Monday blues be gone.

Happy Happy MONDAY everyone!

Yes yes, it is a Monday and I’m determined to make it a happy Monday!
Yesterday I had a lot of time to think, and I decided on something that I’m going to stick to!!
Having a healthier lifestyle, being happy with life and becoming self-confident/assured!

(to start off reading this, I suggest you listen to this fun song that’s one of my fans!

For my new healthy lifestyle, I’m going to A) Stop eating out as much B) Make my own food (oh lord help me…) C) eat more veggies!! and D) try to eat all natural!
So since I basically spelled out the alphabet, I’d like to elaborate. I REALLY need to stop eating out as much because first of all-a lot of places don’t tell you what goes in your food so you don’t even know what’s going in your body and that definitely freaks me out! Also eating out is SO expensive! Notice I never said fast-food though because I honestly don’t really like fast food! It for sure freaks me out! I’m going to start making my own food because going with what I just said-I’ll know exactly what goes in my food! And it’s always fun to spend a little extra time preparing food because it makes you appreciate it more. For eating more veggies, well this is pretty self explanatory. I’ll be honest, to me a veggie is Carrot Cake (IM KIDDING…) but I really do have to start eating better veggies other than just carrots! Lastly, I’m going to start eating all natural, non-processed food! This not only prevents nasty pesticides from going in my body, but it also hopefully prevents animal abuse if you buy from the right place.

On my mission to become happier, I’m basically going to surround myself with positive things! I’d say I’m genuinely a pretty happy person, but theres sometimes that I find myself complaining WAY to much or gossiping or just not listening enough-which has all got to GO!! I’m determined to be happier by NOT gossiping/complaining, and just by listening to what people have to say! If you stop for a minute and really listen, and not just hear-its amazing what inspiring and meaningful things different people have to say! Another thing I’m going to do to try and become happier is to meet more people! Friday I was approached while sitting along waiting on someone and they simply asked to sit with me. Of course I said yes, and we ended up having the same major and talking about life and just really awesome stuff! It was so cool to me that this girl was so comfortable going up to a stinger, which of course made me want to do the same! So now I’m making it my goal to talk to a strange, and REALLY talk, at least once a week if not every day!
I’m also going to of course surround myself with positive things-uplifting images, quotes, bible verses, anything that makes me smile!

Last but not least-I’m determined to make myself more self-confident and be comfortable with my own skin! I’ve always been pretty confident, but sometimes I find myself thinking-if only I could have skinnier legs or prettier eyes, when in reality, God made me who I am for a reason-just like he made everyone else for a reason! Now of course I work out almost everyday to keep my body healthy and fit, but I’m really going to work on appreciating myself more! Which is something I feel like EVERY one should do!

So now that all that is off my chest, I’d like to bring some attention to a trend I’ve noticed and it’s something I absolutely LOVE!!! And no, it’s not a fashion trend…but a beauty trend!! RED LIPS ARE BACK YA’LL!!! (and pink!)
Whenever I was younger I always wanted to wear red lips out and about, but I was always a tad scared…and I felt like they were to ‘formal’ or something! (I did however wear them to highschool one day…uh, talk about stares.) But I’ve noticed that red lips are being worn casual AND dressed up, by all ages! Talk about a revolution! Red lips really do go with anything, and I promise you-there’s a shade for every skin tone!!

First-the right way to put on red lips! I literally do this every time I wear a red lip-


Next are some of my favorite red and pink lips, worn many different ways!

ea96caff1132a67eaefe1037848996ab 5bb823ff68914825d0796845f22c1bb8 0d9ddd7ba3547971edc990fc3c333502 50982781a567f47aa5847708c1f1e551 13e5416dbdb60dd15ec96f7bf53a1e2d eccf1b8aeb4cca91c37b5d1264b8f4c2 fbd31ad25ea36c1f1c83dea87d5d3724 65781ecdbb07e71b0ff0d2ae1e0d5e9b 549bba95d04760df7d896003e4b4b052 8f57c5418f3cf0632a15f86edd45aa9264dd8ba9c409cbdc937283f7fd87b96b 5e32d89a198acd30587e2ffd4e0aa702

As you can see, red really does work on everyone! However, let me give you some tips-

  • if your face is broken out around your lips, wait for a while before wearing a pink/red tinted lip. My dermo told me that there’s a pigment in pink/red lipstick and balms that makes breakouts become more inflamed AND of course (this is kind of obvious) look more noticeable! So just be a Patient Patricia and….wait!
  • as the first picture suggests, exfoliate!! There’s nothing worse than nasty, cracked flakey red lips. Luscious? I think more less-cious.
  • While colored clothing can look good with red (in example-color blocking with orange and pink and a red lip), try to either stick with solid clothing or clothing that has the same color scheme in patterns (black&white stripes, leopard print, houndstooth, lace…etc!)

My skin tone is fair with red undertones, so to balance this out I wear a red lip with blue undertones, to cancel out the red in my skin! My favorite red lip is by Aveda, in Cherrybud! (and a plus-it smells like Aveda products, which is really yummy mint!)
For all other skin tones, click this link to take you right where you need to be!
(here’s an example of my dark red lip!)


That’s all for this Monday!

I hope your Monday blues are LONG gone!! And I hope you can join me in trying to create a healthier lifestyle for yourself, being happier with yourself, and just being self assured and having self-confidance!

Last but not least-my inspirational quote of the day! I thought this one fit just perfectly with what I had to say today…
Have a marvelous Monday!! I hope to see more rep and pink lips soon 😉


XX Flancake

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