How to get wavy hair WITHOUT heat-I promise!

After trying literally EVERY trick there is to try and get waves without heat(I try to keep my hair extra healthy these days!) I have finally found one that works-I promise!!
I discovered this trick when one of my favorite bloggers, Aimee Song of Song of Style posted about it! So of course, I wanted to share my version! First are the results so that I can PROMISE you that this works!

{What you’ll need}
-Damp hair
-Some sort of hair mousse(I used John Frieda!)
-Lots of bobby pins!

Let’s get started!
1) First things first-start with damp, towel-dried hair! If you just got out of the shower-perfect, just run a towel through your hair. If not, just mist your hair with some water!

2) Run some kind of mousse through your hair-just a light hold one, so it won’t make your hair nasty crunchy!


3.) This is the important step-twist your hair AWAY from your face tightly, all the way down your hair shaft!


4) Take that twisted piece of hair and bobby-pin it to the top of your head! To get it like this literally bring it up on your head, like a crown. Here’s a helpful hint-when placing the bobby pins, make sure that they go a different direction everytime so that they’ll stay while you sleep! And put at LEAST 3 or 4, so they don’t fall out!


5) Do the other side of your hair the exact same!


6) Sleep! (Or walk around the house/do your make-up!) But here’s another helpful tip-since your hair is so tight, it will take  REEEEAALLY long time for your hair to dry, that’s why I suggest sleeping in it, unless you’ve got all day for it to dry!

7) Take your hair down, shake it out and add some Moroccan Oil to the ends! Here’s what mine looked like after:




That’s literally all! I’ve done this several times and each time it’s turned out great! However I’ve noticed with dirty hair, I skip the mousse because my hair holds the curls just fine! You don’t HAVE to use it, it’s just something I like to use!

I hope you enjoyed this easy hair tutorial, I’m sure your hair will turn out fab!
Have a great weekend loves!

{Here’s a little inspiration from the chalkboard hanging in my closet!}


XX Flancake

8 thoughts on “How to get wavy hair WITHOUT heat-I promise!

    1. Thank you!! I actually have pretty long lashes naturally, but everyday I layer BareMineral’sFlawless Definition and Benifit Cosmetic’s They’re Real mascara. Both are at Sephora! I put the BareMinerals on first, mainly on my lower lashes then the Benefit more towards the end of my lashes, then use the BareMinerals to blend them! I hope that makes since and helps! (I’ll be having a tutorial soon about my lashes!)
      XX Flancake

    1. I only twist 2! It works better for me since I have thin hair, but thicker hair might do 3-but whenever I do only 2, I usually get the soft beachy waves! Hope that helps!

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