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Finally all settled in, I’m sharing my new small space. Located in East Village, my roommate and I are loving our neighborhood – we’re a few blocks down from PDT, Yoga To the People, and Ave A’s thriving restaurant scene. Coming later to will be a guide to my favorite things to do in East Village, but for now it’s all about the new digs. This is the first of two postings, so stay with me.

East Village is one of the most eclectic scenes in Manhattan, and when decorating I kept that in mind. The entire time, ‘Urban Outfitters becomes an adult’ was the theme, and I think I nailed it. What I love most about decorating is incorporating small trinkets or items you treasure into your space. I’ve collected many small [some strange] things over the years. My most treasured items are things I’ve been given, and also happened across.

Top left, my statement bracelets are displayed on an old piece. I love displaying books I’ve read, since most of the time their covers are beautiful [sorry I judge my books by their cover]. Bottom left is another shelf from my book shelf/ladder from The Container Store. I also love showing my jewelry, so I used another old display piece, paired with glass lightbulbs from Hobby Lobby. I then added a personal touch with memories from Governors Ball last year, encased in a frame from Urban Outfitters. I’m all about good scents, so on a run to Trader Joe’s I grabbed some eucalyptus and hung it to dry [I also hung a bit in my shower, so when it gets steamy it smells fresh].


My trusty record player had to make the voyage up with me, although getting all of my records here was a trip [note–they are uber heavy and I recommend putting your back into it]. Another item from Urban Outfitters, this record player has lasted me for years now.

When I got to the city, I knew I had to get some plants to fill up my space so I went down the street and picked up some cacti, succulents, and this amazing hanging plant. It’s been fun to watch them grow as I’ve been in the city for two months now, and also watch one of them die [oops! there weren’t any care instructions…].

Funny thing about most New York apartments, most rooms don’t have overhead lighting. Getting a little creative, I strung up some bulb lights around my window and got a sconce for next to my bed–because my room is all white, the light bounces off quite nicely.

Hats are an obsession of mine, however it’s always been hard thinking of a way to display them. At my last apartment, the idea to hang them with command hooks came to me–you can’t see the tacky hooks, so the hats float perfectly. If you use heavy duty hooks, you can even hang your scarfs and bags on them as well.

As mentioned above, there’s something thrilling about finding unique, even strange treasures. While walking around East Village, Obscura Antiques & Oddities came across my path, the most interesting yet equally freaky place–the perfect spot in my eyes. The place is stocked with old medical supplies, animal heads [even a stuffed snake with two heads], history books from the 1800’s, clowns, miniature hands, everything. My favorite find was a constellation torn out of a 1950’s educational book. It’s beautiful, no pictures can ever do it justice. In my room it’s paired next to another great find, from 410 Vintage Market in Fayetteville, AR. This lullaby was kept in it’s original frame, with it’s original glass too. Above all these, from Target is a super cool [also super cheap] tapestry found a while back.

Part two will be coming shortly! Stay tuned.

Xx, Flancake

Back to school we go!

It’s Monday ya’ll!
For some strange reason I have definitely thought it was thursday all day, not even kidding. Ok, anyways….

This morning I spent about 5million hours redoing the Cross-eyed Cricket’s windows!
As we all know, or probably don’t want to even think about, school is right around the corner! For the August windows, I wanted them to reflect this!
For the windows, I used many different items to reflect a school setting-

Toys, rulers, children’s drawings, lots of pencils, erasers, and of course lots of vintage toys!! (and a really cool old school desk!)

As you can tell from the pictures, these windows are very colorful!
To add some spunk to them, I added some mini plastic toys (dinosaurs, butterflies, bugs) and spray painted them gold and silver! I saw this on an interior decorator’s blog, and I just thought it was too cool! To me, it gives these silly toys an adult feel. In the old desk, I put a really neat shelf thing and filled it with small details like clowns, an apple, legos, books and pencils in mason jars! In the other window, I borrowed a really neat shelf with the letter’s A B C D on them, in bright colors! I added a few globes with class ribbons to add a feel of a classroom, and I added a few wagons with books in them!

Ok, I’ll stop going on about how cool they are. I promise that if you go see them for yourself, you might love them as much as I do! Also, in person-you can see the littler details!!


That’s all for today! Be sure and go check out my windows at The Cross-Eyed Cricket!

XX Flancake

The Big Surprise!

It’s Tuesday ya’ll!!!

So, as promised…I’m revealing the big surprise that I mentioned a few posts back!
Starting tomorrow, Wednesday(in case you didn’t know!) my grandmother’s shop, Crosseyed Cricket will be carrying my refurbished distressed furniture and home goods! I’ve painted and distressed every piece by hand, and it’s taken a LOT of hours-every piece is different! I LOVE the color’s I’ve used so far, they really will make a room pop!
I wanted to put my things in my grandmother’s store because A) They really can add so much color to one room! And B) All of my items, besides the bigger furniture, make the perfect gifts!! There are a TON of different colored chalkboard frames to choose from, so take your pic! Also, all of my things are VERY reasonably priced! None of the smaller items are over $40 and the furniture won’t be over $100 (of course unless it’s a very refurbished, very old piece that took a long time to finish!)

