festival season // féria smokey pastel

It is finally spring, meaning the season of music festivals are upon us!! After going to Gov Ball last year, I’ve been completely consumed by all things related to festivals, especially the beauty aspect. I was so excited when Seventeen x L’Oréal Paris asked the social club and I to try out their new Féria Smokey Pastel hair color. Not only is it in the shade that I’ve been completely obsessed with for over a year now, but it’s actually such a beautiful color that I wanted to go out and get it as soon as possible.

I applied the color to my hair following the directions on the box [so easy, might I add], and then magic happened. I had my friend Taz snap a few photos to show you how cool the color is. [I washed my hair once before taking these photos, so you can see how it wears]


Taz Anderson Photo // Tumblr // Insta

Striped Top, Rag & Bone via Lola // Vest, Elizabeth and James via Lola

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Girl em[Power]ment – Anna E. Cottrell

Girl em[Power]ment – A Series of Short Essays.

Over the next few months Flancake.co will be bringing you the Girl em[Power]ment series, which consists of interviews with several working women of all ages in different stages of their career. These are women I not only find inspiring and interesting, but who I think women of all ages should know about and learn from. These women hold careers in several different industries, from creative design to politics. They’ll give us an inside look into what their job is like, how they got there, share their advice for twenty-somethings, and touch on what Girl em[Power]ment means to them .

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I’ve been waiting to share today’s influencer for a long time now, as she was one of the original women who inspired the series. I first met Anna in person forever ago at a fashion event, but I had been following her and her blog for much longer. Our paths finally crossed when I decided that I wanted to somehow get involved in what she was doing with Lola last year. Fast forward – she has now been my lady boss for almost a year now [insert a happy eek here!] and I’ve learned SO much under her fabulous wings. She’s taught myself and the others around her what perseverance looks like – that it you want something you’ve got to not only hustle to get it, but also put forth a positive attitude and be kind to get it. Anna is always open to new ideas [even when I think she’ll think I’m cray-cray], and even if she’s not totally into, she’ll help you to make it bigger and better. She is always looking to uplift those around her, she is always teaching myself and the other Lola gals that although perfection isn’t real – being the absolute best you can is absolutely attainable. Oh, and along with all that she’s accomplished so much in her career, and is more than happy to share advice daily.

Introducing Anna E. Cottrell, owner of Lola and Tulip Louise.
Website + Blog: ShopLola.comTulip Louise.com
Insta: @lolaboutique + @tuliplouise 

Q: What is your current job title and can you please explain your career path?
A: First off, hi flannery!  Thank you so much for having me.  My name is Anna and I am the owner of Lola.  I always knew that I wanted to be in the fashion world from a very young age– it was just in my blood.  I have vivid memories of when mom would take me ‘back to school shopping’ before the start of a new year and I would get home as quickly as I could with my new loot and a simple spiral notebook.  From there, I would work to stretch my new clothes into as many different outfits as possible, try them on [down to the accessories], and jot down every detail of my final look.  Once I wore it, I would mark it out in my little notebook.  As it turns out this is eerily similar to what I do for personal styling appointments now!  I digress.  

[Focus, Anna] Career path.  I interned at Findings Showroom in New York for my college internship, which is when I first fell in love with the pace of the city– even though I was filing, faxing, getting coffee, wheeling massive trunks to the Javits Center for market, etc… I couldn’t have been more energized x this was when I paid my dues.  First job out of college was with the e-commerce division at Neiman Marcus in Dallas, Texas.  Having zero background in .com at the time, this was a major leap of faith [on both parts!] that I accepted as a learning experience and [quite frankly] for the chance to add a powerhouse of a company to my résumé.  So small-minded. While the cubicle life didn’t turn out to be my jam, I learned endless lessons about workplace professionalism and company protocol within a corporate environment [i.e. e-mail etiquette, managing an editorial calendar, balancing workload, etc . ].   Honestly, just to be a fly on the wall and learn how the “big dogs” communicated was a major turning point for me , for instance the opportunity to sit in on calls with David Yurman about  new products that needed to be uploaded by a certain holiday deadline .  It was fun to be a point person between the buying office, graphic designers, copywriters, marketing department, and vendors– this opened my eyes to many different avenues within the fashion industry, and also the importance of everyone having a niche x working together for a bigger goal. Pretty cool now that I think about it.  

Hitting your first career stride out of college is kind of like having your first love– there’s nothing that can compare to the growth you experience, and you find yourself eternally grateful because it taught you so much about yourself. 

