I made this.

for one of my apparel classes, we were tasked to create something [literally anything] out of denim. I chose to deconstruct a button up and make it into a tunic–as you can see.

The denim was rather structured, so I cut off the collar, buttons, and sleeves–washed & dried to create the fray, then it was sewn back together. I found a great black stretch fabric and raw cut the hem to create the fun, flowing bottom.

get this:: faux leather leggins, Spanx // beaded clutch, vintage // booties, Cynthia Rowley // lipstick, Nars Velvet Matte in Cruella // photo credit:: Nyck Renard

DSC_9387DSC_9391 DSC_9284 DSC_9274 DSC_9323 DSC_9359DSC_9380


Xo, Flancake

all grey please.

sometimes I’m just really in the mood for one solid color palette. grey happened to be it today, so it seems.
monochramatic looks have always resonated well with me, especially when paired with stripes [what doesn’t look good with stripes really].

get this look:: grey tshirt, Target // bralette, For Love and Lemons // sweatshirt around waist, Target // skirt, Walmart // booties, Dolce Vita // photo credit:: Nyck Renard


DSC_9552 DSC_9591

DSC_9486 DSC_9594

For those interested, I almost had a [kind of kidding kind of not] panic attack when getting to the top of the watch tower while on location. NOT for the faint at heart, or fear of heights kind of people. Great pictures and funny story though I guess…

Xo, Flancake

leopard lovin’

I’m back at creating editorial content!
[of course I’ll be continue the #girlpowerseries–but friday will now be for regular content]

this look:: vintage leopard fur [a serious find, but here is similar] // tshirt via target // bralette via For Love and Lemons, similar here // faux leather leggings via Spanx–these are miracle pants // black scarf, stolen from my mother // photo credit:: Nyck Renard

DSC_9148DSC_9166 DSC_9170DSC_9137 DSC_9135

Xo, Flancake

About this weekend// Part Two.

For the continuation of my weekend, I’ll start with Saturday, which was ahhh-mazig. Be warned-it’s a little lengthy, but worth reading every word I swear!

It was an early wake up call, with Fun Fearless Life starting at 8:30, Mom and I had to catch an Uber by 8, after getting a Chai Tea Latte of course. When we arrived at the venue, first of all I was dying inside because Lincoln Center is where fashion week is held, so you could say it was surreal. When we walked in, we were greeted by possibly the coolest technology ever. At an Ipad, you were to enter your Facebook, Twitter, Email, or other social media information as to connect to a system. This system then took all your sharing info and somehow transferred this onto a small bracelet that you could tap on a circle device to share a picture you took at one of the stations. Make sense? After figuring this cool thing out, I decided to go upstairs to the area where all kinds of fun things were happening, and get my pic done so I could share it on this new technology!

Maybelline was one of the sponsors for Fun Fearless Life, so they had a makeup station set up where you could get your makeup done, touched up, or just gain some knowledge about their new products! After looking around at this station, I decided to go to the Express station, which was another sponsor. At this station, we got a coupon to obtain a small tech clutch-let me translate-this tech clutch has a phone charger attached on the inside so you can party as long as you can handle, and still have a phone that works, too cool right? Express also had their new holiday collection out for us to take in, which was so pretty I must add. After this station, I headed over to the Cosmo booth, which was selling books from all the speakers and Cosmo merchandise. Clearly I had to buy a Fearless tank, for obvious reasons.


Pause for a minute – the event hadn’t even really started at this point.

We stared to hear the ‘ding’ of the call for us to get to our seats, so on the way we passed the Spanx booth, where I got a coupon for a free pair of Spanx tights, and got a flash tat. BOOM, what a way to start the morning.

When we finally got to our seats, T-swizzle’s ‘Welcome to New York’ started blasting and scantily clad male models started making their way down the isles.


Dying inside, I know.

