About this weekend// Part One

This weekend I’m was back in my (adopted) stomping grounds, and could’t have been more excited!! Over the last few days, I had the I N C R E D I B L E opportunity to attend Cosmopolitan magazine’s inaugural Fun Fearless Life weekend event! Which let me tell you-was one of the best things I’ve done for myself in, uh, forever. So since it’s a lot to take in, I’ll go slow and start with Friday.

So first off, I’ll explain to you what Cosmo’s Fun Fearless Life is all about, and why you should totally go next year (should I be advertising for them, or what?). As you probably know, Cosmo magazine is, in a nutshell, all about women empowering women, and having fun doing it. In a bigger and better way of explaining it, this event is Cosmo’s way of sharing their knowledge of other women’s acheivments and the great things they’ve come to know, and they are SO wonderful to share this knowledge with others. The event also isn’t centered around one subject-it’s got fashion figures, business women, models, TV personalities, and basically every other kind of woman you can think about it that is successful. Chrissy Teigen, Kelly Osbourne, Sarah Blakely (founder of Spanx), Shay Mitchell, Sophia Amoruso (founder/CEO of Nasty Gal), Jordan Carlos (from GirlCode), Dick Costolo (CEO of Twitter), Aya Kanai (Fashion Director at Cosmo), and Jillian Michaels to name just a few. So get what I’m saying, it’s the coolest thing ever right? The answer is abso-f*ing-lutely (said with true Cosmo sass).

Back to Friday. I woke up in high hopes of what the day was set to bring, but I honestly couldn’t have prepared myself for what was to come. I was to have lunch with Donna Lagani, SVP/Publishing Director, and Jenifer Geller, Executive Beauty Director, which as you can imagine was literally a dream. I was able to gain advice on how to further my career in fashion, how to connect and network with other gals that are like me and aspiring to do similar things in the industry, I was able to share my opinions on certain aspects of the magazine that I love (and they took me seriously so that of course was invigorating), and I had a fabulous lunch with two absolutely inspiring, inimitable, and empowering women that I was SO lucky to meet.


After lunch we walked to the Hearst tower and started up the giant possibly-could-be-intimating-but-they-weren’t, stairs. And then took the elevator to the 30th floor of course. Very Devil Wears Prada moment, no doubt. At the arrival of the 30th, I was greeted by glass doors with the COSMOPOLITAN across it, and I knew I had arrived to my future home. Donna and Jen were so warm and friendly in showing my Mom and I around the Cosmo offices. I was able to see a sneak peak of next months issue!! But I pinky swore I would’t give any secrets out, so my lips are sealed. I also saw the beauty room, where I wanted to try ALL THE PRODUCTS! I saw the cubicles the gals worked in which were equally as decorated and fashionable as the girls themselves, I got to see Donna’s office-overlooking Central Park might I add, I saw Joanna Coles, Editor in Chief of Cosmo if you didn’t know, which included a desk with an attached treadmill. Clever, right? I saw the sex columnist’s desk which was complete with Cosmo condoms and, eh-hem, adult toys, I walked by Aya in a meeting and tried my hardest not to barge in and say “Hi can I have your job?”. But the best of all was, drumroll please…the fashion closet. How did you know? If you’ve ever dreamed of a closet stocked with the latest and greatest, then chances are you were having deju-vu of the Cosmo closet. The men of Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik were in attendance, along with the lovely ladies of Chanel. All looked fabulous sitting on the shelves and hanging on the racks, and most all were marked with where they were to be born at, who was to where them, and more importantly what shoot they would be in. After the fashion closet, we had to part ways, but not after thanking Donna and Jen for the absolutely incredible out-of-body-experiance of an afternoon. After that, the afternoon was a blur because it was the best day, basically ever.


After an afternoon at Cosmo, we geared up to attend an event with Express, hosted by Cosmo of course. The event was at the new store in Times Square, so of course it was a mad house. When I walked in I was greeted with fab clothes and even fabber (just made that word up, no shame) food and company. While mingling with Cosmo editors, we were able to taste tiny horderves, get flash tattoos, have a fashion drawing done of yourself, and of course meet all the amazing women around you! I was able to meet Joanna Coles (Editor in Chief of Cosmo), Aya Kanai (Cosmo’s Fashion Editor, who has previously been at Teen Vogue, Nylon magazine, and Shopbop.com), and so many more that were all so kind! After a few hours in my heels, my feet had bit the dust so it was time to call it a night. Almost.



