This Year

This year, I’m not going to have a new years resolution.
Because honestly, who ever keeps theirs? (I don’t.)
And even if I ever do try and make one, and then don’t keep it-I feel like a failure, or I just feel bad about myself. But I know that’s not a true reflection about myself, so this year I’m doing something different. Instead of focusing on one major change in my life, I’m going to try and focus on smaller things, but not be so distraught if I don’t follow through with this one.
Because we should never take life too seriously, it’s not like we make it out alive anyway.


This year

A bad habit I’m going to break:
Biting my nails!

A new skill I’d like to learn:

A person I hope to be more like:
Both my Mom & Dad-so much giving and so much drive.

A good deed I’m going to do:
Buy a family’s meal, once a month.

A place I’d like to visit:
Ireland, Scotland, the South Beach Flea market in San Fran!

A book I’d like to read:
Harry Potter

A letter I’m going to write:
One to my grandparents every month.

A new food I’d like to try:
This is a hard one, maybe greek food?

I’m going to do better at:
Being nicer to people close to me and opening up more to those I don’t know that well, and not being quick to judge.


This year, I encourage you to not have a new years resolution-I promise, it’ll be worth it.

XX Flancake

(below is a link to a cool video of my year in pictures!)

Happy Birthday!

Happy 1st Birthday to my baby blog!



Exactly one year ago today, I started my blog, Glitter Loves Haute Couture. I’ve been aspiring to bring a unique perspective to current trends, fashion, and beauty-and I’m happy to say that I think I’ve done that! 
This year has been a huge year for my baby blog, so I’d like to share my top favorite moments (in order from the beginning!)

In December, when I started the blog, I made a few video tutorials! My first one was how to do natural eye makeup, I thought it turned out pretty good!

From February, I did a Saturday Shenanigans I posted about recent happenings. I just love looking back at the windows I created at my grandma’s shop, and the outfits I wore(and still wear).

Also in February, I had a lovely crafter noon. I loved this one, adding onto my necklace to make it even more adorable! 

In March, I wore one of my favorite easter outfits, probably ever. Inspired by housewives of the 50’s, I thought it was just so cute!

April was the month my obsession with White Converse began, especially with this Americano post. 

During May, I made an outfit post about Blue and Denim, and I loved this outfit. 

I would say June was a good month for GLHC. I had several favorite posts!
First, was my Big Surprise! I started putting my distressed home goods in my grandma’s store!
Second, I discovered white nails which I still wear, and are so chic.
Turning Tables was a post about my new record player, which I still adore(my favorite vinyl is currently Frank Sinatra).
During June, I also started making shorts! I sold them at a local flea market, and out of my house!
I’ll still make shorts again this summer, but since I have a sewing mating, I’ll be able to do much more!

July was also an exciting month for the blog!
For one, I got my own domain!!! (That is seriously so exciting:)
Second, I posted a guide to Sorority Recruitment-which I must say, took me several long hours!

September was HUGEEE for me!
I did some awesome #OOTD’s, but I got the amazing opportunity to go to New York Fashion Week! If you didn’t catch the read, look here!

October was also awesome, as I was in New York again!
This time, for Teen Vogue’s Fashion University!
I also made an awesome post highlighting amazing fashion, which was too cool. 

November was great also! I finally discovered photoshop, which led me to create my own signature and logo for my blog!
Ethan and I celebrated 3 years(where has the time gone…?) and I made some cool outfit posts!

December has been lovely so far. For one, I got to create the displays for Chain Crochet! Which I have yet to post about, but give me time-I will! And, drumroll please….I found out that I will be going to I Heart Blogshop in January, in Chicago!
I am literally SO excited about this!
At this event, I’ll learn how to use photoshop in a way that will help me make my baby blog bigger, better, and prettier! Bascially, this 2 day course is tailored for bloggers who are trying to amp up their blog with photoshop skills. 


This year has definitely been a whirlwind!
I got to go to New York Fashion Week, I went to Arizona for the first time, I was able to create amazing window displays and design amazing shorts, I learned how to sew(and make a shirt for Ethan for his Christmas present!), and much, MUCH more!
I’m SO excited for 2014, because I know it can only get better. 





For the Boys.

It’s almost that time, and what better way to start the Christmas season with some gifting!
I’d love to do a gifting series to help with those gifts sometimes that can be somewhat, challenging. I’ll be doing a few different kinds of gifts-For Mommy Dearest, For the Diva in your life, For the Hard to Shop For, and For the Grandparents.
But first up, it’s For the Boys.
This can be for your dad, brother, uncle, cousin, boyfriend-and anyone in-between.


1| For that No-Shave-November guy, this is perfect for him. It smells like chopped wood and crisp winter air, and it can be used as a beard oil or simply a nice cologne. Double duty-check. From Urban Outfitters

2| From J.Crew, every guy needs a nice plaid shirt. This is one of my favorite color combos, and I know for a fact that J.Crew makes shirts that last, and are super comfy. While your on, check out everything else they have to offer for the guys.
[and the gals too…]

3| For the gentleman that enjoys a nice drink, these whiskey rocks are for him.

4| Something I gifted to my boy, this personiliazed wallet from Etsy seller Fatcat leather is a true winner. Not only is the leather super luxe, but you can put his own initials on it and it’s his forever. [Ethan still loves his…I hope]

5| Another one for the drinker, these antler bottle openers are just too cool.

6| Everyone needs a good flask, and why not have one that says just what you want to-‘Salut!’
[one of my favorite shops, be sure to look around!]

7| Also from Catbird, a cozy cashmere beanie to look cool in.

8| The ultimate gift is of course a gift card. My guy loves Pacsun-because they have cool clothes and they’re very reasonably priced. A fab gift, if you ask me.


Until next time, get excited for the next gift guide!
[I love making these, can you tell…]