What to Wear: For Sorority Recruitment!

Happy Hump day everyone!

So, I’m starting to mentally prepare for school once again, and I was thinking about what I’m going to wear for recruitment! (we wear specific things since we’re putting on recruitment week!) But for the girls about to go through recruitment-here’s your guide! Also, this is a guide of what to expect for recruitment, so enjoy!

So as many of you know, I’m a member of Zeta Tau Alpha at the University of Arkansas, and I went through recruitment last year! I LOVE recruitment SO much-I met so many amazing girls in and out of the sorority I joined, it was such a great experience! Thinking about what to wear though can be kind of tricky!
At the UofA, tshirts are given out to be worn every day except preference night(pref night!-you wear a nice dress). The tricky part is deciding what to wear while looking classy, appropriate, and still showing off your own since of style! So I’ve compiled a few looks together to help you look your best!

First things first though-recruitment isn’t mainly about what you wear, so be sure that your clothes don’t over power your great personality!! Here are a few tips before I get into the clothes:

-Sit up straight in the chairs in the house(not only is this good posture, but sitting up straight will give you a sense of confidence!)
-Always pay attention to what the girl you’re talking to is saying! This should be a given-but it’s super easy to get distracted since there will be so many girls in a tight space!
-Don’t just ask questions so it seems like your interested, ask questions that you really want to know the answer to! Last year, I thought I was asking dumb questions, but all the girls I talked to said they loved that I was curious!
-This should also be a given, but wear NATURAL makeup! Whatever you wear on a daily basis is YOUR natural-so if you wear barley any makeup, do that! If you wear a lot of foundation-do that! Wear makeup that you feel comfortable in! If you’re wearing way more than you normally wear or crazy colors, it will not only distract from the conversation, but it will probably make you nervous!
-Keep your hair out of your face! I know that when I get nervous I tend to play with my hair, or tuck it behind my ears(weird, I know!) But you can prevent this by pulling it away from your face with a cute barrette or braid!
-Trust me, it’s going to be really hot! So while your waiting for your parties outside, pull your hair up with a hair tie that doesn’t leave a mark!

Ok, no that those tips are out there-here’s a guide of what to wear!
I’ll never forget this advice-you aren’t dressing to impress boys, you’re dressing to impress your future sisters! So that means don’t wear the highest heels you’ve got for pref night, and don’t pile the makeup on or make your hair too formal! For pref night this is all ok, but not for the other days!

Your go-to outfit starters:
Shorts and skirts! (and of course a dress for pref night!)

This is what the schedule looks like:
Open Party Day-you’ll get a chance to talk to some girls in the houses!
Philanthropy Day-You’ll learn about each sorority’s philanthropy!
House Tour Day-You’ll get to take a tour of the houses!
Preference Day-You choose which sorority you’d like to become a member of!
Bid Day-bids are given out-this is SUCH an exciting day!!

For each day, you’ll want to wear a different pair of shorts/skirt!
Since you won’t know the different colors of your shirts, you’re given them the day before you wear them! You’ll want to get a variety of styles/colors of shorts/skirts.

Here are some shorts that I thought were oh so cute!
There are so many different ways to style a pair of shorts-tuck in your shirt all the way tuck in in just the front, tie it in a knot-mix it up each day for some cool style!

This pair is from local store Riffraff! Image

From Urban Outfitters-these super cute striped scalloped shorts

I LOVE these floral shorts from Nasty Gal

I also love these frilled shorts, also from Nasty Gal

And I’m in LOVE with these Lilly Pulitzer shorts

And lastly for shorts, some shorts I wore for recruitment last year! From J. Crew

And now for the skirts!
I also love skirts for recruitment because I wear them so much-a skirt is just so girly to me!
Just make sure it isn’t too short, because when you sit down it will come up a few inches!
You can also mix up styling skirts with your tshirt-tuck it in half way or tie it up!

This one is from Urban Outfitters

This adorable skirt is from an Australian online boutique, Sabo Skirt!


Make a pretty floral statement with this pretty floral skirt from Nasty Gal!


Also from Nasty Gal, I LOVE this silver glitter skirt! This one would be so perfect for House Tour or Philanthropy day!


And last but not least, I think I’m going to have to get this dime piece from American Apparel! It’s just SO pretty!


