Playing Footsie.

Happy Sunday Funday!

“He who seeks beauty will find it”

First things first-PLEASE listen to this cover of Fleetwood Mac’s Everywhere by Selebrities-I’ve heard it a few times but never knew what it was but I FOUND IT WEEEE…ok, moving on

As we all know, fashion week was last week! (and a little of the last week too…)

And although I didn’t post anything about it because I’m sure we’re all over it by now (ok, but who wouldn’t want to be there???) I wanted to share one of my favorite things with you that has to do with fashion week-Bill Cunningham.

I learned of this spectacular person about two years ago while attending a fashion workshop at FIT-which was Fashion Forecasting(for you highschoolers who are interested-I HIGHLY recommend going!!), and he was included in one of the lessons!

He’s an 83 year old fashion photographer who works for the New York Times (and has been at Women’s Wear Daily and Tribune to name a few mags…) and takes pictures of everyday women on the streets of Manhattan. His pictures really seem to capture every type of woman-the rich, the poor, the crazy, the conservative-they’re all, and it’s so fascinating to see what he finds!

He can always be found in his blue jacket on his trusty bicycle on the streets of NY, but he can also be found every week on the New York Times website giving his weekly evaluation, you’d be crazy if you didn’t take a look at his forecast. One of my favorites so far has been his sights at NYFW titled Playing Footsie

If you have Netflix or have time, I also dare you to watch one of my favorite documentary’s about this incredible insight to the fashion world. It’s called Bill Cunningham New York. SO worth watching.

Last but not least, some shoes I’d DIE for….SWOON


That’s all for today lovelies! Some final words of wisdom like always-


XX Flancake

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