Flags on trend.

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

I hope everyone has spent this monday with their friends and family in honor of all the brave soldiers that serve for our country! I literally did nothing all day, so that was nice! 

So since today I’m sure you saw a LOT of american flags, what more of a perfect time to talk about them as a trend! 

I noticed this trend start up a few years ago at, of course-college. Girls were going to functions/parties and decorating their shorts with flags on them! Well, that trend has now gone viral and is literally everywhere. Back in the day, it was “uncool” to rock a flag since Old Navy came out with the original flag shirt, but times have changed ladies! It’s definitely ok to show your pride. From Pinterest, here are some of my fav flag looks:



And from Nasty Gal:



From Urban Outfitters:



From Free People:




And now the perfect way to rock an american flag-
Pair some circle sunnies(Urban Outfitters) with a tied up red/white handkerchief, a vintage American Flag shirt(etsy.com)-roll the sleeves up and tuck half of it in, some vintage cut-off levi’s (urban outfitters) and of course white converse. Add some red lipstick if you want to be extra spunky!





That’s all for today pretty ladies! Enjoy the rest of your memorial day, I’d love to see your flag outfits! Until tomorrow!



XX Flancake

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