If you follow me on insta, twitter and Facebook-you’re probably curious as to why I keep using the hashtag CheersTo3Years, and I’d love to tell you! 

Yesterday, Sunday Nov. 10th, the boy and I celebrated 3 whole years together!
[ok woah that’s a long time…]
So why not celebrate in style?

We decided to visit Tulsa, OK-the downtown district to be specific, since we hadn’t been there together before and it looked rather inviting. Our first stop was a pizza place that my roommate suggested, and it had been on the food network. 
We made our way down to Joe Mamma’s pizza and had a rather large and yummy pepperoni.



Next we drove down to Cherry Street-we were going to stop in some cool places to grab dessert, but we were both way too full, so instead we kept moving and visited utica square. 
I love utica because there really is something for everyone-there is Anthropologie for me, suit stores for ethan, and Restoration Hardware for the both of us. 





After getting a cute hat from Anthro with a gigantic pompom on the top, we headed to the Oklahoma Aquarium! Here are some super cool creatures we saw






[if you’re curious as to what that giant shark is-its’ megalodon-the prehistoric giant shark, NBD]

After spending a few hours at the aquarium, we headed back to Fay, watched the latest episode of The Walking Dead and ate at Chipotle-my definition of a perfect day. 

XX Flancake


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