When I was in Dallas, I became even more interested in learning about the arts–spending weekends over wine + french film, gallery openings or the Nasher Sculpture Museum [still a favorite].  When I moved back home to Northwest Arkansas, it was to be the Web Director at a local boutique.  Note: I said “Web Director” as if there was an existing site, but there wasn’t.  However! This was an amazing opportunity to enter into a small business and try to make a big difference with an e-commerce site, by utilizing what I had learned at NM.COM— it was a fabulous time in my career.  

A couple of years later, I decided to turn what was then a hobby of blogging x styling, into my full-time gig… Enter: Tulip Louise.  This was a life of hustle. It was creatively stimulating because I was shooting with talented photographers x makeup artists for the blog non-stop, getting endorsed / written up, started covering backstage at New York Fashion Week for Revlon every season + getting some publicity, rubbing shoulders with some of the greats, and then brands started sending me things to wear.  Before I knew it, all of my shoots were subtly endorsing things that I hadn’t hand-selected for myself, which is when blogging began to lose it’s luster for me.  I needed to take a break and press the reset button on it.  Fast forward a couple of years, and I’m living back in New York as a freelance Art Director… but on the weekends shooting blog photos eating / endorsing a new Wendy’s frosty [huh?] — I guess it paid the rent, ladies.

In 2013, I returned home to my native Northwest Arkansas as owner, buyer, and creative director of Lola.  I remember telling my now business partner that I felt that my experiences in the industry [showroom, e-commerce, marketing, blogger, stylist, business owner] had melded together to help best prepare me for this peak opportunity!  Now, only a mere two years later, Lola has a beautiful e-commerce site x will be opening the doors to a third storefront this month.  Whirlwind, but none of the growth we’ve experienced would ever have been possible without the tremendous x inspiring team we have [including you, Flannery!]

Q: Where did you go to school and what was your major?
A: I studied fashion x marketing at the University of Arkansas. 

Q: How/or do you deal with negativity towards women in the work place? 
A: You know, Flannery, there was a time in my life when I would have had time to dwell or deal with negative people x thoughts, but I just don’t anymore.  I was telling someone recently that something shifted when I turned 30– ha — unless someone [or something] is additive to my life x what happiness I’m working towards, it has to go. We only get so many days on this planet, and I have less and less tolerance for toxicity. I know it sounds harsh, but it truly just isn’t worth the energy– I’d rather spend that priceless time with people that I love, or working to build something great… instead of devoting energy to anything negative. It is a conscious effort I make every day.  If you knew me a couple of years ago, you’d know this is a new lease on life for me!

Q: Who are three of your role models or mentors, and why?
A1: My mom, Jill.  If you’ve ever met her, you’re lucky enough to know why she is a great role model. She is unbelievably kind x thoughtful x warm.  Family and  faith is everything to her, and I would be lucky to become half the woman she is.

A2: Jeannette Balleza Collins.  This woman is a powerhouse.  She is so eloquent, as business savvy as they come, and has a pure heart of gold.  Just an overall lovely human, that makes me want to be better.

A3: Jade Terminella. She is the perfect no nonsense counterpart. A woman with a strong moral compass, get sh*t done work ethic, and gentle soul.

Q: Have you ever felt unsure of yourself or felt that you weren’t “enough”?
A: Oh, of course!  Some days are harder than others, which is why we have to encourage women in our network.  Life is hard… but really beautiful.

Q: What are other things you do [hobbies, projects, interest] that you feel passionate about?
A: Photography, art, travel.  I used to be really into music — would like to get back to that.

Q: What do you do in your free time to relax?
A: When I get the chance, I honestly live for a spa moment; manicure, pedicure, facial, or massage?  Sign me up.  Totally the way to my heart.

Q: What career and/or life advice would you give to your twenty year old self?
A: 1- Always go the extra mile– it is so worth it.  2- Life can be very tricky, but keep your chin up– one day, all of those little twists x turns will make sense.  

I hope you thoroughly enjoyed Anna’s profile. She’s an incredible driven woman with such a drive for what she does! Hopefully we can all catch a bit of this spirit.
Stay tuned for Sunday’s profile – you won’t want to miss it!

Xo, Flancake

An Update – The big 2-1

Over the next few weeks, I’m sure as you’ve noticed – I’m getting everyone updated on my summer in the city, in a series titled “An Update”. Today’s post will focus on one of the best days I’ve ever had filled with friends, laughter, glam, and glitz. Aka my birthday.

This year’s birthday was kind of big, I ~finally~ turned 21! Since I lived in the city with some good friends, of course we had to make a day of it! Ok, and actually I had been waiting for this day for a long time, so you better believe I was making it the longest day ever.

