Rockstud dreaming.



Lately, I’ve been becoming slightly (ok lets be honest-MAJORLY) obsessed with something.
Something that really has been around for a few seasons, but is just now seeing light I feel like. What might I be talking about, you ask? 


I mean, how could you not love these! They’re SUCH a fabulous combination of class and edge, a match made of heaven. Valentino is known for using lots of red, and always being on the fun side of classy. One of my favorite items from one of their past collections is the bag with the bow, a classic-



But any who, back to the rockstud. I seriously love this shoe SO much-it’s so amazing! I really started to notice it when a few of my favorite bloggers started wearing it in different ways. Julia Engel, of Gal Meets Glam, wears her black rockstud’s with an adorable tweet blazer for a more casual look and then her black rock studs in a super dressed up, girly way and then ImageImage 

A few other ways that pretty gals wear these awesome heels



And want to know something even better…?
They come in flats too!



And want to know some even better news… the rockstud actually comes in 3 different heights! A tall stiletto heel, a kitten heel, and of course flats. Of the 3, my favorite is the kitten heel.

The Stiletto:



The Kitten Heel:



And the flats!



Recently, I got the opportunity to try these lovely ladies on. 
This past weekend, Ethan and I met up with the family in Dallas to see the rangers play
(oh look we’re so cute)



Anywho-we went to Neiman’s at Northpark and dear lord I just HAD to try the heels on. 
We walked up to the shoe bar (as I like to call it, since literally the shoes are displayed so amazingly) and I was drawn to the kitten heels. I LOVE the pink with the nude sides and gold studs, but I thought that the complete nude would definitely be more versatile. One of the suit-clad gentleman saw me eying them, and of course came to my rescue. He swiftly grabbed some 8s, and they fit like a dream. {take note mom and dad-size 8}. The lovely gentleman slipped them on my little feet like I was cinderella, and I definitely felt like I was wearing glass slippers. They were SO perfect!!!
These shoes really are something to drool about.
And some more pictures to feast your eyes over…Image



That’s all I’ve got for today ladies-I hope you enjoy these awesome heels as much as I do.
XX Flancake

2cool4school-The sneaker wedge back at it.

As you probably know, sneaker wedges have been having a moment for a while now.
And guess what-I’m still obsessed with them!

{but wait-before you read, feast your ears on something JUST as fabulous as the sneaks I’m about to talk about}
The song is Team, by Lorde (She also sings Royals, which I’m sure you’ve heard by now).
Fun fact-this Irish singer is only 16!

No, the sneaker wedge isn’t something new and hasn’t been for a while now.
One of the queen bee’s of fashion, Isabel Marant, introduced the sneaker wedge a few seasons back, and they were a hit!
According to, Marant got the idea for the soon-to-be iconic sneaker wedge from when she was younger and added cork to her shoes to give her a little lift. She explains how sneakers are one of the most comfortable shoes, yet they aren’t very elegant. Adding a heel however gives women legs and makes them a little dressier-something we all always want. She also explains how wearing heels always gives women a self-confidance booster, which is SO true!
I mean, I’m sure we can all agree that whenever we wear heels we just feel so much more confident and put together!
{to read the full article, click here}

So why is the sneaker wedge still around, you ask?
Well, like Marant said-sneakers really are SO comfy, and adding the wedge in just adds sophistication to them.
Although different fashion mags tend to disagree on whether the sneaks are still a ‘thing’, but I can assure you that I will continue wearing them for a while. They really are SO easy to wear-and pretty cool if I must say.

How shall I wear them, you ask? I shall tell you.
The easiest way to wear them for me is with anything a little on the edgy side. To me, the sneaks are just so cool that you’ve got to have a matching cool outfit to go along with! If your style isn’t on the edgy side at all though, don’t fret-there are PLENTY of ways to wear them, and plenty of different styles to choose from.

How I wore mine today-
{please excuse my lame mirror pic-but you should be used to them by now}
Shirt-Lady Gaga concert//Shorts-Savoir Faire//Sneaks-Steve Madden//Socks-Free People


And of course, there are TONS of ways to wear them: as seen below!

Black Sneaks: easy to wear, they go with EVERYTHING!

I love how this stylish girl pairs her black sneaks with a circle skirt and a fun studded jacket, yet her hair is up so that the outfit and the sneaks are the main focus.


 Who said that black sneaks had to be boring-or paired with black? I LOVE how the neon skirt is under a casual grey tshirt, making it POP! And then there are the fabulous sneaks…


And another perfect example of how to pair simple black sneaks with a bright outfit!


