Corrections-to getting wavy hair without heat!

So if you read my post last night about getting wavy hair-then this is for you!

The first time I did this, my hair was dry and I misted it, so my hair was a little different texture!
When I did the tutorial, my hair was wet so my results turned out a little….different!
So here are my suggestions for changing my tutorial:

1) Make sure your hair isn’t ringing wet-it needs to be almost halfway dry!

2) Don’t twist all the way to the very end-twit about 3/4 of your hair!

And lastly-

3) DON’T put the mousse in your hair-I thought it would help hold my hair but it made it look all crunchy and gross-just what I DIDN’T want!

I hope those extra tips help!!
I should’ve tried out both types of hair(wet/dry/damp) before posting this, but I just couldnt wait!
Good luck!

-XX Flancake

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