All About Isabel.

Hi friends, 

First things first, sadly my last day of my internship is tomorrow which is rather sad. I pinky swear I’ll post a summary of my summer soon! But for now, I would love for you to all meet my super stylish friend and sorority sister and fashionista all wrapped into one, Isabel! This fab gal and I met our freshmen year, by discovering our love of clothing and shopping and all things fashionable. It’s been so great to talk about fashion and not sound like a crazy person, which is the usual reaction when you can talk about clothes for more than an hour. Last October, we were able to attend Teen Vogue’s Fashion University together in NY which was oh-so-fun (I also met her mom, who is also super fab herself), and we got to know each other better! During Greek Week this year, we got to work together designing and making the costumes which was SO fun and a great time to get to know Isabel even better! I learned that she’s creative like me-so of course we get along great! She’s original, fun and fabulous (did I already mention that?).


For our first blogging collab, we asked each other some questions and styled a trend we both are loving right now-overalls. Read her answers below and check out her blog for my side of the story! PS also check out this post, it’s my favorite (can you say yum??).

Q. When did your interest in fashion start?

A. I remember the end of freshman year in high school I was picking classes for next fall. I was missing some hours and had to pick one more class from a large list. Beginning sewing stuck out to me and thought I would give it a try. I ended up loving the class and that’s how everything started!

Q. What have you done to learn more about fashion?

A. After my first sewing class I kept signing up for the more advance classes. I also joined my school’s fashion club and became the president my senior year. I knew I had to lean more than just the sewing part so I applied to be on the Nordstrom fashion board. The fashion board taught me all the different roles that the employees have and had us make outfits with the new seasons apparel. When applying to colleges I knew I wanted to major in fashion and the U of A had everything I wanted. I am an Apparel Studies major and can’t get enough! The more I learn about all the different designers and how textiles are made the more I want to be in the fashion world. My all time eye opening experience was going to New York for a weekend my sophomore year with Flannery to attend the Teen Vogue Fashion University. We were able to meet the editor of Teen Vogue and listen to amazing well-known designers and fashion bloggers. Now going in as a junior in college I will be the VP of the Fashion Club and writer for Her Campus online blog. 

Q. What is your future dream?

A. This is a tough question for me to answer. I’m still learning so much and don’t want to build up a wonderful dream and never accomplish it. As of now being a buyer is really on my mind. I love the company Free People and would love to intern there and eventually work there. I’m open to whatever opportunity is given to me!

Q. What’s your inspiration right now?

A. I have been inspired this past summer with colored hair. When I saw Kylie Jenner’s turquoise hair I fell in LOVE! I ddi a lot of research on Instagram and Pinterest for a month and finally went through with it. I couldn’t be happier! (See her post about going blue here.)

Q. What’s your favorite fall style?

A. I love fall! The changing of the leaves and pumpkin lattes; I can’t get enough! For this fall I’m really excited for booties. They are very easy to pair with a dress of black skinny jeans and a leather jacket. Nothing better!

Q. How would you describe your personal style?

A. My style is changing all the time. Right now I would say hipster-chic. This summer I loved wearing sundresses with chunky jewelry. I mix it up by wearing high top converse. I have 8 piercing right now (Is it bad that I want more?). They all are on my ear except for a nose ring. During the fall is when I can really show my style. Layering is the best. I wear one of my favorite tees with a flannel, skinny jeans and some leather booties and I’m ready to go! I’m not afraid of trying new trends and going out go the ordinary. Every season I challenge myself to go for a different look just to open my eyes to the different varieties of styles there are. 

image-3Outfit details | Overalls- Frankie Phoenix, Shirt- BP Nordstrom, Shoes- Converse


I hope you enjoyed reading about my lovely friend and fellow blogger Isabel! Don’t forget to check out her blog, Just A Taste Of Fashion. Have a fab day everyone!




Update on the Chop

I’m sure you are all wondering-WHY on earth did I cut my hair?? I know some people are sad, possibly mad that I recently chopped my hair off. I’m about to give my reasons so hold the questions! PS-this post contains many selfies, so proceed at your own risk.