I love this outfit so much because of how casually cool it is-the circle shades, the chambray shirt underneath the red jacket-ahhhmazing.


Although you can’t see the outfit, I love how her bag matches her shoes. When in doubt-match your bag and kicks.


Colored Sneaks: And for those that are a little more adventurers, we have the sneaks that come in colors! I love colored sneaks because they can either complement an outfit, or be the start of the show!

These red sneaks are definitely the start of the show. Since this lovely lady is wearing black and white, she lets the red pop-which looks great against her skin tone!


Here we’ve got a PERFECT example of how colored sneaks can complement an outfit. Because her wedges are white/cream and so are the pants, you may at first glance see a continuous line of her legs since she’s wearing heels, which is oh-so-flattering. Here’s an unrelated style tip-if you want to lengthen your legs, wear nude heels that match your skin tone! Whenever you wear a matching color that are heels, you look taller. Colors like black , especially ankle straps cut your legs off when wearing dresses/pants, making your legs actually look shorter!


And another example of how the sneaks make an outfit. I love leather and sneaker wedges, I’ll definitely be wearing a lot of that this fall/winter! On a side note-I love that Miranda and her son are wearing matching red shoes (insert that side smiley emoji).


Lastly, I love blue sneaker wedges because they pack such a punch. They definitely make this outfit. I love how she paired her leopard so unexpectedly with the sneaker wedges-too cool.


So where might I find these 2cool4school shoes, you might as. I’ve got a few places up my sleeve to share with you-

If you want the original Isabel Marant’s, (for a pretty penny of 695-click the pic!)


If you want the next best thing, Ash makes some really great kicks.


If you want the same pair I have by Steve Madden


Some other great options:




Sneaker wedges are definitely either a love/hate kind of thing. Even though some might think that they’ve already had their 15 minutes of fame, I think that they’ve still got a good while left of having their moment.

XX Flancake

BONUS ROUND-if you wanted to know what I’ve been listening to as I wrote this-
AKA some really awesome songs, check these out:

Tennis Court-Lorde
Two of Us-The Beatles
Swingin Party-Lorde
Dark Paradise-Lana Del Ray
Blue Ocean Floor-Justin Timberlake


As you might already know, New York Fashion Week is wrapping up, with only one more day left!
As promised, I’m going to discuss my favorite looks on and off of the runway! (And yes, these are screen shots from Insta, because that was the fastest accessible way to see these amazing garments.)

First, let’s just talk about J.Crew’s Spring 2014 show-holy mother of beautifulness. Talk about some GORgeous clothes-Jenna Lyons, J.Crew’s creative director really outdid herself this year. J.Crew is known for always being classy, but with a fun edge-and always looking so cool and effortless. This year was no different, I mean look at those colors-a pastel lime green paired with a pink sherbet, so chic. I especially love the look to the right in the second photo-that Aloha t-shirt with that AMAZING sparkly skirt really is a wonder. I CAN NOT wait for this line to be available in stores.


Next, can we just all gasp at the amazingness in this Badgley Mischka dress. BM always has stunning dresses, this just happens to be my absolute favorite. The way that the lace looks 3D and accentuates the models curves really does make for a perfect dress.


Next up, Falguni and Shane Peacock-I had honestly never heard of this designer, but now I know. I’m loving cascading feathers at the moment, and I love how they made this sequin dress have a faded plaid and feathers. Just amazing. I also love how the neckline is so high, yet it’s balanced with an up-to-there slit-perfection.


Following along with more feathers is Mathieu Mirano. I love how the top of this dress is so modern yet so classic with gold and red. I usually like small, skinny feathers but I LOVE how large and beautiful these feathers are. I also love how the feathers create the bottom of the dress along with a very sheer layer of fabric, so flattering.


Always a favorite, Zac Posen has done it again. I am hands down IN LOVE with this gown-it really is so perfect.


And it’s still all about sequins and feathers! I As I said before, I ADORE skinny, cascading feathers, so this is definitely a beauty in my opinion.


The beading on not only this gown, but all the clothing behind it is simply stunning!! It really does make for a flattering palette on any skin tone.


(I’m not sure why this is so tiny…)
But regardless, this Proenza Schouler is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!! I seriously can not get over it. I’m obsessed!


“Oscar does the best greens”-is what @Oscarprgirl said, and it looks to be true. I love this dress, but what I love even more is the fact that Bill Cunningham is sitting front row and looking oh-so-charming as always. (remember my post about him a few months ago?)


Ahhh, Rachel Zoe does it again. To me these are just like the not-so-sweat pant I blogged about a while ago, but a more glamified version. So great.