10am Manis at Paintbox nails
If you haven’t heard of this ultra-cool nail salon in Soho, then seriously check them out. The whole thing is an experience really – you get an incredible mani [they’re known for minimalistic nail art] along with the chance to take a picture of your nails in the mani cam. Can we just talk about how cool that is.

12pm Brunch at ABC Cocina
If you’re in the city or traveling, this is a spot I HIGHLY recommend. We got a cheese plate for the entire table, and I had the lemon rosemary pancakes. The rosemary mimosa was to. die. for.

3pm Wine Tasting at the Chelsea Wine Vault
We enjoyed an hour class on french wines, which were superb. This is a great place to just walk around and look at wines, but of course the staff is extremely knowledgeable, and can point you in any direction determined on your preferences.

5pm Blowouts at Drybar
This was such a fun experience, as none of us had ever actually got a blowout. If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s essentially just getting your hair done – but only the wash and styling. We each got a somewhat different style, which was fun to see in the end!

7pm Drinks at The Boom Boom Room
The most highly anticipated event of the day was drinks at The Standard [a popular meatpacking district hotel].
I have quite literally wanted to come here ever since discovering it a few years back, and today was the day.
The Boom Boom Room is a lounge at the top of The Standard, which gives incredible views of the city, along with amazing drinks. Oh, and you might run into the likes of Beyonce and JayZ, as they frequent this spot often.

Later that night we grabbed dinner in the meatpacking district, along with hitting the other bar at The Standard – Le Bain, which also has incredible city views plus crepes on the rooftop. Too cool for school, right?
To top everything off, the next morning we went to a puppy store [mixed feelings about that…] but I got to play with FRENCH BULLDOG PUPPIES. Ok, sorry for the yelling but I was actually in heaven – those who know me, know that I have an [unhealthy] obsession with french bulldogs. Really, it just capped off everything.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 12.27.53 PM

Overall it really was such a fabulous birthday – definitely one for the books. Sending lots of love to everyone that helped make it so special – my fab friends and awesome parents, I see you!

Xo, Flancake

The Color Story.


Lately I’ve been wearing the same colors-over and over again.
Oxblood, Army Green, + Cream. 
[with little-to-no variation]
I’ve found that this color combination is great together, and also great in separates! 
My favorite way to rock this color palette is with a green Army Jacket, Oxblood Lips and Cream pants/accessories.

J.Crew Leather Pants//Current Elliot Jacket//Savoir-Faire Necklace//Anthropologie Kicks//3.1 Philip Lim Bag





I’m back from Blogshop, and let me tell you-it’s a life changer! [ok, maybe mostly a blog-changer].
I learned SO many wonderful tips and tricks of photoshop and blogging in general!
Upon going to this class, I knew slim to nothing about photoshop. I knew how to open up a picture-maybe add some weird things to it, nothing fancy-and that was about it.
Now I know way more than I ever thought possible, and I know how to create exactly what I want!
I’ll be posting more pretty pictures, pretty things-more pretty everything!

Bare with me while I try and devote more time into making my blog bigger and better!


Biting into The Big Apple.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Wait, it’s Sunday? Where has the time gone! As for me, the time has gone by very quickly this past weekend because I had the most FABULOUS time in NYC! Why, you ask? Let me tell you!
[fun fact-I’m enjoying an Apple Carmel Pop as a write this, and you should grab one while you read it, to make it that much sweeter!]

This past weekend, Oct. 19th, I got the opportunity to go to Teen Vogue’s Fashion University for the third year in a row! Let me tell you, this was probably my favorite year of them all no doubt. Because I know I can talk A LOT, I’ll try and condense this as best as possbile, but still giving you a play-by-play. Also, one of my good friends Isabel who is a ZTA sister of mine came with!! [Check her out on her blog, Just a Taste of Fashion, for a great read!]
First of all though, many people ask me how I get the opportunity to go to TVFU, so I’ll explain. Around June/July/August, Teen Voge advertises in their magazine, website, instagram, facebook-everywhere, about their Fashion University. Ever since it’s inception, I’ve wanted to go. I can remember being 14 and *dreaming* of going when I was 16, because that’s how old you must be, and when that time came I was SO excited about applying. The application is listed on their website sometime in the summer, and it really is a full application. You must explain your fashion aspirations, your fashion idols, why you would want to be able to participate in this amazing event, your interest in the fashion industry, and you must show off some of your talents-whether that be sketches, outfits you put together, or projects you’ve done. (I usually use some of my clothing sketches and #OOTD’s.) After you apply, you wait for what seems like FOREVER to see if you are accepted! Whenever I go to TVFU, there seems to only be a few hundred gals/guys,
so I must think that you actually do have to be somewhat interested in fashion to go.
Another question I get a lot is, “What is it?”. Well, I like to think of it as a weekend filled with the best in the industry giving advice on how to get into the fashion world, they share their own experiances, and they answer and questions students have with eagerness. Every single person I’ve ever listend and talked to at TVFU has ALWAYS been so helpful and inspiring.
So any who,back to how the trip was! (Which was fabulous by the way) As I said, I’ll give you a day-by-day overview.

