State of the Art

This weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Crystal Bridges, one of Arkansas’ gems. I specifically wanted to visit the exhibit, State of the Art. The collection’s curators traveled more than 100,000 miles, visited more than 1,000 artists, and settled on a small 102 artists that would make the cut. This 227-work exhibit boasted color, was oozing with texture, and was made of all kinds of materials, a feat that was well achieved. The exhibit was in two separate wings of the museum, so needless to say it was massive. The walk from either side was well worth it, and I would say the exhibit has been well received so far. Some favorites of mine were a crochet hallway, a stair well with more than 12 miles of rainbow string, and a giant green car piñata. All were fabulous and I highly recommend visiting.





One thought on “State of the Art

  1. So fun!! Aunt Jamie gives it a thumbs up!! We went two weeks ago and I felt like I was in Paris cafe having mimosa’s. The art’s not bad either.:)

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