Joanna Coles, Cosmo’s Editor-in-Chief came onto stage and asked us if we were ready for a “F*ing Fun Fearless Weekend”, to which we replied YEESSSS. She talked a little about how great the weekend was to be (little did I know this was an understatement), and then began introducing the first speaker, Sarah Blakely-the founder of Spanx. Sarah came on stage, of course with her Spanx underneath her dress. She talked about how she started, which you can read about here. She was literally so inspiring, to hear how no one thought her idea was profitable, yet she still pursued it, and now is the owner of a multi-million dollar company, which still aims to empower woman and make them feel like they can do anything! I have to admit, I definitely went to Dillard’s last night and bought my very first pair of Spanx, in the leather legging variety. After Sarah were three women who worked their way to the top, Sallie Krawcheck, Julie Greenwald, and Megyn Kelly. All are influencers in their field and had similarities with fighting for a job and competing with men. This panel was so interesting to me because they all agreed on one thing-if you’re pursuing a career in a man’s world, don’t think of it as a negative thing. Use what you’ve got going for you-you’re a woman so you look different than the men, and also just work 10 times harder!

The next speaker was one of my favorites (I bought her book afterwards!), Dr. Meg Jay, a clinical psychologist, speaker, and author of The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Mater and How to Make the Most of Them Now. Her goal was to make us realize that your twenties are the prime time to make the most of our lives and be the change we want to see. She also talked about how to make connections, how to utilize those connections, and how you must own ambition. Her words were so powerful to me, since I’ve wanted to move to New York and pursue a career in fashion ever since I can remember, and listening to her really made me feel so empowered-like the world really was my oyster!

We had a lunch break after these wonderful women and got a glimpse at what backstage was looking like, and got a few makeup tips from the Maybelline makeup artist. After returning from the break, first up was Amy Cuddy-another one of my absolute favorites. Her TED talk has been viewed by more than 20 million people (I highly suggest you watch it, SO worth it), she’s a Harvard Grad, and has been recognized by The New York Times, Time magazine, and Wired. Her message was all about body language, which we think about a little, but not as much as we should. Think about it-when you are about to be in a stressful situation, unless you don’t get nervous in these kind of situations, chances are you curl up into a little ball. I’m guilty as charged! She talked to us about power posing and how it can really affect your body’s hormones and the way you feel, and how much confidence it can give you. Her wise words of advise that I strongly am taking to heart are not Fake it until you make it, but rather Fake it until you BECOME it. Such powerful words were never spoke before!

Next up was Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter, and YouTube Personality Grace Helbig, who is hilarious I might add. They talked about the power of social media, how it’s changed their life’s, and put it in perspective of how branding can really be so impactful.

Next up to the plate was a group of women who created their own careers and did what no one else thought they could! Sophia Amoruso, Founder and CEO of Nasty Gal; Windsor Hanger, Cofounder and President of Her Campus Media; and Christina Tosi, Chef, Owner and Founder of Milk Bar were up next. It was inspiring to hear this group of women tell their stories of how they made their own opportunities, struggled along the way yet still became the cream of the crop. Something I got out of their panel was if you want to start a brand or store, create desire-and the success will come. After this we got another break, where I went up to meet Sophia and get my #GIRLBOSS book signed (I’m halfway through and highly suggest this read!!). After waiting in line for what seemed like FOREVEERRR, because it was – I actually missed part of the next panel – oops – but I met Sophia! When I did, I first noticed her hair change – so cute, and told/showed her my extensions, which at the time seemed so normal but in retrospect, what was that about!?!? Oh well, she still signed my book with “Flancake is a #Girlboss”, and then we took a selfie so all was well in the world again.


In between all this madness, I somehow saw Aya (Cosmo Fashion Director) again and said hi! This time I asked some career goal questions, along with if I could interview her (EEEP), so be on the lookout for that!! When I got back from the book signing, I was entertained by Chrissy Teigen, who I must say I was ultra envious of her mile long legs, who chatted with Logan Hill, a writer who has written for Cosmo and currently writes an Ask Logan column in Cosmo, Matthew Hussey, Mega babe extraordinaire. Wait did I just say that? I meant New York Times best-selling author-must’ve been a type ;), and Jordan Carlos, who’s graced Girl Code many a time with his hilariousness. I caught the tail end of this convo, but what I got was SO funny, to hear what guys thought of women’s tactics.


The next group of women were presented by Maybelline, a group who has definitely climbed to the top in each industry-fashion, makeup, and entertainment. Alicia Quarels, E! News correspondent, Anne Marie Nelson-Bogle, Vice President of Maybelline New York, and Shay Mitchell, who is Emily Fields on ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars. This group was so impressive, I could barley stand it. I loved hearing how each woman had different people tell them it wasn’t possible to achieve what they wanted, particularly Shay Mitchell. Her dream was to become an actress, so she would pretend she was one while waiting tables. It was also interesting to hear how Alicia and Anne Marie had to struggle with obstacles as women of color, and how they persevered and became some of the most influential woman in the industry.