This morning I woke up oh-so-tired after throwing my 21 year old boyfriend (wait…what?) a surprise party! Which he LOVED by the way-so needless to say, I was exhausted.
(ok back to the story…)
We flew from NWA to Chicago-which by the way, I actually didn’t know we were connecting with another flight, so when the captain said we had landed in Chicago, it was definitely a Home Alone moment. After waiting for what seemed to be FOREVER, we finally boarded our flight, but on a different plane than what was supposed to be the one we were to take due to technical/mechanical/hydrolic issues-talk about stressful. So needless to say we got to NY a lot later than expected, meaning I didn’t get to go to the Express Kick-Off event Teen Vogue hosted, which mad me sad, but oh well! We ended up going to eat at a fab restreraunt and just walking around the city for a bit.

Oh what a day! All day Saturday was filled with classes through Teen Vogue University.

The first session: Everyone attended this, and basically it was a Q & A with the editors of Teen Vogue. The great Amy Astley (Editor in Cheif), Andrew Beven (Style Features Director-who also has a fantastic show on the tube called Breakfast with Bevan-check it out), Elaine Welteroth (Beauty and Health Director), Sheena Smith (accessories Director), and a few others spoke.  During this session, they each explained what they did at Teen Vogue, how they got there, and gave tips on how to basically become successful in the industry. They all had incredible advice, but a few of my favorite’s came from Amy-she was talking about style, and how obveously everyone at the event loved it-but what really stuck out is when she said that “Style helps you get out of bed everyday”. If I could explain why I love fashion, this would probably be the perfect sentence to explain why. Because it’s a form of self expression, you can dress however you want! It’s just so fabulous to see how everyone expresses themselves. Anyways, getting off-track. For those wanting to make it in the industry, another tid-bit was said about that- Amy said to always ALWAYS BE PERSISTENT. Basically tag all the people who you want to see your picture in the picture so that they will have the chance to see it, and use a 360degree point of veiw-use all forms of social media, instagram, facebook, twitter, vine-everything! Also, since you’re documenting things, they will always be there, so if you’re ever in need of inspiration, look at your social media!

[Isabel and I at Teen Vogue Fashion University flashing our name tags & ZTA crown]


The second class: The Statement Sisters-Danielle and Josie Snyder who started Dannijo, were SO uberly cool and inspiring. They talked about their jewlrey line and how they got started, and gave great advice on how to follow your dreams! It was interesting to me how one sister was more of the creative side and the other was more on the buisness side, yet they both created a beautiful product, always.

The third class: Luxury for the Current Age, with Thakoon Panichgul, of incredibly chic design house Thakoon
(pronounced Tac-oon, like Racoon). His story was incredible, first of all. He started as a journalist, but everytime he would interveiw a designer, he found himself wanting to change things about their clothes, or asking why they did certain things to the garments. He really got kicked off when Sally Singer from Vogue wanted for him to do a colabboration with Gap, and then be put on the cover of The September Issue (also known as the fashion bible, sigh) so of course he agreed. At the same time he won the CFDA award, which is so prestigious.

After talking about his humble beginnings, Thakoon gave some advice. He told us to always keep a mood board-meaning a collage of images you love and find inspiring. He also explained how he liked instagram, but refused to look at it for inspiration. He talked about how with insta, you look at an image for only a few seconds, then pass by it-with print images that you see everyday, they start to become at one with you, and you may be inspired by them without knowing it.
When asked who his muse was when he is designing, he said not one face comes to his mind-but he likes it that way. His type of girl can be sporty but elegant, classic but chic-“you can feel her energy”. For more advice about finding inspiration, he said go to places that you wouldnt think of. For example, go to the buisness district of New York-and guess what folks, I did just that. It was interesting to see how even by just looking at suits on men and fancy outfits on women can be inspiring.
One last thing thta I thought was interesting that Thakoon said was that we are loosing a sense of quality, which is SO true. We live in a world where we just throw away things-we buy a shirt from Forever21, wear it 5 times, then trash it. So whenever we see things that are highly priced, we don’t understand why-and it’s because those articles of clothing are handmade, with only the finest materials. He challenged us all to find a leather jacket that was $100, feel it, then go to Bergdorf’s and find a leather jacket and feel it-notice the difference?

