Creative juices.

It’s Friday ya’ll!
(can I hear a whoop-whoop?)

I have a new mantra-Once creative thing a day keeps the boring life away.
But really, this is so true. I’m going to try and start living this way! Wether it’s making something TOTALLY rad, or just drawing a cool little gnome on my class notes-gotta do something.

Everyone get pumped-I’ve got a DIY to share!

So last night I was feeling EVER so crafty, so of course I had to let the creative juices flow.

I’ve been wanting to make a chalk board for FOREVERRRR, so of course I made one!

My weapons of choice included:

  • 2 cheap frames (try to find ones with fun designs so after you paint it it looks fun)
  • chalk board spray paint (dries SO much faster compared to regular paint)
  • acrylic paint (to paint frames)
  • CHALK (for obvious reasons


So here’s how the process went…

I took the glass out of the frames, and spray painted them. About 3 coats will do the trick (tip-WAIT until it’s COMPLETELY dry before chalking and putting on other spray paint coats)



As the chalk dried, I painted the frames. Also about 3 coats-2 if you want it to look “rustic”ImageImage

then put it all together and you’re DONE! Voila!


(don’t mind my cheesy writing…)

 I do love playing around with the chalk-the hardest part is deciding what to keep on the boards!

Currently I have the letter “F” on mine, with words that start with F from my “The Little Dictionary of Fashion”, by Christian Dior. So that’s fun.

For another look at the boards, look at my Vine post-which btw if you haven’t checked it out now, I suggest you do so. It’s basically a video version of instagram, holla!

Since last night I was feeling so crafty, my roomie wanted me to do hair&makeup, and I can never say no to that. (note the use of my chalkboard-you’ll probably see it a lot soon….)

One last thing loves-one of my dear friends and ZTA sista just started up her blog! It’s going to be all about fashion&baking/cooking (um, YUM!) so you should PROBBZZZ take a look! It’s, so literally click this. You won’t regret it!!ImageImageImageImageImage

Well, that’s all for now dahlings.

Until tomorrow, have a fab Friday!

AND HAPPY EASTER GAHHH I LOVE THIS HOLIDAY-(warning-prepare for pastel overload)

Remember-do something creative everyday!


XX Flancake

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