After leaving Express, mom and I went back to the hotel for a change of clothes and headed to grab dinner at an Irish pub. Mind you, we didn’t know what we were walking into – Friday night Karoke. An older man in a suit, a lawyer, was celebrating his 10th year singing every Friday at the bar so naturally we sat back and listened to him. He was something, no doubt. And I did get up and bust a tune if you were wondering, Rappers Delight-only the greatest karaoke song ever.

After Friday night karaoke, we really did decide to call it a night.

And that’s just Part One.

NEW BLOG NEW ME…just kidding kind of

Hi friends! I guess with being in NY for the summer I’ve changed a little (or a lot, who’s really to say?), and with that, I wanted to make a change I’ve been thinking about for quite some time! As much as I do love my little blog name, Glitter Loves Haute Couture- I always thought the title was a tad too lengthy to remember and explain. I’m unsure of why I named my blog this cute sassy name to begin with, but I finally had the courage to change it! Since I turned 20 last month and finally am starting to feel like a young adult (sorry mom), I feel like Pretty Young Thing suited me much better + it’s my favorite MJ song so of course I love it-it’s catchy and sassy and cute and fun! (And yes, the site is Prettyyoungthing.co, not .com) But never fear friends, I’ve routed my old blog name to this site so if you happen to forget about my new name, the internet didn’t! Along with my new blog (insert quotations because it’s not really new), I hope to post a little bit differently and more often. I’m hoping to use my Adobe skills more-Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign to show off my graphic design love affair and also add more outfit pics-soon! ALSO, Pretty Young Thing is more iPhone friendly for all you readers on the go, which is I’m guessing all of you. This updated, new Flancake blog will hopefully be the even more fabulous older sister of GLHC-so I hope you stick around to begin this “sort of” new journey with me! Because this is my first post as the blogger behind Pretty Young Thing, why not show off my new and improved self also-a Pretty Young Thing, with short hair and all.

PS, I’ve dubbed myself the new #selfiequeen so sorry, (not sorry) about that.



Cold Blast.


If you haven’t noticed, it’s a tad frigid out!
This weekend however, I won’t be enjoying the warmer temps in Arkansas
but going to Chicago for some colder temps!

As you might’ve noticed on my twitter feed, I’ve been tweeting for a few days about going to Chicago, most recently about the 50 mph wind gusts that are currently delaying my flight as we speak/as I type.
But what am I going to Chicago for, to endure the negative temps you ask?
I would love to tell!

I’ve been a H U G E fan of Bri Emery’s blog, Design Love Fest for the longest time. She posts about all sorts-design, decoration, fashion, entertaining-you get the gist. [her site is where type and images totally make out, as said on her site-love.] I’ve recently become a fan of Angela Kohler, who is basically a mastermind visual artist. She’s a photographer who creates A M A Z I N G images, some for Toyota, Amazon, Capitol Records, and Verizon [to name a few].
Obviously these two lovely ladies are basically pros at Photoshop, so they teamed up to host photoshop classes all over!
They created Blogshop, a Photoshop class for bloggers.
In this class, they teach the basics along with some fun things that help to make individual blogs, well, individual!
Blogshop literally happens ALL over the world [NY, LA, Chicago, Sweden,Canada, Australia…] and for one of my Christmas gifts, I was given the opportunity to participate in the Chicago Blogshop and literally could NOT be more excited!!!!
Through this class, I’ll going more knowledge about photoshop and how to make my blog better, more exciting-and overall more pretty with it! So over the next few days, stay tuned as I share my amazing experience with you all!

Until then though, waiting in the airport is ultra boring so I wanted to show some fur
-something I’m definitely bringing for the -13 degree weather in Chicago.
Below are some of my favorite furs of the season.
[fun fact-I made this image in PS!]


1//Fox Unlimited


3//Scarlet Vegan Fur


Creative juices.

It’s Friday ya’ll!
(can I hear a whoop-whoop?)

I have a new mantra-Once creative thing a day keeps the boring life away.
But really, this is so true. I’m going to try and start living this way! Wether it’s making something TOTALLY rad, or just drawing a cool little gnome on my class notes-gotta do something.