[Thakoon, the wonder boy]


The fourth class: The Accrssories All Star, with Jessie Randall of Loeffler Randall. Can we just take a second to gasp in awe of the beautiful things she makes?

740 723 771
Goodness gracious. For this class, Jessie talked about the entire process of making a shoe-which let me tell you-is a LOT more than you would think. Yes, they have to design the shoe and find out where they will be selling it, but there are about 133,467,956,475 more steps that just those two. Jessie, was very inspiring, since she originally didn’t plan on being a shoe designer-met her husband and realized that she didn’t enjoy what she did. She knew that she liked shoes, so why not design them? And that’s what she did! With the help of her fab team and her husband, she creates THE MOST amazing shoes every season, without a doubt.

The fifth class: Beyond the Runway, with supermodel Coco Rocha. Not only was she serously so inspiring, she was HILARIOUS! No but really, this native Canadian was making me giggle so much. Coco talked about how she was discovered [at a dancing competition when she was 14], what she liked and disliked about modeling [the pictures, the bad things], and the most interesting of them all-how she changed history for models as we know it. Coco explained how when she started modeling, young adult’s rights for modeling and acting were not the same. Child/underage actors were provided their own tutor for classes, they were treated well, they weren’t scrutinized, and they could only work a certain amount of hours in a day. Child/underage models however, under the age of 18, didn’t have any of those rights at all. Coco was NOT happy-she changed the modeling industry once and for all by becoming a memebr of a modeling alliance that begged for the same rights, and they got them. She really was such an inspiration for empowering young adults and young women!! And if you want to see how hilarious but also inspiring she really is, check out Andrew Bevan’s Breakfast With Bevan. 

[Impossibly funny Coco,far right]


The sixth class: Keynote Speakers, which was Emily Weiss with her beauty blog Into the Gloss, and Stephanie Mark with her blog The Coveteur. Into The Gloss is a beauty blog that not only focuses on beauty products, but how people wear them-the latest products, and several other aspects. I love reading Into the Gloss because Emily is always ahead of the curve and always knows what is on the edge of being new. The Coveteur is probably one of my favorite blogs EVEEEERRR. The Coveteur basically goes into people’s homes and takes beautiful pictures of the things they own, mostly their favorite items or things that are just lovely. They take pictures of actresses, designers, models, ‘it’ girls-and one of my most favorite recent ones, the Editor in Chief of Teen Vogue, Amy Astley.
Another favorite of mine happens to be probably my most favorite fashion icon, Lauren Conrad.

[Isabel, myself and Courtney of Sunshine Full of Smiles (who I met at FIDM’s 3 days of Fashion a few years back!)]



That was the end of classes for the day! That night was the Topshop event, which was fabuloouuusssss. Isabel and I headed down after freshing up at the hotel and then headed down there! When we got there, the party was in full swing! On all 4 levels of the Soho Topshop, something was happening! On the top floor however, mini snacks were being passed around, I got a tiny donut, some mini cotton candy, and the best of all-delevious ice cream with honey and all kinds of goods!
But back to the shopping. This event put on by Teen Vogue was great because we got 20% off our purchases, which I took full advantage of. One thing I got that I will talk about is this AMAZING white faux fur coat. It looks like sheeps fur, and is a very classic, loner boxy shape which I CAN’T WAIT to wear with oxblood tights and pretty skirts.

After the shopping event, Dad and I went to an incredible steak house, which I forgot the name of…oops. Then called it a night after walking around the city for a bit, but not before I got the COOLEST Essie silver/gold dotted nail stickers,
shown later in the post.

Sunday was just all around a fabulous day, for many reasons. First things first though. Isabel and I got our usual Starbucks, since it was a bit chilly in the city, then headed down to Conde Nast for our final class and graduation. Our final speaker was Phyllis Posnick, Vogue’s Fashion Editor/Stylist-quiet the legend. She talked about the crazy-beautiful pictures she’s created for Vogue, that tell stories in a way you might not ever think about. Two of my favorites included the story on face creams, which isn’t at all a creative thing, but she made it that way by dumping cream on a model’s face to make an amazing image that captivates the reader. Another of my favorites was the story about punk being a new ‘thing’. She took crazy punk afros and put them on models in the nude, so that the focus was that punk was “in”. I loved hearing her approach to things. It was also interesting to hear her talk about how some images published seemed controversial to some, but really there were just telling stories that needed to be told. I loved listening to Phyllis and how honest she was, with telling stories and answering questions.

