Saturday Shenanigans! Eventful Crafternoon.

Hi-Hi pretty girls!

This Saturday was actually extremely boring, except I did whip out some really awesome crafts! Well, more like DIY make-things-look-better. I up-cycled a necklace I’ve had and created some rad garland for my dorm!

1. Necklace-we’ve all seen the colored gem necklace trend, and I’ve always thought it was SO cute, but I haven’t yet found a necklace that I just LOVE the color scheme, because I love pastels-and all the one’s I’ve seen are neon! (EEK!) So I decided to create my own! I started with a white necklace from Altar’d State, and grabbed some of my favorite nail polish! (Although my necklace was white, any color could work! If you do want to make a neon piece, I suggest painting the necklace white first if it isn’t, so that the colors will be brighter!). Then I simply painted the nail polish onto the jewel were I thought it would look good, put on a top coat-and I was done! Simple and stylish. (if you can’t tell I’m really into layering necklaces! It’s just such a fun way to wear all your favs at once!)


2. Tissue paper garland! I’ve seen this garland ALL over pinterest and in a few of my fav shops, so I wanted to bring this fun thing into my dorm! I’ve seen a few different tutorials, but this is my fav so far. I got the tissue paper at Target and the garland (I THINK!) at walmart! I did pastels, but this would look awesome with bright colors and some glitter tissue paper! Here’s the results:


Thats it for today! If you make a cute necklace or garland-send me pics! I’d love to see them!


XX Flancake

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