Everyone get pumped-I’ve got a DIY to share!

So last night I was feeling EVER so crafty, so of course I had to let the creative juices flow.

I’ve been wanting to make a chalk board for FOREVERRRR, so of course I made one!

My weapons of choice included:

  • 2 cheap frames (try to find ones with fun designs so after you paint it it looks fun)
  • chalk board spray paint (dries SO much faster compared to regular paint)
  • acrylic paint (to paint frames)
  • CHALK (for obvious reasons


So here’s how the process went…

I took the glass out of the frames, and spray painted them. About 3 coats will do the trick (tip-WAIT until it’s COMPLETELY dry before chalking and putting on other spray paint coats)



As the chalk dried, I painted the frames. Also about 3 coats-2 if you want it to look “rustic”ImageImage

then put it all together and you’re DONE! Voila!


(don’t mind my cheesy writing…)

 I do love playing around with the chalk-the hardest part is deciding what to keep on the boards!

Currently I have the letter “F” on mine, with words that start with F from my “The Little Dictionary of Fashion”, by Christian Dior. So that’s fun.

For another look at the boards, look at my Vine post-which btw if you haven’t checked it out now, I suggest you do so. It’s basically a video version of instagram, holla!

Since last night I was feeling so crafty, my roomie wanted me to do hair&makeup, and I can never say no to that. (note the use of my chalkboard-you’ll probably see it a lot soon….)

One last thing loves-one of my dear friends and ZTA sista just started up her blog! It’s going to be all about fashion&baking/cooking (um, YUM!) so you should PROBBZZZ take a look! It’s http://justatasteoffashion.wordpress.com, so literally click this. You won’t regret it!!ImageImageImageImageImage

Well, that’s all for now dahlings.

Until tomorrow, have a fab Friday!

AND HAPPY EASTER GAHHH I LOVE THIS HOLIDAY-(warning-prepare for pastel overload)

Remember-do something creative everyday!


XX Flancake

Friday I’m in love!

Happy Friday everyone!!

This week has been SO incredibly busy, sorry for not posting!! I promised my readers that every Friday I would post something fun and cheerful-it is a Friday!! And with Valentine’s Day coming soon, I figured I would share something so amazing!! Now this post isn’t about me, but I thought I would share it since one of my Zeta sisters shared it with me!!

This past summer my appendix ruptured and I was rushed to Arkansas Children’s Hospital (3 days AFTER it had ruptured-so I wasn’t really in great shape). But I had surgery and everything turned out fine, but I did spend about a week in the ACH. For my visit, I stayed on the floor that cancer patients stayed as well. As I walked around the first few days, barley able to walk I thought that I had it bad-well I was SO wrong!! I saw so many young children that had some form of cancer walking around and riding in wagons that were SO cheerful!! One little girl in a wagon even came up to me after was able to walk pretty good and said that she thought my hair was pretty (when in fact it wasn’t, but she was just trying to make me feel good) and I thought it was so amazing that she would tell me that when she didn’t even have hair. Basically this experience was life changing. So the whole reason I’m telling this story is because although Valentine’s day is supposedly about love and kisses blah blah blah, it’s also about loving on people you don’t even know! Just like the little girl in the hospital was doing for me. So I encourage you to click the link below and send a FREEEE Valentine to an Arkansas Children’s patient, it will definitely brighten their day! Maybe even put in a cute joke or funny/embarrassing story that happened to you, anything to make them laugh-because everyone knows that laughter is the best cure for anything! If you could, tell your friends about this great opportunity, because every little child deserves a sweet Valentine!! Here’s the link

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and a fabulous friday!! I’m leaving you with a canvas I painted a while back with one of my favorite verses, Exodus 14:14. Enjoy!


Friday I’m in love: Pretty Weddings!

Goodafternoon gals!

Now before I post all these pretty images for your tired eyes to feast on, let me just clear one thing up-I am DEFINITELY not getting married ANY time soon!!!!! Seriously, I’m not (MOM!!). HA! But really, I always joke about never getting married, but with wedding images as pretty as these-I might just for the fun of it! (IM KIDDING!!!!) 3 things that will for sure be at my wedding though (IN A MILLION YEARS) will be glitter, ribbons, and DISCOBALLS!  Well, now that that’s all said and done, lets get to the Friday prettiness! With this wedding post however, I’d love to share my favorite things from weddings: the Hair, the Dress, the Flowers, the Cakes, the Pretty Pictures, and of course the RING!

