Sunday Funday: Easter Edition!

Happy Easter everyone!

First of all, let me remind you of why we celebrate easter-

not for the goody baskets we get, not for the cute crafts we make, not for the pictures with a big creepy looking “bunny”-but because Christ has risen! That my friends is what makes this day so special.

Now, for the fashion/beauty of easter I know you’ve all been waiting for (giggle-giggle!)

Today I opted for a 50s housewife look. I’m not sure why, I just love the look of those fab women!



Something about the housewife look just reminds me of Spring-which makes me happyhappyhappy. And the weather today was PERFECTION, so of course that was nice too (touché) 

Although I do love the look of 50’s housewives, let me tell you-I refuse to become one! Never, I tell you! (trust me though-I’m terrible at cooking, cleaning, etc.) BUT I do love playing dress up, so I’ll keep doing that. 

Here’s my look! (of course a cat eye was a must)









Outfit deets:

J.Crew shirt, Maude boutique dress(underneath), Steve Madden sandals(not in my original outfit-but I had to change since heels + grass don’t really make friends), Altar’d State earrings (vintage-inspiried) and I used dark blue glitter liquid eyeliner from Sephora (the name rubbed off but I think it’s TwoFaced) 

And more pics of my easter Sunday at my fraaaands house:



Since it’s Sunday, I should probably be doing something productive with my life, so I better go. Ta-ta for now! Goodnight lovelies, keep it real&rad.


XX Flancake



Creative juices.

It’s Friday ya’ll!
(can I hear a whoop-whoop?)

I have a new mantra-Once creative thing a day keeps the boring life away.
But really, this is so true. I’m going to try and start living this way! Wether it’s making something TOTALLY rad, or just drawing a cool little gnome on my class notes-gotta do something.

Everyone get pumped-I’ve got a DIY to share!

So last night I was feeling EVER so crafty, so of course I had to let the creative juices flow.

I’ve been wanting to make a chalk board for FOREVERRRR, so of course I made one!

My weapons of choice included:

  • 2 cheap frames (try to find ones with fun designs so after you paint it it looks fun)
  • chalk board spray paint (dries SO much faster compared to regular paint)
  • acrylic paint (to paint frames)
  • CHALK (for obvious reasons


So here’s how the process went…

I took the glass out of the frames, and spray painted them. About 3 coats will do the trick (tip-WAIT until it’s COMPLETELY dry before chalking and putting on other spray paint coats)



As the chalk dried, I painted the frames. Also about 3 coats-2 if you want it to look “rustic”ImageImage

then put it all together and you’re DONE! Voila!


(don’t mind my cheesy writing…)

 I do love playing around with the chalk-the hardest part is deciding what to keep on the boards!

Currently I have the letter “F” on mine, with words that start with F from my “The Little Dictionary of Fashion”, by Christian Dior. So that’s fun.

For another look at the boards, look at my Vine post-which btw if you haven’t checked it out now, I suggest you do so. It’s basically a video version of instagram, holla!

Since last night I was feeling so crafty, my roomie wanted me to do hair&makeup, and I can never say no to that. (note the use of my chalkboard-you’ll probably see it a lot soon….)

One last thing loves-one of my dear friends and ZTA sista just started up her blog! It’s going to be all about fashion&baking/cooking (um, YUM!) so you should PROBBZZZ take a look! It’s, so literally click this. You won’t regret it!!ImageImageImageImageImage

Well, that’s all for now dahlings.

Until tomorrow, have a fab Friday!

AND HAPPY EASTER GAHHH I LOVE THIS HOLIDAY-(warning-prepare for pastel overload)

Remember-do something creative everyday!


XX Flancake


Happy Thursday everyone!

So for today’s post, I wanted to focus on something that will be sure to give you inspiration! 2 words-Anna Garforth. 

WOWIE is all I can say!!! Literally.

Anna is a british artist is literally taking over the world with her amazing talent. She’s of course worked for big brands like Converse and Nature Valley (water), and she’s been in Elle and Design Week (who wouldn’t want to be this gals bffl?-sign me up)

Her art is really about blending with nature and just making things even more beautiful than they already are. She seems to always use natural elements and all her pieces are SO unique! I’m sure you’ve even seen her work floating around on Pinterest-think moss words. Ring a bell?

With all that said and done, I want to show you what her work looks like-fab, let me tell you.

Not that I need to tell you-but think about how her artwork can inspire your fashion! It could make the color scheme monochromatic, it could inspire you to work with natural textures like linen, straw or even burlap (I LOVE BURLAP-sidenote)

Feast you eyes.


If you’re intrigued, check out her website with more of her artwork. It’s seriously so incredible-I’m obsessed. 

