Who’s yours?

Happy Happy Monday everyone!

So, I know what you’re thinking-what does being a role model have to do with fashion/beauty/etc? Well let me tell you loves. There are many different kinds of role models-the good, the bad, the ugly-but today I’m going to discuss fashion role models (FRM). 

FRM may be bloggers, celebs, brand faces,-they’re everywhere! 
To me though, the best FRM are the ones that are discreet, and basically unheard of. (So actually not celebs…)
So today, I’m going to tell you a little about some of MY fav FRM. 

One of my favorite FRM is an actual model, from Great Britian actually. 
Cara Delevigne (sigh)

Not only is she literally so cray and doesn’t care how silly she is on instagram, she has great fashion sense! Now, this may come from being in the fashion world literally 24/7, but I think it really is her personal style!

I love Cara’s look because she doesn’t look “perfect” (well, besides her perfect body), she looks a little “disheveled”, which is refreshing since so many models look SO put together it’s nauseating. Follow her on insta-@caradelevinigne



Another FRM of mine is Leandra Medine, or probably more familiar as The Man Repeller. 
Okok, she actually is pretty famous-but mostly in the fashion world, so she doesn’t count as a celeb. 

Where do I even being? Man Repeller is basically about wearing trends that guys hate-hence-repelling men. Not only is Leandra super sassy, but she has the craziest/best outfits that I like to make into my own. Follor her insta- @manrepeller, and check out her website



Anna E. Cottrell, also known as Tulip Louise. Not ONLY does she have absolute FAB style, but she’s from Arkansas-how cool beans is that?? I just love how all her outfits are so tediously picked out to every last detail, and they all look so glamourous without being too much. She recently moved to NY, so all her instas keep getting even more interesting! Check out her blog and follow her insta-@tuliplouise.



And last, Aimee (Aw-me) Song or Song of Style. Of course this gal has some serious style, but she’s an interior decorator. ALL of her outfits literally make me want to copy exactly what she has on because everything she wears, just looks SO wearable!! Even though she mixes jeans with heels and sporty shirts with not-so-sporty bottoms, everything looks so pulled together. I definitely encourage you to creep around her blog, not only for the fashion-but also the design tips and tricks! (She has DIY videos too, how FAB can you BE!?) Here’s her blog and check out her insta-@songofstyle


Hopefully you’ve gained a few more people to follow on various social media, and will get inspired by these fab people, I know I have!!

When looking around for fashion inspiration, don’t always look to celebs-they’re paid to war certain things, so they’re true style isn’t always shining through. 

Look at all kinds of people-the common ones, the not so common ones-I even get inspiration from what my cray professors are wearing (hey-those tropical shirts actually are pretty inspirational!) Just remember that your next FRM may not be in a glossy magazine or highlighted in my blog-they can be literally anywhere. 



Have a fantastic rest of your week!
XX Flancake

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