I’ve wanted to cut my hair short for quite some time now, I just haven’t had the guts to do it. Since I’ve had extensions put in my hair every few months for a year now, I especially didn’t want to cut off the hair that I just paid money for. When I cam to New York though, I thought to myself, “self, why are you so afraid to cut your hair off when you’ve wanted to do it for so long??” ok, maybe my thought process wasn’t that simple or short, but it was something like that. On the Saturday after my birthday, after I also got my nose re-pierced (which is an entirely different story for another time), I was participating in my usual Saturday routine, scrolling through my Insta feed, when I came upon a rare thing from Vogue-something FREE! I started to investigate this rare event they were hosting, which happened to be Free Haircuts in the Park with Christiaan! I saw the word free, then haircut, then park and I was sold. The info graph said the event was that day starting at 3pm and going until dusk, AKA who-knows-when. After my usual Chipotle I made my way down to Madison Square Park, which happens to be one of my favorites to see what the buzz was about. I got to the park right at 3, and I saw a list going around for people getting in line to get their haircuts by the famous Christiaan so of course I put my name on the list and was told I would be called around 4:45.



To be honest, I had no idea who this Christiaan they spoke of was, so I did a little research. Christiaan might as well be a hair god because he’s styled the likes of Grace Jones and Kate Moss (to read all about him on VOGUEpedia click here). I did notice however that there were other stylist around, I eventually learned that the stylist that does product development for Living Proof (the line of products Jennifer Aniston uses) was there, as well as Oribe’s creator and founder, who would eventually do mine. An hour passed as I snacked on Shake Shack and crept over to the circle of people gathered around the stylists chopping and flinging hair all over the graveled area of the park, and patiently waited to be called. 4:45 came and went and I still hadn’t gotten my haircut, so I went and asked again when I was up, and the gal working for Vogue with cute flatform heels said now it looked like it would be around 5:30, if I even got a haircut. I decided that I had been there for a large part of the day, so I would leave. I left, went back to my room and then shopped a little and around 6:30 I decided to come back to the park to see if the hundreds of people were still there-the answer is yes, they were. I asked once more, and I was actually next to get my hair chopped. I gave an example of the cut I wanted, then put on a bib and sat on a stool in the middle of Madison Square Park with the Flatiron building in my view and got my haircut. After a few chops with the scissors I was told I was done! I was given a handheld mirror to see this finished work, and I was very pleased! Then I stuck around for a few more minutes to admire the brave souls who gave their hair over to the hairstylists and said DO WHATEVER YOU WANT. I was in awe and had a tad bit of jealousy for their braveness, but I knew I had better leave before I decided to get even crazier with my hair.

So back to the part of the story where I explain why I cut my hair off-

for no other reason than I wanted to cut it.
That’s it.

And guess what, it will grow back because it’s hair
(what a revelation, I know).

End of story, literally. 


What to Wear: Sorority Recruitment

As the summer is coming to a close and I must leave NY (sad face), I’m starting to get prepared to put on recruitment (HAPPY FACE)! I posted a guide last year on what to wear and also gave out some tips, so I wanted to do the same thing, but brush up on the clothing! (PS yes, I changed my blog name AGAIN-sorry for the whip-lash but I promise FLANCAKE is the final product!)

As many of you know, I’m a member of Zeta Tau Alpha at the University of Arkansas and I went through recruitment two whole years ago! I LOVED recruitment SO much-I met so many amazing girls in and out of the sorority I joined, it was such a great experience!
But thinking about what to wear can be kind of tricky, especially if you don’t know what to expect.
At the UofA, T-shirts are given to be worn every day except preference night (pref night-you wear a nice dress). The tricky part is deciding what to wear while looking classy, appropriate, and still showing off your own style! I’ve done the hard part (but fun for me!) and picked out some options that you can get or be inspired by!

First things first though-recruitment isn’t just about what you wear, so be sure that your clothes don’t over power your great personality! Below are some great tips I would give and some I’ve received.

