first few days, barley able to walk I thought that I had it bad-well I was SO wrong!! I saw so many young children that had some form of cancer walking around and riding in wagons that were SO cheerful!! One little girl in a wagon even came up to me after was able to walk pretty good and said that she thought my hair was pretty (when in fact it wasn’t, but she was just trying to make me feel good) and I thought it was so amazing that she would tell me that when she didn’t even have hair. Basically this experience was life changing. So the whole reason I’m telling this story is because although Valentine’s day is supposedly about love and kisses blah blah blah, it’s also about loving on people you don’t even know! Just like the little girl in the hospital was doing for me. So I encourage you to click the link below and send a FREEEE Valentine to an Arkansas Children’s patient, it will definitely brighten their day! Maybe even put in a cute joke or funny/embarrassing story that happened to you, anything to make them laugh-because everyone knows that laughter is the best cure for anything! If you could, tell your friends about this great opportunity, because every little child deserves a sweet Valentine!! Here’s the link

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and a fabulous friday!! I’m leaving you with a canvas I painted a while back with one of my favorite verses, Exodus 14:14. Enjoy!


Saturday Shenanigans! Eventful Crafternoon.

Hi-Hi pretty girls!

This Saturday was actually extremely boring, except I did whip out some really awesome crafts! Well, more like DIY make-things-look-better. I up-cycled a necklace I’ve had and created some rad garland for my dorm!

1. Necklace-we’ve all seen the colored gem necklace trend, and I’ve always thought it was SO cute, but I haven’t yet found a necklace that I just LOVE the color scheme, because I love pastels-and all the one’s I’ve seen are neon! (EEK!) So I decided to create my own! I started with a white necklace from Altar’d State, and grabbed some of my favorite nail polish! (Although my necklace was white, any color could work! If you do want to make a neon piece, I suggest painting the necklace white first if it isn’t, so that the colors will be brighter!). Then I simply painted the nail polish onto the jewel were I thought it would look good, put on a top coat-and I was done! Simple and stylish. (if you can’t tell I’m really into layering necklaces! It’s just such a fun way to wear all your favs at once!)


2. Tissue paper garland! I’ve seen this garland ALL over pinterest and in a few of my fav shops, so I wanted to bring this fun thing into my dorm! I’ve seen a few different tutorials, but this is my fav so far. I got the tissue paper at Target and the garland (I THINK!) at walmart! I did pastels, but this would look awesome with bright colors and some glitter tissue paper! Here’s the results:


Thats it for today! If you make a cute necklace or garland-send me pics! I’d love to see them!


XX Flancake