[One of my favorite photos I talked about by Phyllis]


2013 Teen Vogue Fashion University graduate!



After she spoke, it was graduation time! I went to get my diploma and headed outside to wait for Isabel. When were finally met up, we started to walk back to the hotel. As we were walking, I noticed a car with a well-dressed woman getting inside. My heart literally stopped and I thought I was going to have a panic attack-it was Amy Astley!!! Isabel and I contemplated talking to her or asking for a picture, but I KNEW that I would regret not speaking to her for literally the rest of my life, so I yelled “Amy!” as she was getting into her car [I know, how un-classy, but what can you do], and she turned around! I asked ever so politely, “Would you mind getting a quick picture with us??”, since it seemed as if she was in a hurry. She paused for a moment, and then said YES!! She got out of her car and handed my phone to her chauffeur, who gladly took several photos of us. Not only was Amy literally so nice, but she seemed genuinely interested in what we had to say-which was a pleasant surprise! We chatted quickly about Phyllis and just the whole Teen Vogue experience, it was so incredible getting to speak with her! We finally said our goodbyes, and I left feeling as if I was on cloud 9, literally. We got back to the hotel and I was freaking out to my dad, explaining what had happened-literally too cool for words.

[All hail Amy Astley]


Later that afternoon, we decided to head down to the heart of Soho for some local shopping and to an event I had been waiting for all week, with Lulu Frost & J. Crew. We tried to take the subway, but of course we all got lost-not a good idea for semi first timers.

[Subway Shenanigans]


 We finally got off and took a taxi down to soho. As we were walking to the restaurant we were to eat lunch at, I saw the J. Crew that the Lulu Frost Do It Yourself event was at and I just HAD to go inside!! As soon as I walked in, I knew I was on cloud 9 again. When I walked in, the first thing I saw was two of my most favorite things-vintage jewels and fabulous dressed people. Since I’m a follower of Lulu Frost, I recognized the founder/creator, Lisa Salzer, as soon as I walked in and almost died. I started to create my own unique vintage piece, and Lisa herself came up and started chatting with me (insert a hugh EEEEK). We basically talked about the jewelry, and I asked why she stated the company-with her answer being that her grandmother would give her pieces, and she wanted to wear them but not in an old fashioned way basically. She was seriously SO nice, it was crazy! I finished my piece with a 20’s art deco charm, added a turquoise colored drop crystal pair at the bottom, and the chain was bronze with intricate details. As I finished my piece, I talked again with Lisa, who was so inspiring for continuing my journey with fashion, and I really hope that I get to meet with her some more when I visit the city for some more insight to the industry!

[Lovely Lisa]


[It’s my one-of-a-kind necklace!]

After meeting Lisa and making my lovely necklace, we went and ate at an incredible little restaurant. (I had the BEEEST salmon). After eating there, we walked around some more in Soho and visited some artist’s shops were they create and make their own jewelry, so of course I had to get a few more pieces! [can you tell I really do have an obsession with jewelry…]
After walking around for a bit, we left and went to see The Book of Morman on broadway [which is SO funny, but I felt as if I needed to wash myself clean with all the bad jokes in it]. Afterwards, we ate at another amazing steak place [I think I might turn into some beef if we continue with this cycle]. After that, we were totally tired so we went back and slept the night away!

Monday was such a fun/lazy day, visiting sites in the city I had never been to. First off was a trip to High Line, the coolest renovated park in the city. The trains of NY used to be above ground-literally in the air-but after they but them back on the ground and underground, there were railroads up high that were just sitting. The artists of NY wanted to make them into something, and a beautiful park was the best option. Along the walkway, you can see several sculptures and installations by local artists and lovely views of the city. As dad and I were walking down, I took tons of pictures and enjoyed the oh-so-nice weather. Towards the end of the park, we made it to The Standard, a famous hotel in NY that many fashionistas stay, so we decided to grab lunch there at The Standard Cafe.

[Shots from the High Line]



photo-26 photo-27 photo-28

[And showing off my uberly cool silver dotted nails]

We sat outside (which is my favorite thing to do), underneath ivy-covered trellises,how quant.
After eating at the cafe, we decided to head down to The Chelsea Market, which was TOOO cool. Inside, it was like an underground market, literally. There were different restaurants and dessert places, so I got a yummy lemon/butter/sugar/coconut crepe, because crepes are literally my favorite. As were were walking around, I noticed a vintage pop up shop, which I HAD to go into. Inside, local artists and designers were selling their goods. I was in heaven, once again. I purchased two vinyls, Frank Sinatra and The Fours, which I CAN NOT wait to listen to on my record player. I also custom made a “Flancake” necklace with crystals, which I’m so excited about.