The last lady of the hour was Tara Mohr, who took us on a journey of thinking about where we wanted to be in 20 years, which was rather exciting. She talked to us about finding our voice, finding our mission in life, and also finding our message for life. We ended the event that day with a fashion show put on by Express, showing their new holiday/party collection, which I am currently shopping/writing at the same time for.

Later that night, we went to a VIP cocktail party that was quit eventful, but I’ll save that for next time!

XX, Flancake


This past weekend I was able to travel once again to my favorite city, NYC for fashion week
>>insert a very excited EEK<<
Many people have asked what exactly I’m doing while going to fashion week,
since I’ve been posting pictures without explanations/so sorry,
so of course I would love to tell what I’ve been up to!

Last fall, Anna (the creator of Judith&James) and I met and decided that
my earrings would be featured on her models for the show.
I of course would be invited and come to the show, so that’s what happened this fashion week also!
Last fall I was able to help with model fittings/styling before the show, but sadly this time my flight wasn’t there in time, insert sad face.
It still was a blast putting together my earrings again though, along with seeing one of my favorite designers/I literally wear it everyday-Chain Crochet(Carson Roncketto) show her jewelry with Anna’s collection as well!
//for more info about last fall’s fashion week, look at this post

Below I’ve posted the finale, my favorite Casual & Evening looks, what I wore to the show,
and  Tulip Louise– Anna E. Cottrell and myself(another Arkansas blogger, one of my favorites!)
I’ll be posting pictures later from the other designers at the show and of course my favorite fashion week looks.
//for a video of the finale, check out my insta account!






what I’m wearing//
BCBGmaxazria jacket, Joie pants, Jeffrey Campbell Shoes, Piko top, Chain Crochet necklaces, H&M socks


Tutorial Tuesday//wrapped up

One thing I love about Christmas is the pretty, different ways packages can be wrapped.
This year I used a lot of silver glitter wrapping paper, wrapped with twine and a pine needle filled branch, which was rather messy. I also incorporated washi tape-I wrapped packages in plain paper and simply taped on different designs, making for a cute + unique look.
After you’ve opened everything however, it’s so depressing to throw away all the beautiful paper.
If you’re like me though, you keep it-in hopes that some crafts soon will be there.
I probably should’ve created this post a while ago, since the trash has already gone out-meaning the wrapping paper, but if you’ve still got some left over I’ve got the perfect craft for you.

This Christmas, I received some lovely gifts from my neighbors + dear friends, that was wrapped in the most amazing bicycle print. As soon as I unwrapped it I neatly folded the paper away, already thinking of something I could do with it.
Since the paper was the color of cardboard and the bicycles were printed in black,
I knew gold would surely be a lovely addition.
I’ll be living in an apartment next year, so proper decoration is a must. I know I’ll be using lots of golds and neutrals, but it stinks to have to go out a buy all that-so why not make it!

Wrapping paper>>wall print

For this craft, you’ll need:
-Printed wrapping paper
-1 or 2 tiny paint brushes
-Fine glitter
-A picture frame
-Sharpie/Pen/Marking device


>First I took the glass out of the frame + I lay it down on the wrapping paper, making an outline of the rectangle so I could cut the right amount out for the frame.Image

>Next I cut this rectangle out.

>I then picked out 3 bicycles I wanted to paint with the glue and traced their outline//I think 3 is a good number when decorating, or any odd number is.

>after I painted each one, I sprinkled glitter on them so it wouldn’t dry too quickly//I decided to use fine glitter because the bikes were so small

>I shook the glitter around on the paper then dumped it back into the glitter tube to conserve as much as possible


>I repeated this process 2 more times, then voila!
Let the bikes dry for a few minutes, then put in the frame and you’re done!ImageImage

My finished product in my room!
I thought this definitely turned out pretty awesome,
and I’m excited to do it again next year with some fab wrapping paper!

what I’m wearing// Ascot+Hart white T(my 2 favorite bloggers’ collab), Rag&Bone Jeans, Jeffrey Campbell boots, and a BarIII blazer.