I wanted to show you some pictures of what I’m talking about because I think you’ll love it! I know I do!
First of all though, here are the Fourth of July windows that I did!
I wanted to give off a feel of flags flying in the wind, so I decided to hang them for a cool effect! I also wanted to incorporate some of the things I had made with the things that are already in the store. I made sure to have one red, white, and blue bigger object in both windows, but keeping them somewhat different. I also used small antique cannons that were laying around the store to really give off the July 4th vibe-enjoy!


This turquoise piece is SO gorgeous, so sorry for the terrible picture quality-but it really is so pretty in person! This end table is also ONLY $60!! SUCH a steal! It’s a little hard to see, but the little distressed green vase is also available-so cute! Come see them tomorrow in the store
from 10:30-5!


Here are some other options available-a turquoise bamboo mirror that hangs on a wall diagonally, a really cool yellow mirror with sconce that hangs, a small turquoise candle holder, and really awesome orange leaf sconces (perfect for fall)!Image

Here is a yellow distressed chalk frame with really awesome blue water color shining through the distress, and a really cute turquoise candle holder that can double as a ring holder!


Sorry these are upside down, but these turquoise antique sconces are SO adorable!! I wish I could put them in my room but I’m repainting it soon…turquoise haha oops!


Here’s a great mint distressed with yellow underneath magazine holder! SO cute!Image

Here’s another candle holder that you can use to display jewelry on and an adorable smaller chalk board frame that is hangable!


And another larger chalkboard frame! This orange one is SO cute-and it hangs too!


Another mint large chalkboard frame-this would make the perfect gift!Image

Here’s a FAB green broke tray that would look perfect on a coffee table! Image

This is probably my favorite turquoise chalkboard frame, it’s HUGE-it will be going outside the store for now! But it won’t be there for long!


Sorry for another terrible quality, but these green sconces are SO cute!Image

Last but not least here is a perfect gift item-a small square chalkboard frame-that’s only $8!Image

There are a few things in the windows that are of course for sale and a TON more things coming to the store soon that I’m working on right now!
There wil be a few more furniture pieces coming, and a lot more smaller gift items!
And in case you were curious, I also can do custom work-for frames, furniture, just whatever!! (mail boxes I think would look SO cute distressed!)


Well that’s my surprise lovely ladies! I hope your as excited as I am about this new adventure!
Don’t worry though-I’m still making shorts, I’m working on July 4th ones right now!
Come in tomorrow through Saturday to check out the new things-I bet you’ll love them!

Until next time loves!
Have a great night!

(Oh and wish my mom a happy birthday! She’s 29 😉

XX Flancake

Turning Tables.

It’s Saturday ya’ll!

{before you start reading-start listening to Farmer’s Daughter by Fleetwood Mac {fun fact-it’s actually a cover of the original Farmer’s Daughter by the Beach Boy!} (I’m definitely listening to it while I post this)-it’s an oldie, but SUCH a goodie!}

Anyways—I normally give more than just a few details on what my Saturday involved, but lately I’ve been working on something top-secret/AWESOME!!! I literally can’t wait to share this something with ya’ll!! I will tell you some of what I did do though, and basically what my past 3 days have consisted of-going picking(thrifting!!) and making shorts! And of course, working on my super secret project! (SO excited!!!)

Since 2 days ago it was my birthday, I wanted to share with you something I got! (BTW-I hope a lot of you donated to ACH, because like I said-SUCH a good cause!!)
Lately, I’ve been so fascinated by old music, the good stuff. And I felt like I wasn’t being able to experience it the right way off of my stereo/iphone, because back in the day everyone used record players!
I don’t really know why we made the switch to CD’s anyways because vinyl just sounds so REAL-I just love it! Of course I have to tell you my silly story associated with record players now, and why I became to want one other than the fact that they sound amazing.
A few months ago, my boyfriend had to house-sit his Aunt’s house, so I came over for a little bit to watch movies/make dinner/etc. They have a record player and I noticed a few awesome looking records, so of course I had to listen. We danced around to Bob Dylan (Tangled in Blue being one of my favorites) for a few hours, and I was in love-with of course the music ;)! And that’s where this obsession started!
So, needless o say-I got a record table for my birthday! I am OVER THE MOOON! Seriously though, I’m SO excited! So, If you know where I can get any old records, or if you have any you’d be willing to give me, that would be SO rad!! (This is what it looks like!) YIPEEE




Anywho-something else I’ve been working on lately are Crosseyed Cricket’s windows! So obviously it’s summertime!(100 degree weather-dying) For the summer window’s I wanted to make it seem like the old days-where people went out and had picnics in the parks and where just so relaxed and not busy with work or sports or any other things people get busy with during the summer. I wanted the windows to reflect the easiness that summer suggests, I wanted to remind people to take a break and reeellaaxxxxx!! Here they are: I hope you love them!



I can’t WAIT for the July windows-just thing FLAGS, lots of flags!!! 

That’s it for today lovely ladies! Keep reading-within the next few weeks I’ll tell you what my new project is that I am literally SO excited about!!!
Until next time!!


XX Flancake