Happy Thursday everyone!

So for today’s post, I wanted to focus on something that will be sure to give you inspiration! 2 words-Anna Garforth. 

WOWIE is all I can say!!! Literally.

Anna is a british artist is literally taking over the world with her amazing talent. She’s of course worked for big brands like Converse and Nature Valley (water), and she’s been in Elle and Design Week (who wouldn’t want to be this gals bffl?-sign me up)

Her art is really about blending with nature and just making things even more beautiful than they already are. She seems to always use natural elements and all her pieces are SO unique! I’m sure you’ve even seen her work floating around on Pinterest-think moss words. Ring a bell?

With all that said and done, I want to show you what her work looks like-fab, let me tell you.

Not that I need to tell you-but think about how her artwork can inspire your fashion! It could make the color scheme monochromatic, it could inspire you to work with natural textures like linen, straw or even burlap (I LOVE BURLAP-sidenote)

Feast you eyes.


If you’re intrigued, check out her website with more of her artwork. It’s seriously so incredible-I’m obsessed. 

That’s all folks. Enjoy the rest of today and have a fab Friday!

(because I’m feeling fun, google your eyes over these..)





Ok, that’s enough weirdness for one day. Peace

XX Flancake


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