Sunday Funday: Americano.

Happy Sunday Funday everyone!
(I know, tear-tear-tommorrow is Monday)

As I’m about to fly back to Faytown, I’m sitting here wondering what my favorite trend is currently. Well the answer is obviously super simple-White Converse!!!

You probably are thinking-umm that’s not really a trend, more like a classic! Well you’re right!!! Converse are defiantly a classic FO SHO.

Before I go into my sneaks story, I thought I’d give ya a little background on the Americano classic Converse!

So I’m sure you all know that Converse started out to be a basketball shoe! Marquis Mills Converse created the shoe, and not only did they make kicks-but tires too!


In 1918, Chuck Taylor joined the company. He brought the All Star Converse into the picture.


In 1948, ROCK&ROLL was born. So was the trend of leather jackets, jeans and hightop sneaks. In 1958 Converse finally started making colors! From then on Converse has basically been a classic-from the basketball court to rock and rollers to hipsters to high-class fashionistas. They really are the perfect shoe.

Now, back to why I love them! As I just said-they really are the perfect sneak. Of course white converse are perfection, but really ANY colors are great! (I also have a red pair that practically go with anything)
ALSO, they’re SUPER comfy, so DUH everyone loves them. And for the white ones-read, white & blue-I mean how American can we get??LOVE! So now that I’ve shared to you WHY I love them, of course I’ve got to show some rad outfits. Now keep in mind-Converse literally can be worn with ANYTHAAAG. Shorts, skirts, jeans, dresses-whatever.



And of course how I wore my sneaks this weekend at the Rangers game with my boy….

photo 4-9 photo 2-18

at the game!

photo 3-12

and flying home today…

photo 1-15

think I have a thing for button downs? Well I think you’re right!

Alrighty, flight 18474837483 is about to board! (I honestly have no idea what flight number it is, that’s my best guess)

XX Flancake

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