So now that you know what kind of shorts/skirts to look for, here’s what to look for in a pref dress! Something that is classy, something that isn’t too tight(NO body cons-remember, you’re impressing future sisters, not boys!!!!) And look for something that you’ll wear later on too! This doesn’t have to be some $534785495345 dress!!! Be reasonable 🙂

Here are some great one’s I found!

From RiffRaff this is a PERFECT Pref Dress that could be paired with some nude heels!

This dotted dress, from Savoir Fair(Located in Fayetteville also!) would look so cute with some colored (not hight though!) heels!


Also from Sabo Skirt, this dress is SO adorable, and would look great with nude pumps as well!

From ASOS.com, this dress is so classic and cute!


This dress is a bit on the pricey side, but it’s so classic and pretty that it could be worn many times over! This one is from Free People


Now that we’ve covered shorts, skirts and dresses, let’s talk shoes!
You’re going to be doing a LOT of walking-trust me. So you’re going to want to wear really comfy shoes! I’m definitely not saying to go buy new shoes-but if you want to wear your favorite pair of sandals, polish them up a bit to make them look fresh! Also, there’s no need to wear a different pair of shoes every day, maybe wear 2 pair and alternate them every other day! What to look for: Sandals that have a back (how awkward would it be to fall because your shoe fell off!?) and sandals that AREN”T wedges and heels (really, you DON’T want to wear heels/wedges until pref night!). For pref night-just keep in mind the sisters not misters rule-keep the heel under or at 3 inches, because no one cares that you can walk in 5 inch heels because trust me-I’m sure they can too 🙂 (I hope that didn’t sound mean!)
Here are some examples thought of recruitment shoes for the week!
Maybe I’m biased, but I wore Steve Madden all week last year and my feet never hurt! So these are all from SteveMadden.com!


As I said for preference shoes-don’t go too high, and don’t make the outfit about the shoe-make it about yourself!
Look for classic pumps or wedges, anything that you’d be comfortable in!!

Now that we’ve talked about what to wear, here are some Do’s and Don’ts!


Be super positive! This will be one of the best weeks ever, I promise!
Talk about yourself-I know, it seems weird! But the other girls want to get to know you, and they only have a short time period to do so!
Wear your hair out of your face-this doesn’t mean up, it just means out of the way!
Make tons of new friends!!!
Think about what house YOU would like to become a part of-not what all your friends want to be a part of!
Rest at night because you will be SO tired!
Bring small snacks, oil blotters, lipgloss, bandaids, tampons, powder and a mini hairspray to put in your small bag that you’re allowed to carry!
Wear perfume!


Wear ripped up cut off’s, wear booty shorts (please don’t-we have to look up your shorts when you sit down!!), and wear skin tight dresses.
Talk about Boys, Booze, Parties, and other sorority houses!!
Talk about about what you think of other houses with your new friends, because that might be the house they end up wanting to become a part of! Just don’t.
Suck up!! There is a difference between being nice and trying to suck up, just be yourself!!
Say anything negative, the whole week. It will make your life SO much easier!
And lastly, don’t be discouraged if what you thought was your favorite house cuts you-I PROMISE that everything works out for a reason! You WILL end up in the right house! It’s funny how things have a way of working out!

That’s all for my What to Wear: For Recruitment guide! Slash guide to recruitment! If you have ANY questions at all, don’t hesitate to comment and ask! Recruitment really is the best thing I did when I went to college, and going greek has helped me meet SO many amazing girls and just become even more outgoing!! You’re going to LOVE it!


XX Flancake

Back to school we go!

It’s Monday ya’ll!
For some strange reason I have definitely thought it was thursday all day, not even kidding. Ok, anyways….

This morning I spent about 5million hours redoing the Cross-eyed Cricket’s windows!
As we all know, or probably don’t want to even think about, school is right around the corner! For the August windows, I wanted them to reflect this!
For the windows, I used many different items to reflect a school setting-

Toys, rulers, children’s drawings, lots of pencils, erasers, and of course lots of vintage toys!! (and a really cool old school desk!)