Not only were the clothes at Lela Rose so pretty, but the hair-THE HAIR. Styled by Ted Gibson, gold flakes with messy low updos looked oh-so-fab. Maybe I can re-create this somehow in a tutorial…

10763b2596f4e75ac5bd62d7a91f730d 0becfafca9cd36fc1565d363b7747ce2

Backstage at Nanette Lepore, this blue/white-cream dress is so chic. I love how the structure is simple yet so flattering!


IN LOVE with this Alice Olivia dress. I love how big and bulky the straps are, but then how pretty and delicate the bottom skirt part is-a great combination for an evening gown.


Not only do I love the bottom of this Tracey Reese, but the shoes are 2.DIE.4!!! Normally I’m not a super strap heel lover, but these are amazing.


So obviously NYFW is about designers debuting their Spring collections, and for some debuting their first ever collection. But to me, fashion week is so much more. It’s a week were fashion icons, editors, It girls and bloggers come together to discuss and meet and talk about what they think is “in fashion”.
Ultimately though, fashion week is about the outfits that are OFF the runways-also known as, Street Style. This year, since I was able to attend fashion week I got to see first hand some AHHHMAZING outfits.
Through Street Style, you can really see what trends will be upcoming and in. Below are a few of my favorite Street Style outfits and trends

Boyfriend Jeans:

hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day2-007-lgn hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day2-008-lgn hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day1-03-lgn


hbz-street-style-nyfw14-011-lgnhbz-street-style-nyfw14-day6-012-lgn hbz-street-style-nyfw14-014-lgn

All White:


Black and White Patterns:

hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day-5-010-lgn hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day-5-011-lgnhbz-street-style-nyfw14-day-5-002-lgn

Simply Fabulous Outfits:
I love the outfit below to the right simply because Bill Cunningham loves it, as seen in the background.

hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day-5-015-lgn hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day6-003-lgn

 hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day6-006-lgn hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day6-004-lgn



That’s all for now lovelies! If I see any more amazing street style pictures and/or runway pics, I’ll be sure to post them!

XX Flancake


As some my have realized, I’ve been missing in action for a little bit! SO sorry about this-I’ve been crazy busy the past few weeks, especially this weekend, for I was at New York Fashion Week!?!?!
Wait, WHAT!?
I NEVER in a million years thought that I would get the chance to go to NYFW and start my own hashtag #Flancakegoestonyfw (like one of my favorite bloggers does for every trip she makes!), so this really was a trip of a lifetime!

So I’m sure all of you are oh-so-curious how I got this AHHMAZING opportunity, so I’m going to spill! And of COURSE tell you ALL about it-so sit back, relax-this might take a while!

How it all started:

About a month ago, my Aunt Jamie (who is oh-so-fabulous) told me about a girl (Anna Taylor) who had just graduated from the UofA and had started a clothing line, Judith & James that was going to be debuting at New York Fashion Week. My Aunt wanted us to meet up and possibly have me help! Which of course I couldn’t say no to! About a week after that, Anna, her mother and myself met up at Arsaga’s for some tea and to discuss NYFW! Anna told me her story-which is INCREDIBLE, and she wanted to know all about my fashion adventures and all the things I had done. She also wanted my opinion on how the clothes should be styled, how the models should wear their hair, and of course what accessories there should be! I explained how I thought since Judith & James’ brand was classic with a funky edge, the accessories should complement the clothes, how I thought that the hair should be au’natural, and the jewelry should have a funky edge too. Anna said that she wanted some big earrings that were colorful and possibly had things hanging off them. As some of you may remember, I posted a few months ago about some earrings that I made using colorful beads and fringe, so I showed these to her but explained that I made them so we could look for some that were possibly better. But Anna LOVED them!! So of course I said that I could make them for the show! We decided that I would help spread the word about Judith & James going to NYFW, make the earrings and help with odd jobs! 
-and that’s just the beginning!

Leading up to the weekend that J&J was to be showing, I told all of my sorority sisters about them and I helped spread the word all around campus! Then Sept. 5th came, and I was on a plane headed to NYFW!!! (With my mom and one of her friends in tow). Image


As you can tell, I did some in-flight reading of Vogue, researching upcoming trends for the fall and spring, which I’ll post about hopefully tomorrow! (Stay tuned!) 

We arrived in NY late Thursday night and I met my fab roommates-Lilly from Arkansas, who goes to Baylor and Amanda, from Texas who goes to UofA also! The next day was definitely jam packed with model fittings all day!

The roomies-Lilly, Amanda and I!