That’s all folks. Enjoy the rest of today and have a fab Friday!

(because I’m feeling fun, google your eyes over these..)





Ok, that’s enough weirdness for one day. Peace

XX Flancake


Holi and the Mane event.

Happy Hump day everyone!

AND Happy Holi!

(for those of you who don’t know-Holi is a festival celebrated by Hindus every year. It’s the celebration of Spring, among many other meanings! Basically it’s a festival with tons and tons of powdered color, HOW fun!)

Here’s what it looks like-and I WILL be going sometime.

images-17 cnpfe_s holismalllauren-conrad-pink-hair

How cool is it that Lauren Conrad celebrates Holi-and also Free People of course!

Back to business.

Yes, I’ve posted about hair already this week but guess what-I love hair and I’m 99% you do too! So let’s just learn some more about what we can do with it, what do you say?

As you all know, I might have a deep love for Free People.
Ok, let’s be honest-the obsession is real.

The other night, I found myself laying in bed trying to go to sleep, but instead looking around on FPs Pinterest boards. Oh lordy, are they a sight for soar eyes.

Of course I love all the hair they show, but I just love looking at their pretty pictures!
I also love how they find inspiration from literally everything…. but really.

I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite images they had to offer, along with 2 of my favorite hair tutorials, and of course how my hair turned out after attempting to follow.


Glitter and hippies and kitties-Oh MY!

I just love the randomness and the state of mind FP always has, it’s so fun! (fun fact-FP, Urban Outfitters and Anthropology are all sister companies-maybe that’s why I love them all!)

Definitely take a look around their Pinterest board, but also take a look at their hair tutorials-

Bohemian Holiday braid
Model Waves

and of course my try at Model Waves


and since I’m talking about my favorite store, I OF COURSE had to show off my new FP items!
( feeling like a hipsters with these new goods)


Check out these rad little numbers^^^(so in love!)
I can’t wait to wear them together when it warms up with some platforms, and LOTS of turquoise jewelry, YUMMY.

If you STIL can’t get enough, check out FP’s blog-BLDG 25
(here’s another incentive to look at their blog-there’s a DIY for painted feathers-RAD)


OK, I’m positive that that’s all I’ve got for today- until tomorrow!


XX Flancake

Who’s yours?

Happy Happy Monday everyone!

So, I know what you’re thinking-what does being a role model have to do with fashion/beauty/etc? Well let me tell you loves. There are many different kinds of role models-the good, the bad, the ugly-but today I’m going to discuss fashion role models (FRM). 

FRM may be bloggers, celebs, brand faces,-they’re everywhere! 
To me though, the best FRM are the ones that are discreet, and basically unheard of. (So actually not celebs…)
So today, I’m going to tell you a little about some of MY fav FRM. 

One of my favorite FRM is an actual model, from Great Britian actually. 
Cara Delevigne (sigh)

Not only is she literally so cray and doesn’t care how silly she is on instagram, she has great fashion sense! Now, this may come from being in the fashion world literally 24/7, but I think it really is her personal style!

I love Cara’s look because she doesn’t look “perfect” (well, besides her perfect body), she looks a little “disheveled”, which is refreshing since so many models look SO put together it’s nauseating. Follow her on insta-@caradelevinigne



Another FRM of mine is Leandra Medine, or probably more familiar as The Man Repeller. 
Okok, she actually is pretty famous-but mostly in the fashion world, so she doesn’t count as a celeb. 

Where do I even being? Man Repeller is basically about wearing trends that guys hate-hence-repelling men. Not only is Leandra super sassy, but she has the craziest/best outfits that I like to make into my own. Follor her insta- @manrepeller, and check out her website



Anna E. Cottrell, also known as Tulip Louise. Not ONLY does she have absolute FAB style, but she’s from Arkansas-how cool beans is that?? I just love how all her outfits are so tediously picked out to every last detail, and they all look so glamourous without being too much. She recently moved to NY, so all her instas keep getting even more interesting! Check out her blog and follow her insta-@tuliplouise.



And last, Aimee (Aw-me) Song or Song of Style. Of course this gal has some serious style, but she’s an interior decorator. ALL of her outfits literally make me want to copy exactly what she has on because everything she wears, just looks SO wearable!! Even though she mixes jeans with heels and sporty shirts with not-so-sporty bottoms, everything looks so pulled together. I definitely encourage you to creep around her blog, not only for the fashion-but also the design tips and tricks! (She has DIY videos too, how FAB can you BE!?) Here’s her blog and check out her insta-@songofstyle


Hopefully you’ve gained a few more people to follow on various social media, and will get inspired by these fab people, I know I have!!