First though, A few days ago I was poking around on the web, looking at my all time favorite jewelry place, Catbird, and I made my way on over to their blog. I was doing some pretty heavy duty creeping and I though-“hey, I’ve seen these images before…OMGGG I PINNED THEM ON PINTEREST!” It’s true-I had! What I’m talking about is possibly the most spectacular wedding of all spectacular weddings. Seriously, your mind is about to get blown.



This lovely of course was in the UK, in Aynhoe Park. The couple was Alix and Matt (I say that like I know them…I wish!) But isn’t the location seriously SO gorge!!! The thing that gets me every time is the giraffe and the disco balls, all in one room. MEEP! That really is the perfect background. That’s basically all I have to say about that, but if you’d like to see the whole story-click here!

Now, for all the prettiest of pretty images of wedding shenanigans I could find!

The Hair

 (Helpful tip-all these looks would be really cute and unique for prom, formal, etc.!) 


The Dress





The Flowers (I might have went a tad overboard-but what can I say, I love flowers so much!)


The Cakes (and other eats)





The Pretty Pictures


And of course (drumroll please..)


The first 4 rings are from Catbird, mentioned earlier!





As you can tell with most all of these images- I LOVE vintage inspired weddings! From the abundance of lace to the super unique ring, I love it all! Now a wedding post isn’t complete without the wedding of the century, with my idol-Miss Kate!




 Now, if you try to tell me she isn’t prefect, then sorry-we can’t be friends.

That’s all for today lovely ladies, have a FABULOUS weekend!!

XX Flancake

Friday I’m in Love! Store Spotlight

Good afternoon loves!

(just a warning, this is a really long BUT very interesting post! 🙂

SOOOOO starting new week I’m going to be doing a series of certain topics in my blogging-here is the tentative schedule:

Sunday- “no-blog” day! I’ll either not post anything, or if I’m feeling groovy I’ll write a little something random, probably from a prompt!

Monday- Obsessions! Meaning that I’ll blog about what I’m currently obsessed with! And show pics and give tips and advice of course!)

Tuesday- Tutorial Tuesday! I’ll either post a picture tutorial or video tutorial that I’ve made concerning makeup, hair, fashion-etc. If I somehow don’t have time to make a tutorial, I’ll post one of my favorite tutorials!

Wednesday- College Fashion! This is a series I’ve somewhat started.. for Wednesday’s I’ll talk about what trends and fashions I’ve seen on campus throughout the week.

Thursday- Rando! Basically this is what it suggests-something random!!

Friday- Friday I’m in Love! By Friday we’re usually all pretty tired and ready for the weekend, so on Friday’s I’ll try to post something interesting, fun, and lovely to look at! It might even be some fun ideas for the weekend, something to wear for the weekend, or just pretty pictures! Basically anything that I think is interesting and that you might want to know about!

Saturday- What I did today! On Saturdays I usually craft, shop, or both! Whatever I do (if it’s interesting, that is!) I’l try to post about it!

SOOOOOO all these days are subject to be Randos, if I can’t seem to blog about anything pertaining to the topics-but I’ll try to keep on schedule! If you want to see something different on my blog-pretty PLEASE let me know!! Now, onto Fun Friday!



For this Friday, I’d like to do something I call Store Spotlight!

Store Spotlight is something I like to do where I feature one store, and put together complete outfits using only their merchandise! This Friday’s store is going to be one of my favorites for basically…anything!-TARGET

The first look I created was borrowed from the boys-one of my favorite things to do right now, since it’s a little cold and sometimes my jackets just don’t cut it!




For the “Lynard” look, first-go looking around the mens department (kind of scary, right? Don’t tell anyone my secret-but I like to pretend that I’m looking to buy something for my boyfriend, so no weird stares are involved!). But grab this faded denim button up from the guys, and layer it on top of the dark grey Lynard Skynard t-shirt (also borrowed from the boys!), then go back to womens-and look for the totally rad washed out skinny jeans. If you’re feeling spontaneous, maybe tuck in half of your tshirt for a laid back, cool vibe. Then head over to shoes and get the totally on-trend sneaker-wedge in a grey/silver blend. Then look in the jewelry for this great layering necklace, then bam-DONE! To make this outfit really “yours”, layer some of your own cool necklaces over this Target one. This outfit is super laid back, edgy, and chill-all at the same time!

