Turquoise & black.

Happy Tuesday! 
(Im starting to loose track of the days!)

Today my outfit was a black dress from Free People, a black lace shawl from Maude (Fayetteville,AR)-the one pictured however is from Savoir Fair(Fayetteville, AR)-I have it too! Simple sandals by Sam Edelman, my trusty Lucky bag and lots&lots of turquoise jewelry!







{Why it works}<-this is something new I’m going to add to my posts about fashion explaining why an outfit works so you know how you can duplicate it!

-This outfit works because first of all turquoise literally goes with everything, so of course black works also-and lace with turquoise is a basically a dream. The leather bag (I was also wearing leather shoes!) works because as long as your bag and shoes match, they don’t necessarily have to be colors that are in your outfit. For example-black and brown DO work together in this outfit because of the matching of the shoes and bag. 

That’s all for tonight ladies! 
One last thing-tomorrow’s post should be very exciting!!! I’ll be taking 2 different skirts and styling them 3 different ways, so look forward to that!

XX Flancake

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