Tutorial Tuesday//wrapped up

One thing I love about Christmas is the pretty, different ways packages can be wrapped.
This year I used a lot of silver glitter wrapping paper, wrapped with twine and a pine needle filled branch, which was rather messy. I also incorporated washi tape-I wrapped packages in plain paper and simply taped on different designs, making for a cute + unique look.
After you’ve opened everything however, it’s so depressing to throw away all the beautiful paper.
If you’re like me though, you keep it-in hopes that some crafts soon will be there.
I probably should’ve created this post a while ago, since the trash has already gone out-meaning the wrapping paper, but if you’ve still got some left over I’ve got the perfect craft for you.

This Christmas, I received some lovely gifts from my neighbors + dear friends, that was wrapped in the most amazing bicycle print. As soon as I unwrapped it I neatly folded the paper away, already thinking of something I could do with it.
Since the paper was the color of cardboard and the bicycles were printed in black,
I knew gold would surely be a lovely addition.
I’ll be living in an apartment next year, so proper decoration is a must. I know I’ll be using lots of golds and neutrals, but it stinks to have to go out a buy all that-so why not make it!

Wrapping paper>>wall print

For this craft, you’ll need:
-Printed wrapping paper
-1 or 2 tiny paint brushes
-Fine glitter
-A picture frame
-Sharpie/Pen/Marking device


>First I took the glass out of the frame + I lay it down on the wrapping paper, making an outline of the rectangle so I could cut the right amount out for the frame.Image

>Next I cut this rectangle out.

>I then picked out 3 bicycles I wanted to paint with the glue and traced their outline//I think 3 is a good number when decorating, or any odd number is.

>after I painted each one, I sprinkled glitter on them so it wouldn’t dry too quickly//I decided to use fine glitter because the bikes were so small

>I shook the glitter around on the paper then dumped it back into the glitter tube to conserve as much as possible


>I repeated this process 2 more times, then voila!
Let the bikes dry for a few minutes, then put in the frame and you’re done!ImageImage

My finished product in my room!
I thought this definitely turned out pretty awesome,
and I’m excited to do it again next year with some fab wrapping paper!

what I’m wearing// Ascot+Hart white T(my 2 favorite bloggers’ collab), Rag&Bone Jeans, Jeffrey Campbell boots, and a BarIII blazer.


//S a t u r d a y//

It’s borrowed from the boys for weekend wear, while also supporting those Hogs-Woo Pig.
For this weekend’s wear, I was inspired by one of my all time favorite bloggers-Laura Wiertzema, of Ascot Friday and her love of plaid shirts.
[Literally almost all of her amazing outfits are with plaid-up the cool girl factor]

I wanted to wear mine tied around my waist and over my shirt, but I wanted it super loose-so I borrowed from the boy. It turned out to be such an easy/effortless look.

Button Up// Urban Outfitters (similar here)
T.Shirt// Razorback Shop
Leggings// Similar here
Shoes// Converse
Bag// Lucky(similar here)




Until next time,

XX Flancake