The Outfit Chronicles


During my time in New York + Seventeen, I was able to really let my creative juices flow into my outfits. This is something I really love about NY, is that no one really cares what you look like – good or bad. At my internship however there was a dress code, business casual, and of course I had to abide by this. It was great though because I was able to dress it up or down, and let my creative side shine through. I was able to document my favorite outfit moments, and I’m sharing the details above – click the pictures to enlarge them.

What was great about dressing with a dress code is figuring out how to make my closet work, or rather what didn’t work. It was challenging every day to make sure I not only was appropriate, but was utilizing my closet instead of buying new clothes – and mixing up how I wore certain items.

More about my summer in the city is to come – promise.


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