Rockstud dreaming.



Lately, I’ve been becoming slightly (ok lets be honest-MAJORLY) obsessed with something.
Something that really has been around for a few seasons, but is just now seeing light I feel like. What might I be talking about, you ask? 


I mean, how could you not love these! They’re SUCH a fabulous combination of class and edge, a match made of heaven. Valentino is known for using lots of red, and always being on the fun side of classy. One of my favorite items from one of their past collections is the bag with the bow, a classic-



But any who, back to the rockstud. I seriously love this shoe SO much-it’s so amazing! I really started to notice it when a few of my favorite bloggers started wearing it in different ways. Julia Engel, of Gal Meets Glam, wears her black rockstud’s with an adorable tweet blazer for a more casual look and then her black rock studs in a super dressed up, girly way and then ImageImage 

A few other ways that pretty gals wear these awesome heels



And want to know something even better…?
They come in flats too!



And want to know some even better news… the rockstud actually comes in 3 different heights! A tall stiletto heel, a kitten heel, and of course flats. Of the 3, my favorite is the kitten heel.

The Stiletto:



The Kitten Heel:



And the flats!



Recently, I got the opportunity to try these lovely ladies on. 
This past weekend, Ethan and I met up with the family in Dallas to see the rangers play
(oh look we’re so cute)



Anywho-we went to Neiman’s at Northpark and dear lord I just HAD to try the heels on. 
We walked up to the shoe bar (as I like to call it, since literally the shoes are displayed so amazingly) and I was drawn to the kitten heels. I LOVE the pink with the nude sides and gold studs, but I thought that the complete nude would definitely be more versatile. One of the suit-clad gentleman saw me eying them, and of course came to my rescue. He swiftly grabbed some 8s, and they fit like a dream. {take note mom and dad-size 8}. The lovely gentleman slipped them on my little feet like I was cinderella, and I definitely felt like I was wearing glass slippers. They were SO perfect!!!
These shoes really are something to drool about.
And some more pictures to feast your eyes over…Image



That’s all I’ve got for today ladies-I hope you enjoy these awesome heels as much as I do.
XX Flancake

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