Friday Lilly and Amanda and I walked over to the venue for model fittings, where the models could come at anytime from 8am-6pm, since they were also walking for other shows. Our first model came at around 10, and this was QUIET the experience. 
Throughout the day models filed in slowly, sometimes one at a time and other times we had up to 3 models! Ashley Little, who owns Material Concepts was Anna’s seamstress for the weekend, and she did an incredible job fitting the clothes perfectly to the girls tiny bodies. This entire time I was helping pick out which earrings to go with each outfit since every earring is unique, and I took pictures and documented everything that was happening.
One of the last models we had for that day was actually from Africa-Sudan to be exact. She was being fitted for another designer and she was looking at J&J’s clothes and she told Anna that her and her mother both had dresses made out of the same African fabrics back home, which was too cool-so of course Anna wanted her to model for her-so she did!
(pictured below is Anna on the left, the African model in the middle, and Rachael(the stylist!) on the right)



Later that day, Amanda and I were talking about our love of fashion and how we SO wanted to see all the models/bloggers/editors that went to the big shows, so we decided to try and get a peek at them leaving the Rag & Bone show, so we walked down to their venue. As it was ending, we were watching it on live stream so we knew when it would actually end-when it did, there were TONS of people everywhere, especially paparazzi! As we were done, we saw a few famous bloggers/models (since I obviously love fashion, these are my “celebrities”). As the people cleared out, R&B was giving out popsicles to their guests, so obvi Amanda and I wanted one-and we scored! Mine was lemon juice, and actually very tasty. 

First is a preview of what Rag & Bone’s Spring 2014 collection looks like:



With my yummy popsicle! Image

Outside the show! (Wearing BCBGMaxazria and DV shoes)ImageImageImage

and the model we saw on the runway and then off! Image





And another supermodel we saw after the show, Monika Jagaciak!


Sadly I didn’t get to snap a pic, but we also saw Hanneli Mustaparta, a blogger/model leaving the show in some fabulous white overalls and checkered shades, with a popsicle of course. 



Lilly, Amanda and I!



Later that night, the girls and I went to a super yummy sushi place ( got fried rice-lame, I know) 
Here I am with Rachael and Anna
(I’m wearing a F21 dress and Chain Crochet jewels)





The next day was very relaxed-it was actually a free day! Mom, Mrs. Caroline and myself went shopping!
(Of course I had to post an #OOTD)
Wearing a J.Crew shirt and a BCBGMaxazria leather perforated skirt with Sam Edelman’s.

We mainly stayed in the Soho area, stopping in at my all time fav store LF, Burburry, Rag & Bone, Sam Edelman, and a few other shops. 
Later that night we sent to see Jersey Boys on broadway, which was SO good! After the show I got to chat with 3 of the main actors, and of course Mom had to snap a pic-so cheesey.
Jared Bradshaw- 

Matt Bogart who played Nick Massi-Image

And Dominic Scaglione who played Frankie Valli-Image


Fashion show day!! We were up early this day, steaming and sewing the finishing touches on the garments. The show started at 2, so before Amanda and I went to probably my favorite restaurant in NY, Cafeteria to grab some brunch. I just HAD to share a pic-since outside seating in NY is SO rare.



then off to the show!!!
We had front row seats of right when the models came out, so we had the perfect view to see everything! 

This was taken at the end of the show when all the outfits came back around-


After the show wearing Savoir Faire shirt and pants and Sam Edelman mini heels. My FAV for walking around the city!


Anna and I after her show! (don’t mind my hair-it got crazy so up it went)



Since Anna was a debut designer, meaning that this was her first time at fashion week, she got to show with other designers. Here are some other looks from the shows that I liked!



The show was AHHHMAZING!! The audience LOVED Judith & James, it was such a fresh and original collection compared to the others!
After the show, we wanted to grab a bite to eat so we went to Eataly, owned by Oscar Farinetti who is on The Chew! It was seriously the best italian EVER-the desert wasn’t too bad either…



And sadly that was the last day I had in the city (insert extremely sad face).  
To read the complete Judith & James story, go to their facebook-and like them on Insta and twitter- @judithandjames

And here are some looks from the Spring/Summer 2014 collection-shot in NYC.



This opportunity was seriously SO AMAZING and I’m SO glad/lucky/humbled that I got to be a part of making Judith & James a known brand. I hope you enjoyed reading about my adventures-it truly was an opportunity of a lifetime!
Don’t worry though-I’m not done posting about NYFW-tomorrow I’ll be posting and discussing all of my favorite looks from the week, because there have been some fabulous ones! 
One last though-if you haven’t already, check out this awesome article my good friend Meridith wrote about me on HerCampus!

Until tomorrow loves,

XX Flancake