As you can tell from the pictures, these windows are very colorful!
To add some spunk to them, I added some mini plastic toys (dinosaurs, butterflies, bugs) and spray painted them gold and silver! I saw this on an interior decorator’s blog, and I just thought it was too cool! To me, it gives these silly toys an adult feel. In the old desk, I put a really neat shelf thing and filled it with small details like clowns, an apple, legos, books and pencils in mason jars! In the other window, I borrowed a really neat shelf with the letter’s A B C D on them, in bright colors! I added a few globes with class ribbons to add a feel of a classroom, and I added a few wagons with books in them!

Ok, I’ll stop going on about how cool they are. I promise that if you go see them for yourself, you might love them as much as I do! Also, in person-you can see the littler details!!


That’s all for today! Be sure and go check out my windows at The Cross-Eyed Cricket!

XX Flancake

Borrowed from the boys.

Happy Saturday all!

Well ladies, I’m in a rut.
I’ve become OBSESSED with a new trend, I literally can’t get enough!!!
First, let me tell you something-I’ve never been a fan of its-fedoras, wide brimmed, even baseball hats-I always think they all look weird on me! WEEELLLL I’ve changed my mind-I’m currently literally wanting to buy every single baseball hat ever! (especially leather and acid wash ones from FreePeople….ooops)

So let’s talk about where I first started seeing this trend-about 3 years ago in J.Crew and I thought oh lord I hope this doesn’t become a “thing”….well 3 years later, I saw an adorable yankees hat on the owner of Savoir-Faire, Tess Bleich and I then thought-GEEZ I hope this becomes a trend!!! But seriously, literally so cute.

Let’s talk about why I love this trend so much:

1. They’re SO easy to wear!!!
2. You can seriously wear them with anything (ok, maybe not a ball gown…ok maybe)
3. I always have this problem-BEAUTIFUL locks, but greasy roots! I’m not kidding, my hair always looks the best for some reason on like the 3rd day of not washing it, but HELLO I can’t just walk out of my door looking like a fire could start on my crown??  Eww no, but guess what-baseball hat to the rescue!!

Now, this trend is (right now) for the daring, since it’s wearing it with cute cloths, and not just a tshirt and jeans, so I’m going to give a little explaining.

In my opinion, always try and stick with the same color scheme as your hat, because the crazier the color, the more the hat will stick out and look like it doesn’t belong on your head!
Also, this may seem weird, but I think baseball hats look best with loose clothing, mostly causal clothes but dressy accessories to up the cool factor (think sparkly necklaces, pretty makeup, heels, maybe a huge bag).
And really I don’t have any more tips on how to wear them, just have fun with them!! I just love wearing them because I feel like I’m 12 for some reason!!

And here are some lovely visuals on HowTo: Wear a basball hat like a girl!
First-my interpretation!

My jumpsuit is from Free People, vest from American Eagle, converse and my Yankees hat. You can’t really see, but I’m wearing three vintage necklaces, two are Chain Crochet and the other is from Vintage 401 on college in Fayetteville, AR!



I love her leather hat with the sparkley shirt!ImageImageImageImage

How fun is her pink lipstick? I love the way it makes this tough leather hat feel girly and fun!ImageImageImage

Last but not least, I’m loving these baseball hats in J.Crew’s Looks We Love for August!ImageImage

That’s all for tonight lovely ladies! And dashing dudes, of course! 🙂
Until next time,


XX, Flancake

Garden Party

It’s Wednesday everyone-Happy Hump Day!!

This Hump day, I’d like to share a little NWA Secret(ok, it’s actually not a secret!) that I’ve recently discovered!
If you haven’t been to the Botanical Gardens of the Ozarks, you MUST go!
A few weeks ago before I sent my lovely boyfriend off riding his motorcycle to Cali, we took a visit to these wonderful gardens! I wanted to share my pictures, and of course what I wore!
First though, I took a visit to the Fayetteville Farmers Market and got some sunflowers and fresh from the garden carrots! (They just celebrated their 40th anniversary, how cool is that!)

My outfit of the day was a blue romper and watercolor overlay both from Savoir Faire, Chain Crochet jewelry, Steve Madden silver wrap sandals and Raybans of course!


and since I’m in the mood for some lovely flowers, I thought I’d share some of my favorites!Image


That’s it for today! I’m so excited about tomorrows post-I’ll be sharing my newly redecorated room, YAY! Have a great rest of your day!

XX Flancake