When looking around for fashion inspiration, don’t always look to celebs-they’re paid to war certain things, so they’re true style isn’t always shining through. 

Look at all kinds of people-the common ones, the not so common ones-I even get inspiration from what my cray professors are wearing (hey-those tropical shirts actually are pretty inspirational!) Just remember that your next FRM may not be in a glossy magazine or highlighted in my blog-they can be literally anywhere. 



Have a fantastic rest of your week!
XX Flancake

Mermaid hair.

Goodday everyone!

I’m sure we’ve all secretly wanted to be a mystical creature at some point in our lives.
Well, I’ve always wanted to be a mermaid.

Not only was I obsessed with Ariel as a little tot, I literally would pretend to be here.

Today’s post isn’t a revolution or a style snoop, I just wanted to share some pretty pictures of mermaids and mermaid hair.

For the record- I would totally get mermaid hair if it was sociably acceptable.



XX Flancake

Vintage Vixens.

Goodafternoon spring breakers!
(or those who wish they were still on spring break…)

As I’m sitting by a mother of pearl pool, I’ve been thinking-why can’t we go back to the times when the pin up girl was in style? Not only the body type-curvy and luscious, but also the actual style of these vixens! Recently, I’ve been looking back a few decades and becoming inspired. 

If only society would realize that all body types are sexing and seductive. Of course Marylyn Monroe is one of my favorite pin up girls, along with everyone else. Fun fact-did you know she was a size 16? Thats right girls. And she ROCKED that bod (ow-ow!)




Another one of my favorite vintage vixens, Sophia Loren. Size 10



With all that said, I’d like to focus on vintage inspired swimsuits! Since it is getting warmer and we are going to be baring our bodies, why not!?

Currently by the pool, I’m wearing one of Maaji’s swimsuits, similar to the style of those worn by Monroe and Loren. (in case you were curious-definitly check this brand out!) I got mine at Maude boutique in Fayetteville, AR, but I found it online at Neiman Marcus.




And if you wanted to feel inspired, look at these lovely images I found of pin ups



And of course, in case you wanted to get your hands on a lovely pin up inspired suit, here’s some more I’ve found!

From Anthropology,


From Urban Outfitters, 



If you wanted to go for the 20’s bloomer style, check out Free People


And for the real vintage babes out there, look at Modcloth-not only their suits though, they have FAB vintage and vintage inspired clothing!



Thats it for today divas!
Have a fabulous rest of your day/spring break! 


XX Flancake



Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s Party!”

Good afternoon lovers!

Needless to say, I’m SO excited that mother nature has decided to warm up, meaning SPRINGTIME is almost near!!! Spring is no doubt my favorite season, not only because of the fab weather, but all the flowers!!! Flowers are my absolute favorite part of spring, I just love spelling them and looking at all their beautiful colors! However this Spring, I have a new obsession-which is Flower Crowns!!

These little gems seem to be popping up everywhere, from the runways to Pinterest to Urban Outfitters. I’ve shown a few of my favorites, and you might even my own DIY in a few weeks, since I probably wont be able to resist. 


Although I sadley wasn’t able to attend NWA Fashion Week due to my holiday in Arizona, I did happen to find some flower crowns in Savoir Faire’s show.ImageImage


Some lovely images from Pinterest…




Flower crowns are even for horses! Lovely. 


Even Princess Kate wears one


And if you’d like to make your own, here’s my favorite tutorial.



If you’re not the DIY type, here’s some of my favorite that can be purchased. 


These 3 are from Free People-



From Nasty Gal


 From Urban Outfitters-sadley the first pic is super small, but I love the natural texture of here hair and the braid thats in it, so chic. 




And last but not least, how to wear your flower crown!
Whenever I get/make one of these lovely things, I’ll probably wear mine with a dress and denim vest(which seem to be my favorite thing to layer over a dress these days)

Tip: Always wear solids with flower crowns, since you want the main focus to be the pretty flowers. Lace and prints will clash and cause too much of a commotion. 
Take this pretty aqua dress from Nasty Gal and pair it with a white/cream flower crown



Another option is this back maxi from ShopPlanetBlue, which would go perfect with dark red or colored flowers. 



Another fun way to wear Flower Crowns is with pastel hair! A white or yellow flower crown would be oh-so-pretty with pastel tipped hair, but don’t dye your hair-just use chalk! My favorite is Free People’s Ombre hair chalk. 





That’s all for today pretty gals, I hope you feel inspired to put some spring in your step-or on your head! Have a FaBuLoUs rest of the day, and send some flower pics my way!


XX Flancake