What I’ve Been Up To – Living the Intern Life

It has just been SUCH a busy year – it was such a shock to realize that I haven’t posted since December! But never fear, the update is here! A lot has happened since winter, one big change is that I’m living in New York for the summer again x LOVING it, might I add. I finished my Junior year at the University of Arkansas, and only have 16 hours left until I graduate, how crazy is that?? During the spring, I had the amazing opportunity to intern with my absolute, hands-down favorite little shop. Lola Boutique in Fayetteville, AR! If you aren’t familiar – get to it!! But in all realness, they carry the best brands, have the best customer service, and offer THE BEST styling tips and tricks – oh and plus the gals who work there are actually the coolest ones around. I’m actually going to be a [real!!] employee after I get back this summer – SO excited for that.

So you wanna know what I’m up to now, huh? OK, I’ll spill. This summer I’m interning at Seventeen Magazine [EEEK] as a Sales and Marketing Intern!! I COULD NOT be more excited and loving every minute of it. Honestly, I love every minute of it, how crazy is that? My daily tasks are analyzing at our social media [umm…is that even work?], looking at other magazines to compare different ads, and helping with random tasks that anyone has! It really has been such a blast so far, I will be too sad when it’s over in three short weeks.

I’ll try to keep everyone more updated from now on, so stay in touch. Pinky promise I won’t drift off again…


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