Back to school we go!

It’s Monday ya’ll!
For some strange reason I have definitely thought it was thursday all day, not even kidding. Ok, anyways….

This morning I spent about 5million hours redoing the Cross-eyed Cricket’s windows!
As we all know, or probably don’t want to even think about, school is right around the corner! For the August windows, I wanted them to reflect this!
For the windows, I used many different items to reflect a school setting-

Toys, rulers, children’s drawings, lots of pencils, erasers, and of course lots of vintage toys!! (and a really cool old school desk!)

As you can tell from the pictures, these windows are very colorful!
To add some spunk to them, I added some mini plastic toys (dinosaurs, butterflies, bugs) and spray painted them gold and silver! I saw this on an interior decorator’s blog, and I just thought it was too cool! To me, it gives these silly toys an adult feel. In the old desk, I put a really neat shelf thing and filled it with small details like clowns, an apple, legos, books and pencils in mason jars! In the other window, I borrowed a really neat shelf with the letter’s A B C D on them, in bright colors! I added a few globes with class ribbons to add a feel of a classroom, and I added a few wagons with books in them!

Ok, I’ll stop going on about how cool they are. I promise that if you go see them for yourself, you might love them as much as I do! Also, in person-you can see the littler details!!


That’s all for today! Be sure and go check out my windows at The Cross-Eyed Cricket!

XX Flancake