Mrs. Cool 


The “Mrs. Cool” look is definitely polished, but also trendy too. With this outfit, the yellow cardigan, white/gold dotted shirt, black flowy skirt with brown belt, grey/blue satchel, and coral heel tipped with gold are needed. To style this outfit, first-tuck in the white shirt to the black skirt. Then layer on the yellow cardigan and scrunch up the sleeves, then roll the white shirt’s sleeve over the cardigan. Then simply put on the heels and stock your bag-done!

I love this outfit because it’s polished enough to wear to maybe a formal work setting, but casual enough to wear everyday. And I think it’s definitely on-trend because of the shoes-HOW cute are they?? The coral mixed with black and yellow will really make a statement! Just a warning though, I actually own the coral heels and they LOOK to be an easy 2 inch heel, but actually they feel like a 3 incher because there isn’t a platform. Other than that, this outfit is PERF!

Sassy Lady

Image ImageImageImageImageImage

Sassy Lady is probably the favorite out of the 3. I feel like this outfit is for one of those days where the weather cant decide if it’s hot or cold! Those days are SUPER annoying,  but with this outfit-you’ll be wishing for some more! Top off this cute little number with a grey, slouchy beanie. The beanie will give the skirt a more casual feel. Then go with the white/navy striped sweater, then grab the orange mesh skirt. In my opinion, leaving the sweater un-tucked gives the outfit more of a casual feel, which to me looks best. Then use this super stylish metallic grey bag to store your lipgloss, then put on some grey argyle socks (for warmth-but also style!) and scrunch them down to look like leg-warmers, then put on these grey wedge booties-FAB!

I hope you enjoyed this Store Spotlight on Target! Again, all the items shown can be found at Target.com or in stores! If you’re interested in some more Target looks, check out one of my FAVORITE Tumblr-Target does it again! They also have an instagram feed you can follow for awesome pics!

Last but not least-Glitter Loves Haute Couture was featured on one of my fav store’s blog! Here’s the link to see the post- http://www.shoptheelle.com/blogs/news/7193614-me-time, and here’s a link to The Elle’s store, and they’re also on Facebook-check them out!

Have a great rest of the day and a FABULOUS weekend!!!

XX Flancake

Friday I”m in Love. My fav beauty trends for 2013!

In Alexander Wang’s Spring 2013 runway shows, all the lights went down for his finale (HOW COOL IS THAT)-Glow in the dark makeup has finally arrived people!! (Here’s a link for the finale-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpVIGI0oXeg) But I have a feeling this might start some neon trends this spring/summer, I’m pretty excited, that’s all I’ve got to say! Image

Another beauty trend I am DEFINITELY pumped about is L’Oreal’s new Ombre In a Box hair color!! It claims to put just the right amount of product on hair and depending on how long it’s left in, the results can be subtle-dramatic. WANT/NEEDImage


I hope we see these trends sooner than later!! For now, stay classy sassy cats.

XX Flancake

Friday I’m in Love. Gypsy loving.

From one of my favs, Planet Blue, start the new year with some fun, gypsy lovin. I’m so obsessed with their cookbook “Lost Lifetime” it’s not even funny.

My favorite way to wear the gypsy trend for cold weather is:

A little-A loose, flawy top in a black or other dark color, some kind of shawl or kimono with interesting prints, layered necklaces, and loose curls.

A lot-Some kind of printed or textured leggings (or skinnys), my favorite color right now-a Maroon loose top with pretty details, a big Kimono or Sweater with interesting prints or fabric, and full on layered necklaces, earrings, and rings. LOTS OF RINGS.

The gypsy look is definitely what I seem to be leaning towards right now, i literally always find myself wearing about 6 rings at a time.

The trick to this style however is to always have at least 2 interesting pieces-whether it be your jacket, shoes, or the easiest-jewlrey. Below are some of my favorite sites to find gypsy inspiration and clothes.