Be sure to sit up straight when you’re talking to the girls, especially on the first few days so you give off a good impression! When you get more comfortable with the girls, it’s ok to lean in to hear what they’re saying.
Always pay attention to what the girl you’re talking to is saying! This should be a given-but it’s SUPER easy to get distracted because there will be so many girls in a tight space talking really loud.
Don’t just ask questions so it seems like your interested, ask questions that you really want to know the answer to! I thought I was asking dumb questions, but all the girls I talked to said they loved that I was curious so that’s a plus!
This should also be a given, but wear NATURAL makeup! Whatever you wear on a daily basis is YOUR natural-so if you wear barley any makeup, do that! If you wear a lot of foundation-do that! Wear makeup that you feel comfortable in. If you’re wearing way more than you normally wear or crazy colors, it will not only distract from the conversation, but it will probably make you nervous!
Keep your hair out of your face! I know that when I get nervous I tend to play with my hair, or tuck it behind my ears (weird, I know!) but you can prevent this by pulling it away from your face with a cute barrette or braid!
Trust me, it’s going to be really hot! So while you’re waiting for your parties outside, pull your hair up with a hair tie that doesn’t leave a mark!

So now you’ve kind of got an idea of what will happen, here’s a guide of what to wear!
I’ll never forget this advice-you aren’t dressing to impress boys, you’re dressing to impress your future sisters! So that means don’t wear the highest heels you’ve got for pref night or any other day for that matter.

This is what the schedule looks like:
Open Party Day-you’ll get a chance to meet a few girls in each house.
Philanthropy Day-You’ll learn about each sorority’s philanthropy.
House Tour Day-You’ll get to take a tour of the houses.
Preference Day-You choose which sorority you’d like to become a member of!
Bid Day-bids are given out-this is SUCH an exciting day!

For each day, you’ll want to wear a different pair of shorts/skirt since you won’t know the color of your shirts-you’re given them the day before you wear them. You definitely don’t have to wear a different pair of shoes everyday, but it is a good idea to have two pairs you can alternate with! I wore sandals when I went through recruitment, but I saw a lot of PNM’s (potential new member, that’s you!) wearing sandals and cute sneakers! Below are some of the items I saw that I would probably get if I were going through recruitment again-but again, all are just suggestions to help you get inspiration for your own style! 
//all items listed at bottom L-R









//Skirts + Shorts:,,,,,,,



I hope you enjoyed my second What To Wear: Sorority Recruitment! If you have any questions at all I would love to help, just comment below! Good luck!!!




NEW BLOG NEW ME…just kidding kind of

Hi friends! I guess with being in NY for the summer I’ve changed a little (or a lot, who’s really to say?), and with that, I wanted to make a change I’ve been thinking about for quite some time! As much as I do love my little blog name, Glitter Loves Haute Couture- I always thought the title was a tad too lengthy to remember and explain. I’m unsure of why I named my blog this cute sassy name to begin with, but I finally had the courage to change it! Since I turned 20 last month and finally am starting to feel like a young adult (sorry mom), I feel like Pretty Young Thing suited me much better + it’s my favorite MJ song so of course I love it-it’s catchy and sassy and cute and fun! (And yes, the site is, not .com) But never fear friends, I’ve routed my old blog name to this site so if you happen to forget about my new name, the internet didn’t! Along with my new blog (insert quotations because it’s not really new), I hope to post a little bit differently and more often. I’m hoping to use my Adobe skills more-Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign to show off my graphic design love affair and also add more outfit pics-soon! ALSO, Pretty Young Thing is more iPhone friendly for all you readers on the go, which is I’m guessing all of you. This updated, new Flancake blog will hopefully be the even more fabulous older sister of GLHC-so I hope you stick around to begin this “sort of” new journey with me! Because this is my first post as the blogger behind Pretty Young Thing, why not show off my new and improved self also-a Pretty Young Thing, with short hair and all.

PS, I’ve dubbed myself the new #selfiequeen so sorry, (not sorry) about that.