The Color Story.


Lately I’ve been wearing the same colors-over and over again.
Oxblood, Army Green, + Cream. 
[with little-to-no variation]
I’ve found that this color combination is great together, and also great in separates! 
My favorite way to rock this color palette is with a green Army Jacket, Oxblood Lips and Cream pants/accessories.

J.Crew Leather Pants//Current Elliot Jacket//Savoir-Faire Necklace//Anthropologie Kicks//3.1 Philip Lim Bag



For the Boys.

It’s almost that time, and what better way to start the Christmas season with some gifting!
I’d love to do a gifting series to help with those gifts sometimes that can be somewhat, challenging. I’ll be doing a few different kinds of gifts-For Mommy Dearest, For the Diva in your life, For the Hard to Shop For, and For the Grandparents.
But first up, it’s For the Boys.
This can be for your dad, brother, uncle, cousin, boyfriend-and anyone in-between.


1| For that No-Shave-November guy, this is perfect for him. It smells like chopped wood and crisp winter air, and it can be used as a beard oil or simply a nice cologne. Double duty-check. From Urban Outfitters

2| From J.Crew, every guy needs a nice plaid shirt. This is one of my favorite color combos, and I know for a fact that J.Crew makes shirts that last, and are super comfy. While your on, check out everything else they have to offer for the guys.
[and the gals too…]

3| For the gentleman that enjoys a nice drink, these whiskey rocks are for him.

4| Something I gifted to my boy, this personiliazed wallet from Etsy seller Fatcat leather is a true winner. Not only is the leather super luxe, but you can put his own initials on it and it’s his forever. [Ethan still loves his…I hope]

5| Another one for the drinker, these antler bottle openers are just too cool.

6| Everyone needs a good flask, and why not have one that says just what you want to-‘Salut!’
[one of my favorite shops, be sure to look around!]

7| Also from Catbird, a cozy cashmere beanie to look cool in.

8| The ultimate gift is of course a gift card. My guy loves Pacsun-because they have cool clothes and they’re very reasonably priced. A fab gift, if you ask me.


Until next time, get excited for the next gift guide!
[I love making these, can you tell…]