[Flancake necklace-in love]

After walking around this place for a while, we decided to head down to the brooklyn bridge. I had never been, and I’m SO glad I did. The view of the city was impeccable!

[Brooklyn Bridge prettiness]


After taking in the sites, we headed down to the Tribeca area, which was son interesting. I went into a local shop, that had amazing clothes. Afterwards, Dad and I ate at the best italian place, where he got pumpkin ravioli and I got regular with goat cheese [NOM]. We had a delicious dessert, and then headed back to our hotel for some sleep.

[A view in between skyscrapers in Tribeca]


Sad day, it was the last. We woke up early though since we had an afternoon flight to make something out of the day, so we headed down to NBC studios! I was SO excited about this, since we were to see Saturday Night Live studious. We saw that, a late night show studio, and how SNL crazy makeup is applied, which was so interesting. Afterwards I of course had to make the most of our last few moments, I snuck into Anthropologie on Rockafeller Center Plaza and tried on some amazing things, one which was an all sequined mermaid skirt [except it definitely scraped my legs up-ouch]. Afterwards, we went to the hotel to gather the rest of our things and we were off to Arkansas!

[Jetsetting & the cool green wall at NBC Studios]

photo-21 photo-22

As I said before, this was definitely one of my favorite trips to the Big Apple. Meeting Amy Astley and Lisa Salzer were definitely highlights of the trip, but also listening to the incredible speakers at FashionU and getting to see the local artist’s crafts was so fun too. The things I got from this trip to New York were to always, ALWAYS follow your dreams-be persistent and always look for inspiration, I dare you to do the same.
Until next time,

XX Flancake

2cool4school-The sneaker wedge back at it.

As you probably know, sneaker wedges have been having a moment for a while now.
And guess what-I’m still obsessed with them!

{but wait-before you read, feast your ears on something JUST as fabulous as the sneaks I’m about to talk about}
The song is Team, by Lorde (She also sings Royals, which I’m sure you’ve heard by now).
Fun fact-this Irish singer is only 16!

No, the sneaker wedge isn’t something new and hasn’t been for a while now.
One of the queen bee’s of fashion, Isabel Marant, introduced the sneaker wedge a few seasons back, and they were a hit!
According to Stylist.com, Marant got the idea for the soon-to-be iconic sneaker wedge from when she was younger and added cork to her shoes to give her a little lift. She explains how sneakers are one of the most comfortable shoes, yet they aren’t very elegant. Adding a heel however gives women legs and makes them a little dressier-something we all always want. She also explains how wearing heels always gives women a self-confidance booster, which is SO true!
I mean, I’m sure we can all agree that whenever we wear heels we just feel so much more confident and put together!
{to read the full article, click here}

So why is the sneaker wedge still around, you ask?
Well, like Marant said-sneakers really are SO comfy, and adding the wedge in just adds sophistication to them.
Although different fashion mags tend to disagree on whether the sneaks are still a ‘thing’, but I can assure you that I will continue wearing them for a while. They really are SO easy to wear-and pretty cool if I must say.

How shall I wear them, you ask? I shall tell you.
The easiest way to wear them for me is with anything a little on the edgy side. To me, the sneaks are just so cool that you’ve got to have a matching cool outfit to go along with! If your style isn’t on the edgy side at all though, don’t fret-there are PLENTY of ways to wear them, and plenty of different styles to choose from.

How I wore mine today-
{please excuse my lame mirror pic-but you should be used to them by now}
Shirt-Lady Gaga concert//Shorts-Savoir Faire//Sneaks-Steve Madden//Socks-Free People


And of course, there are TONS of ways to wear them: as seen below!

Black Sneaks: easy to wear, they go with EVERYTHING!

I love how this stylish girl pairs her black sneaks with a circle skirt and a fun studded jacket, yet her hair is up so that the outfit and the sneaks are the main focus.


 Who said that black sneaks had to be boring-or paired with black? I LOVE how the neon skirt is under a casual grey tshirt, making it POP! And then there are the fabulous sneaks…


And another perfect example of how to pair simple black sneaks with a bright outfit!


I love this outfit so much because of how casually cool it is-the circle shades, the chambray shirt underneath the red jacket-ahhhmazing.