//S a t u r d a y//

It’s borrowed from the boys for weekend wear, while also supporting those Hogs-Woo Pig.
For this weekend’s wear, I was inspired by one of my all time favorite bloggers-Laura Wiertzema, of Ascot Friday and her love of plaid shirts.
[Literally almost all of her amazing outfits are with plaid-up the cool girl factor]

I wanted to wear mine tied around my waist and over my shirt, but I wanted it super loose-so I borrowed from the boy. It turned out to be such an easy/effortless look.

Button Up// Urban Outfitters (similar here)
T.Shirt// Razorback Shop
Leggings// Similar here
Shoes// Converse
Bag// Lucky(similar here)




Until next time,

XX Flancake

Borrowed from the boys.

Happy Saturday all!

Well ladies, I’m in a rut.
I’ve become OBSESSED with a new trend, I literally can’t get enough!!!
First, let me tell you something-I’ve never been a fan of its-fedoras, wide brimmed, even baseball hats-I always think they all look weird on me! WEEELLLL I’ve changed my mind-I’m currently literally wanting to buy every single baseball hat ever! (especially leather and acid wash ones from FreePeople….ooops)

So let’s talk about where I first started seeing this trend-about 3 years ago in J.Crew and I thought oh lord I hope this doesn’t become a “thing”….well 3 years later, I saw an adorable yankees hat on the owner of Savoir-Faire, Tess Bleich and I then thought-GEEZ I hope this becomes a trend!!! But seriously, literally so cute.

Let’s talk about why I love this trend so much:

1. They’re SO easy to wear!!!
2. You can seriously wear them with anything (ok, maybe not a ball gown…ok maybe)
3. I always have this problem-BEAUTIFUL locks, but greasy roots! I’m not kidding, my hair always looks the best for some reason on like the 3rd day of not washing it, but HELLO I can’t just walk out of my door looking like a fire could start on my crown??  Eww no, but guess what-baseball hat to the rescue!!

Now, this trend is (right now) for the daring, since it’s wearing it with cute cloths, and not just a tshirt and jeans, so I’m going to give a little explaining.

In my opinion, always try and stick with the same color scheme as your hat, because the crazier the color, the more the hat will stick out and look like it doesn’t belong on your head!
Also, this may seem weird, but I think baseball hats look best with loose clothing, mostly causal clothes but dressy accessories to up the cool factor (think sparkly necklaces, pretty makeup, heels, maybe a huge bag).
And really I don’t have any more tips on how to wear them, just have fun with them!! I just love wearing them because I feel like I’m 12 for some reason!!

And here are some lovely visuals on HowTo: Wear a basball hat like a girl!
First-my interpretation!

My jumpsuit is from Free People, vest from American Eagle, converse and my Yankees hat. You can’t really see, but I’m wearing three vintage necklaces, two are Chain Crochet and the other is from Vintage 401 on college in Fayetteville, AR!



I love her leather hat with the sparkley shirt!ImageImageImageImage

How fun is her pink lipstick? I love the way it makes this tough leather hat feel girly and fun!ImageImageImage

Last but not least, I’m loving these baseball hats in J.Crew’s Looks We Love for August!ImageImage

That’s all for tonight lovely ladies! And dashing dudes, of course! 🙂
Until next time,


XX, Flancake

Garden Party

It’s Wednesday everyone-Happy Hump Day!!

This Hump day, I’d like to share a little NWA Secret(ok, it’s actually not a secret!) that I’ve recently discovered!
If you haven’t been to the Botanical Gardens of the Ozarks, you MUST go!
A few weeks ago before I sent my lovely boyfriend off riding his motorcycle to Cali, we took a visit to these wonderful gardens! I wanted to share my pictures, and of course what I wore!
First though, I took a visit to the Fayetteville Farmers Market and got some sunflowers and fresh from the garden carrots! (They just celebrated their 40th anniversary, how cool is that!)

My outfit of the day was a blue romper and watercolor overlay both from Savoir Faire, Chain Crochet jewelry, Steve Madden silver wrap sandals and Raybans of course!


and since I’m in the mood for some lovely flowers, I thought I’d share some of my favorites!Image


That’s it for today! I’m so excited about tomorrows post-I’ll be sharing my newly redecorated room, YAY! Have a great rest of your day!

XX Flancake