White hawt.

Happy Fathers to to all the rad dad’s out there!


On this pretty Sunday, I was thinking of all the different trends for summer. As I’m sure you’re all aware, white is always a hot color for summer-it keeps you cool, it’s easy to wear, and I literally ALWAYS see it in resort collections, and at resorts. This season however, white is being used as a statement, not in clothes-but on your nails!

I’ve been seeing white nail’s ALL over Pinterest, but just recently I’ve actually been making myself be aware of it. Two of my favorite fashion bloggers, Julia Engel from Gal Meets Glam and Aimee Song from Song Of Style have both rocked this trend.



The reasons I think this nail trend is so popular is because A) it’s SUCH a refreshing break from all the ridiculous nail art we see nowadays(don’t get me wrong-I do love nail art, but there is such a thing as too much!) and B) it’s so easy to wear! C) It’s not a hard to color to find(which I guess goes with the fact that it’s easy to wear) and D) it’s a cool way to have all over color that goes with literally every one of your outfits!

I’ve only worn white nail polish a few times, because my nails are a bit on the nubby side right now, but the color that I have found that I like very much is Essie’s Blanc-it’s a very crisp white with no shimmer and no glitter at all. I’ve always been an Essie polish lover-something about how quickly it dries and how smooth it goes on! 

I did some research though, and these are supposedly the best white nail polishes out there:

If you’re looking for a white that has a greyish tint, go for OPI’s My Boyfriend Scales Walls (from their Spiderman Collection!)



If you want a matte finish but don’t want to buy or put on the matte top coat, go for Zoya’s Snow White.


If you’re more on the girly side and want a little shimmer, use Julep’s Vernis Kate.



And if you want a white that is a bit opaque, use Deborah Lipman’s Saving Grace. (I’m a huge fan of her products-I have a few and they are SO great!)



And lastley, if you want a simple cheap polish that can be bought at Walmart, Sally Hanson’s White On is perfect for you (it’s only $3!)




If you don’t believe that white is a trend or it can look good, here are some more pictures from Pinterest that prove that white is SO chic! 



That’s all for today! I hope you try out this nail trend on yourself, or go to your local salon to have it done! It really is SO great and versatile! 
Have a great week-this Friday is the first official day of summer, by the way!



XX Flancake

3 thoughts on “White hawt.

  1. hey flannery it is your cousin , and i just wanted to say i love your website ,so cute, you are going to have to help me with my fashion this summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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