Obsessions: The not-so-sweat pant

Wait a minute-who is this and what have they done with Flancake? Sweat pants?? I mean really???
Ok ok, it actually is me. I know right, who would’ve thought in a trillion years that I would EVER be talking about this as a trend, definitely not an obsession of mine!! But it’s true-I’ve fallen for the not-so-sweat pant, as I like to call it!

So before I explain what makes this so great, first let me clear up a few things. I honestly believe that this trend only looks good dressed up-as in, with heels, strappy sandals, or super bling-with a mix of sporty fun. Now, the not-so-sweat pant, contrary to belief, isn’t actually even a sweat pant. Nope-don’t go running to Nike to get these-it’s basically a super tailored pant with an elastic waist(I must say, elastic waist’s are a favorite of mine!).
I think the reason I love this trend oh-so-much is because I LOVE mixing dressed up and dressed down looks-there’s just something so chic about it, so cool. These pants are no doubt the perfect way to give off a chic, cool vibe.
So as I said, I think this trend looks best paired with heels and jewels-to dress it up! BUT-if you must wear tennis shoes with it(which I probably will be for class!) then wear extra pretty jewels-they balance out the sporty-ness! For colors, I think that neutrals are the best choice for this trend. Because they are a pretty new trend, they might be around for a while(maybe a few seasons), but I honestly don’t think they’re here to stay, so don’t go crazy with prints. Plus-neautrals are so easy to wear!
With all that said-let’s see how these fab pants can be styled, where to buy them, and my take on the not-so-sweat pant!

So first lets talk leather-ohemgee, SO fab!! I mean really, leather not-so-sweat pants, what could possibly be better??? I think that this combo works so well because leather is such a staple and such a statement, that the pants just WERK. (notice the strappy shoes in both pictures and how they dress them up even more!)



No really, how cool are these not-so-sweat pants with side stripes? Not only are vertical stripes so flattering(they mike you look super tall!) they add a pop of super cute color! I also love how both gals are wearing pointed heels-they really pull the outfits together and also dress up the pants even more.


Now, for those who just cant resist the classic cotton not-so-sweat pant, these are for you! I love how all of these outfits are wearing easy to wear pants, but they all look so pulled together! Even though the first outfit is with sneaks, the glittery shirt adds a major dress-it-up factor. I love the sweater in the J.Crew Fall 2013 lookbook, how it adds an extra bit of coziness, but the heels still keep the pants dressed. The last outfit is just SO chic-I love the vest paired with the pants, and how her shirt hits right at the waist line-so flattering. Just overall great outfit!


Now, this is how I styled my 2 pair’s of not-so-sweat pants!

First things first-ignore the fact that I have no makeup on(I just started accutane-WOO, so I’m trying to limit makeup, you can follow my progress Tumblr at http://accutaneflancake.tumblr.com if you’d like!) And also don’t mind the water droplet on my pants-oops!

For this first outfit, I paired my not-so-sweats with a lace tee to dress them up. Even though they are silk, they still look to me like sweat pants. I paired my low sandals with snakeskin straps because I love how lace and snakeskin look together-it’s almost like the mimic each other in such a fabulous way!!

{Outfit Details}
Shirt-old Urban Outfitters
Pants-Winfred (from Courtney at http://sunshinefullofsmiles.blogspot.com-check her out!)
Shoes-Sam Edelman

For this outfit, I chose something a little more casual-I threw my hair up and put a tee on! I kept some wedges on though to keep things dressy, I wore my fancy vintage necklace from my grandma’s closet and I tucked in the front of my shirt-something I basically always do.

{Outfit Details}
Shirt-Target FEED collaboration, from the boys side!
Pants-Joe Fresh at JCP
Shoes-Sam Edelman



So I’m sure you’re all wondering-where on earth can I get such cute pants!? Well, here are a few options! (click the picture to be directed to their site for ordering!)

For leather:


For striped down the side:

I know I said no floral-but these are just too cute to pass up, plus I couldn’t find any with just a simple stripe!


For casual:


And some more that I just LOVE-all from Nasty Gal.com:


Well, now that everyone knows how fabulous being chic and cool can be, we can all agree to slip into some fabulous not-so-sweat pants. Until next time!



XX, Flancake

College Fashion- Time for combat.

Happy Wednesday everyone!!


As I was walking around on campus today, I was on a hunt to find the latest trend. First I looked at what my roommate was wearing, which was super cute. Then I looked at everyone else! What I came up with wasn’t actually surprising, since it’s been a trend for about 2 or 3 years in the US, but I feel like it’s just now getting popular! drumroll please….COMBAT BOOTS!! So I’m sure you’ll agree with me when saying this trend isn’t new, but it’s just now becoming a trend that EVERYONE feels comfortable wearing. Also, I’m going to start a new section every week called College Fashion-where I note something I’ve seen on campus recently, or just a trend that everyone’s rocking! And what better way to start off this section than with combat boots?

The thing I love about combat boots is that you can LITERALLY wear them with almost absolutely ANY outfit!! Dresses&skirts, shorts&pants are all great pairings for these lovely things. Some of my favorite ways to style these boots are:


Tights/Leggings under Cut-off jean shorts, a big bulky sweater with an infinity scarf, hair in a topknot(see my tutorial video If you aren’t sure about how to create this!!), and a messenger bag.

Skinny jeans(I basically live in skinny jeans-if you ever see a post with reg jeans, chances are my blog has been hacked!), A big sweater or a henley with a super cool poncho over it, a scarf and a cool sweater.


Cut-off shorts, a loose t-shirt(vintage band tees are always fun and unique!), tons of vintage(or just vintage-looking, for vintage can get pricey!) jewelry, messy hair

A circle skirt, a tight tank or shirt with the back cut out, and cool accessories.

Also-combat boots are always fun with some leather, lace, or leather and lace!! Or mix it up with something unexpected-like a really pretty pale pink flowy dress with some dark brown combat boots-the combo is totally sassy and unique. You’ll definitely get some envious stares.

So basically you can wear whatever you want, however you want to with combat boots. They’re literally a gift from heaven. Below, I’ve posted some of my favorite looks and favorite boots!

Fry boots>>>ImageImageImageImage


Something that is really popular right now in combat boot world is metal toes and studs!! I love both of these trends, especially the studs!! Here’s my roomies boots!


ALSO, here are some of my favorite stores that have REALLY cute combat boots right now-definitely check them out!!

From The Elle in Mena, AR-the Steve Madden Troopa! Basically the only combat boot you’ll ever need! (click the picture for the link to their site!)


From Masons boutique in Fayetteville, Ar-a fun twist on combat boots-with some added tweed! These are seriously so cute, especially with a pretty brown sweater!! (click the picture for the link to their site!)


And lastly, a fun way to wear combat boots-SPARKELY! Savoir-Faire in Fayetteville, Ar offers come really unique clothing and shoes-be sure to check them out! (click the picture for the link to their site)


Enjoy the rest of your week pretty ladies(and handsome men!) and be sure to try and rock the combat boot trend!! WOO-HOO

XX Flancake