2cool4school-The sneaker wedge back at it.

As you probably know, sneaker wedges have been having a moment for a while now.
And guess what-I’m still obsessed with them!

{but wait-before you read, feast your ears on something JUST as fabulous as the sneaks I’m about to talk about}
The song is Team, by Lorde (She also sings Royals, which I’m sure you’ve heard by now).
Fun fact-this Irish singer is only 16!

No, the sneaker wedge isn’t something new and hasn’t been for a while now.
One of the queen bee’s of fashion, Isabel Marant, introduced the sneaker wedge a few seasons back, and they were a hit!
According to Stylist.com, Marant got the idea for the soon-to-be iconic sneaker wedge from when she was younger and added cork to her shoes to give her a little lift. She explains how sneakers are one of the most comfortable shoes, yet they aren’t very elegant. Adding a heel however gives women legs and makes them a little dressier-something we all always want. She also explains how wearing heels always gives women a self-confidance booster, which is SO true!
I mean, I’m sure we can all agree that whenever we wear heels we just feel so much more confident and put together!
{to read the full article, click here}

So why is the sneaker wedge still around, you ask?
Well, like Marant said-sneakers really are SO comfy, and adding the wedge in just adds sophistication to them.
Although different fashion mags tend to disagree on whether the sneaks are still a ‘thing’, but I can assure you that I will continue wearing them for a while. They really are SO easy to wear-and pretty cool if I must say.

How shall I wear them, you ask? I shall tell you.
The easiest way to wear them for me is with anything a little on the edgy side. To me, the sneaks are just so cool that you’ve got to have a matching cool outfit to go along with! If your style isn’t on the edgy side at all though, don’t fret-there are PLENTY of ways to wear them, and plenty of different styles to choose from.

How I wore mine today-
{please excuse my lame mirror pic-but you should be used to them by now}
Shirt-Lady Gaga concert//Shorts-Savoir Faire//Sneaks-Steve Madden//Socks-Free People


And of course, there are TONS of ways to wear them: as seen below!

Black Sneaks: easy to wear, they go with EVERYTHING!

I love how this stylish girl pairs her black sneaks with a circle skirt and a fun studded jacket, yet her hair is up so that the outfit and the sneaks are the main focus.


 Who said that black sneaks had to be boring-or paired with black? I LOVE how the neon skirt is under a casual grey tshirt, making it POP! And then there are the fabulous sneaks…


And another perfect example of how to pair simple black sneaks with a bright outfit!


I love this outfit so much because of how casually cool it is-the circle shades, the chambray shirt underneath the red jacket-ahhhmazing.


Although you can’t see the outfit, I love how her bag matches her shoes. When in doubt-match your bag and kicks.


Colored Sneaks: And for those that are a little more adventurers, we have the sneaks that come in colors! I love colored sneaks because they can either complement an outfit, or be the start of the show!

These red sneaks are definitely the start of the show. Since this lovely lady is wearing black and white, she lets the red pop-which looks great against her skin tone!


Here we’ve got a PERFECT example of how colored sneaks can complement an outfit. Because her wedges are white/cream and so are the pants, you may at first glance see a continuous line of her legs since she’s wearing heels, which is oh-so-flattering. Here’s an unrelated style tip-if you want to lengthen your legs, wear nude heels that match your skin tone! Whenever you wear a matching color that are heels, you look taller. Colors like black , especially ankle straps cut your legs off when wearing dresses/pants, making your legs actually look shorter!


And another example of how the sneaks make an outfit. I love leather and sneaker wedges, I’ll definitely be wearing a lot of that this fall/winter! On a side note-I love that Miranda and her son are wearing matching red shoes (insert that side smiley emoji).


Lastly, I love blue sneaker wedges because they pack such a punch. They definitely make this outfit. I love how she paired her leopard so unexpectedly with the sneaker wedges-too cool.


So where might I find these 2cool4school shoes, you might as. I’ve got a few places up my sleeve to share with you-

If you want the original Isabel Marant’s, (for a pretty penny of 695-click the pic!)


If you want the next best thing, Ash makes some really great kicks.


If you want the same pair I have by Steve Madden


Some other great options:




Sneaker wedges are definitely either a love/hate kind of thing. Even though some might think that they’ve already had their 15 minutes of fame, I think that they’ve still got a good while left of having their moment.

XX Flancake

BONUS ROUND-if you wanted to know what I’ve been listening to as I wrote this-
AKA some really awesome songs, check these out:

Tennis Court-Lorde
Two of Us-The Beatles
Swingin Party-Lorde
Dark Paradise-Lana Del Ray
Blue Ocean Floor-Justin Timberlake

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