Sunday Funday: Easter Edition!

Happy Easter everyone!

First of all, let me remind you of why we celebrate easter-

not for the goody baskets we get, not for the cute crafts we make, not for the pictures with a big creepy looking “bunny”-but because Christ has risen! That my friends is what makes this day so special.

Now, for the fashion/beauty of easter I know you’ve all been waiting for (giggle-giggle!)

Today I opted for a 50s housewife look. I’m not sure why, I just love the look of those fab women!



Something about the housewife look just reminds me of Spring-which makes me happyhappyhappy. And the weather today was PERFECTION, so of course that was nice too (touché) 

Although I do love the look of 50’s housewives, let me tell you-I refuse to become one! Never, I tell you! (trust me though-I’m terrible at cooking, cleaning, etc.) BUT I do love playing dress up, so I’ll keep doing that. 

Here’s my look! (of course a cat eye was a must)









Outfit deets:

J.Crew shirt, Maude boutique dress(underneath), Steve Madden sandals(not in my original outfit-but I had to change since heels + grass don’t really make friends), Altar’d State earrings (vintage-inspiried) and I used dark blue glitter liquid eyeliner from Sephora (the name rubbed off but I think it’s TwoFaced) 

And more pics of my easter Sunday at my fraaaands house:



Since it’s Sunday, I should probably be doing something productive with my life, so I better go. Ta-ta for now! Goodnight lovelies, keep it real&rad.


XX Flancake



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