What I’m predicting.

It’s New York Fashion Week everyone! And has been for a few days now, so of course I’m in trend-predicting mode! However, I would like to share my thoughts without the influence of fashion week first, then I’ll share what fashion week is predicting for spring!

Yesterday I finished a trend board I’ve been wanting to make for a while now, that will hopefully inspire me for Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. I color coordinated it, like I do everything-from lights to darks. And today I’m deciding what I think will be trending these fall/spring seasons with mood boards I created.


First off, I’m thinking white will be big, per usual. As I was flipping through my various September issues, I noticed a LOT of white-and I’ve been a fan of the all white look for some time now, wearing an all white uniform several times this summer.


The other trend I”m noticing is western inspired. Fringe seems to be everywhere, but not just on jackets and bags. I’m seeing fringe on sweaters, blankets, skirts, and home decor. I think this trend is here to stay, and I love it!


Hopefully these creations will inspire you to rock the all white uniform or wear the western giddy-up! I know I’ll be wearing this trends soon, and I’ll be sure to post. Until next time,