Girl em[Power]ment – Kelly Stuckey

Girl em[Power]ment – A Series of Short Essays.

Over the next few months will be bringing you the Girl em[Power]ment series, which consists of interviews with several working women of all ages in different stages of their career. These are women I not only find inspiring and interesting, but who I think women of all ages should know about and learn from. These women hold careers in several different industries, from creative design to politics. They’ll give us an inside look into what their job is like, how they got there, share their advice for twenty-somethings, and touch on what Girl em[Power]ment means to them.

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Our next influencer is someone I’m so excited to share with you all, as she was one of the inspirations for the entire Girl em[Power]ment series!! I have known Kelly Stuckey for about four years now, when I first met her via instagram stalking and just HAD to get her to help my hair. She has a heart of gold, she is a giving soul like none I’ve ever seen, and her strong faith  inspires those around her, myself included. Oh, and she’s a small business owner + wife + puppy mom, to all of which she excels tremendously. Those around her feel her radiance on a daily basis, which is why I’m so glad she is today’s influencer.

Introducing Kelly Stuckey, owner of Crown Beauty Bar 
Insta – @hellokellystuckey + @crownbeautybar
Website – CrownBeautyBar + SheSitsPretty

Q: What is your current job title, and can you please briefly explain your career path?
A: My current title is Senior Hairstylist, makeup artist and co-owner of Crown Beauty Bar with my husband, Zac Stuckey.  I am also a certified educator for Davines Hair Color and She by Socap Hair Extensions. My career path started at a young age of 14 working for my Dad’s photography studio and has taken so many turns from salon receptionist to Interior Designer to PepsiCo modular planner to CitiScapes advertising sales to restaurant hostess while attending beauty school and now a small business owner.  It’s incredible and encouraging to see the way it has all come together in my life, and how each step paved the way for the next.  Every place I worked I met people who played into my next role and even met my husband along the way!

Q: Where did you go to school and what was your major?
A: I first attended the University of Arkansas Fort Smith and received an Associates of Art.  Then I transferred to the University of Arkansas and graduated with a Bachelors of Interior Design.  Three years later I attended Paul Mitchell The School Arkansas for my Cosmetology License.

Q: How do you deal with negativity towards women in the work place [if at all]?
A: Thankfully I work in a female dominant environment where we get along and lift each other up!  The most negativity I ever deal with is when a client doesn’t like things about their own hair and or looks.  I love enhancing each woman’s individual beauty and teaching them ways to carry that home.  I want to shatter any negative images they have about themselves.

Q: Who are your role models or mentors, and why?
A: My first impactful role model is my Mother, Karen.  She was and still is always there for me.  I know stories of how she worked hard and did what she could to provide and take care of me after my parents split at a young age.  She always made me feel beautiful and supported especially during times when I struggled with my weight, career, or life choices. 

I’ve also been blessed with a Spiritual mentor, Kristen Davis, pastor at Life Connection Church in Rogers, AR. She came along at the perfect time in my life, helped me see the power of Jesus’ love and grace, and was instrumental in helping me learn more about how to study the Bible.

I would say my biggest mentor is my husband, Zac. He is a strong, steady constant in my life and has a true servant heart.  He pushes me to be better and is always incredibly supportive.  It’s incredibly cheesy to say, but he does make me feel like anything is possible so long as we do it together; he gives me wings! I love owning a business with him, doing life, and can’t wait to become a parent with him next April!!!

Q: Have you ever felt unsure of yourself or felt that you weren’t “enough”, and how did you overcome that?
A: Oh yes, a lot when I was younger. In fact, I still struggle with this insecurity from time to time. I didn’t know my true identity until I really let God into my life and got serious about pursuing a relationship with Jesus at age 28. Anytime I allow the lies of this world to fill my mind, I stumble into insecurity. I remind myself the truth is I was made by God and for his purposes… before I understood that, nothing made sense.  Now I read and reflect on what his Word says about me for affirmation on who I am.

Q: Is there anyone you think that is making a difference in women empowerment that you think we should all know about?
A: It’s amazing to live in a community with so many female small business owners and creatives in my local community!  Here’s a few businesses to check out: Kirsten Blowers owner of Riffraff, Amy Hannon of EunaMae’s, Valere Gregory of Valere Rene Handbags, Becca Brisiel of Maude Boutique, Chelsea Hermez of Pigmint. Another woman shaking things up in California is Shanna Noel, creator of Illustrated Faith, helping creative women express themselves and learn more about God’s Word through a journaling bible.

Q: What do you do in your free time to relax?
A: Walk my dogs, jeep rides with my husband, read, doodle in my journaling bible, zone out on social media.

Q: What career and/or life advice would you give to your twenty-year-old self?
A: Be patient, work hard, do not expect anything, and be thankful for every opportunity to learn. We all graduate and think “okay, I made it.. now where is my awesome job and salary?” It’s just not that easy all the time!  I truly believe in hard, honest work and being a self-starter.  The other thing is: your 20’s are just awkward!  I had so much fun in my 20’s, but so much confusing unknown too.  It’s not that I have it all figured out in my 30’s now, but I am more secure in myself and truly trust God has plans for me.

Q: What does Girl em[Power]ment mean to you?
A: Girl em[Power]ment means looking past the stereotypes created by the world and other people to see who I am and what God created me to be.  I have been given gifts and talents to use to help others and it’s up to me to make that happen with every opportunity that I am presented with! I love working in an industry where I can make women feel beautiful and teach them tricks they can use at home to create their look on a daily basis.  I also want to empower my employees to be self-starters, find the lesson in every situation, and take ownership of the career and life they have a heart for.  You can’t sit and wait for everything to fall into your lap.  You gotta hustle while keeping your eyes and ears open.

All I can add is that this is so good. As I myself will soon be graduating, it is easy to just assume that I’m a graduate so I should be able to easily find that awesome job and even more-awesome paycheck. But as Kelly said, “you gotta hustle while keeping your eyes and ears open.”
Stay tuned for next week’s influencer–these ladies just keep rocking it!
Xo, Flancake

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