Saturday Shenanigans: Recent happenings…

Happy Saturday everyone!!

Since I’m still playing catch-up, and Saturdays are supposed to be FUN!!- I thought I’d catch everyone up on what I’ve been up to, since I’ve been MIA for a while now! I’ll get back on track after today’s post I pinky swear!

So as everyone knows-last week was valentines day! HOW cute am I…totally kidding. But my roomie and I decorated cookies for Valentines Day at her moms house and they turned out SO cute! Below is only one of my cookies, there were so many and I actually forgot to take a pic of them all…sad face, I know! But I thought I’d at least share one!


Something that I’ve been oh-so-excited about recently is Prabal Gurung’s line for Target! It came out a few weeks ago and I am just IN LOVE!! I already knew I loved this designer-his floral designs and bright colors have always been intriguing, but a line with target? SWOON! I wanted to literally buy everything, but as we all know I couldn’t, but I did want to share one of my favorite pieces! Below is the peplum top he designed for Target, which would be perfectly paired with a black body-con skirt for spring, some neon yellow sandals and some pretty clear/sparkly jewelry!


We all know I can barley make a post without including this little handsome devil, but I really couldn’t resist posting this pic! We had a fun day at Target one Saturday afternoon and I got this really cool tool for my phone-its called an Olo clip, and it makes fisheye, widescreen and super zoomed pis! (I had a pos about this fun gadget actually a while back!) But I just love this picture-it’s so dashing….sigh.


Another fun thing happening recently is the decorating of my Mama D’s new store in Mena! She’s opening up a cute little antique shop which will see antiques (duh) and my FAV candles-Seda France!! AND much more fun goodies. I went home this past weekend to visit her and the fam and to also set up the window displays! I went for a theme with HATs if you couldn’t tell! And I thought it turned out quite nicely! Take a look and see for yourselves! (I’m not done yet btw, still have to ad more fun stuff!) And in case you’re curious, she’s set to open in probably a month or two!


In other news, I’ve always been a fan of cat eyes. I actually ALWAYS used to wear them and recently Ive started doing them again-this time with a new tool! Previously, I used Maybelline’s pot which always was pretty good to me (with a steady hand anyways!) but my brush started to get frayed, so I went searching for a new magic wand. I couldn’t find one, but I did stumble upon Maybellines Magic Marker! (I forget what it’s called so I call it that!) It’s basically liquid eyeliner in the form of a marker. It’s seriously SOO easy to use and so fast! The pic below isn’t that great and you can hardly see my cat eye, but I wanted to give a visual somehow! I’ll be doing a tutorial on the cateye sometime soon btw….stay tuned! Image

Another thing I did last weekend was visit my Norwegian friends! Long story short-my dad’s family had an exchange student when he was younger and over the years, they’ve kept in touch and we’ve all just become great friends, we’ve visited them in Norway and they visit us about every 4 years! But anyways, here’s all the grandkids and Thea and Christian!


Something I also did this past week was get my hair done-WOOOO IM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS! So I obviously got a little blonder (well, kind of a lot! 🙂 ) and I also got..(drumroll please…) So.Cap extensions!! I am seriously SO in love with them-I already said this in a post a few days earlier, but Kelly from Studio * in Fayetteville did them-they’re literally perfect. They’re maybe a few inches longer than my hair (I only really wanted them to make my hair thicker, but the length wasn’t so shabby either!) I thought I’d post a pic of my curls today since I thought they looked so fab-enjoy!


And last but not least, I got my nails done! WOO! That’s seriously always fun, especially when they were a result from a snow day=NO CLASS HOLLAA! I got a simple mani-nude base with a white half moon! I’ve been wanting this for a while and I finally got in done in gel-it’s so lovely, I definitely recommend it!


That’s basically it for now! Have a FABULOUS rest of the weekend….MWAH!


XX Flancake

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