Although you can’t see the outfit, I love how her bag matches her shoes. When in doubt-match your bag and kicks.


Colored Sneaks: And for those that are a little more adventurers, we have the sneaks that come in colors! I love colored sneaks because they can either complement an outfit, or be the start of the show!

These red sneaks are definitely the start of the show. Since this lovely lady is wearing black and white, she lets the red pop-which looks great against her skin tone!


Here we’ve got a PERFECT example of how colored sneaks can complement an outfit. Because her wedges are white/cream and so are the pants, you may at first glance see a continuous line of her legs since she’s wearing heels, which is oh-so-flattering. Here’s an unrelated style tip-if you want to lengthen your legs, wear nude heels that match your skin tone! Whenever you wear a matching color that are heels, you look taller. Colors like black , especially ankle straps cut your legs off when wearing dresses/pants, making your legs actually look shorter!


And another example of how the sneaks make an outfit. I love leather and sneaker wedges, I’ll definitely be wearing a lot of that this fall/winter! On a side note-I love that Miranda and her son are wearing matching red shoes (insert that side smiley emoji).


Lastly, I love blue sneaker wedges because they pack such a punch. They definitely make this outfit. I love how she paired her leopard so unexpectedly with the sneaker wedges-too cool.


So where might I find these 2cool4school shoes, you might as. I’ve got a few places up my sleeve to share with you-

If you want the original Isabel Marant’s, (for a pretty penny of 695-click the pic!)


If you want the next best thing, Ash makes some really great kicks.


If you want the same pair I have by Steve Madden


Some other great options:




Sneaker wedges are definitely either a love/hate kind of thing. Even though some might think that they’ve already had their 15 minutes of fame, I think that they’ve still got a good while left of having their moment.

XX Flancake

BONUS ROUND-if you wanted to know what I’ve been listening to as I wrote this-
AKA some really awesome songs, check these out:

Tennis Court-Lorde
Two of Us-The Beatles
Swingin Party-Lorde
Dark Paradise-Lana Del Ray
Blue Ocean Floor-Justin Timberlake

Obsessions: The not-so-sweat pant

Wait a minute-who is this and what have they done with Flancake? Sweat pants?? I mean really???
Ok ok, it actually is me. I know right, who would’ve thought in a trillion years that I would EVER be talking about this as a trend, definitely not an obsession of mine!! But it’s true-I’ve fallen for the not-so-sweat pant, as I like to call it!

So before I explain what makes this so great, first let me clear up a few things. I honestly believe that this trend only looks good dressed up-as in, with heels, strappy sandals, or super bling-with a mix of sporty fun. Now, the not-so-sweat pant, contrary to belief, isn’t actually even a sweat pant. Nope-don’t go running to Nike to get these-it’s basically a super tailored pant with an elastic waist(I must say, elastic waist’s are a favorite of mine!).
I think the reason I love this trend oh-so-much is because I LOVE mixing dressed up and dressed down looks-there’s just something so chic about it, so cool. These pants are no doubt the perfect way to give off a chic, cool vibe.
So as I said, I think this trend looks best paired with heels and jewels-to dress it up! BUT-if you must wear tennis shoes with it(which I probably will be for class!) then wear extra pretty jewels-they balance out the sporty-ness! For colors, I think that neutrals are the best choice for this trend. Because they are a pretty new trend, they might be around for a while(maybe a few seasons), but I honestly don’t think they’re here to stay, so don’t go crazy with prints. Plus-neautrals are so easy to wear!
With all that said-let’s see how these fab pants can be styled, where to buy them, and my take on the not-so-sweat pant!

So first lets talk leather-ohemgee, SO fab!! I mean really, leather not-so-sweat pants, what could possibly be better??? I think that this combo works so well because leather is such a staple and such a statement, that the pants just WERK. (notice the strappy shoes in both pictures and how they dress them up even more!)



No really, how cool are these not-so-sweat pants with side stripes? Not only are vertical stripes so flattering(they mike you look super tall!) they add a pop of super cute color! I also love how both gals are wearing pointed heels-they really pull the outfits together and also dress up the pants even more.


Now, for those who just cant resist the classic cotton not-so-sweat pant, these are for you! I love how all of these outfits are wearing easy to wear pants, but they all look so pulled together! Even though the first outfit is with sneaks, the glittery shirt adds a major dress-it-up factor. I love the sweater in the J.Crew Fall 2013 lookbook, how it adds an extra bit of coziness, but the heels still keep the pants dressed. The last outfit is just SO chic-I love the vest paired with the pants, and how her shirt hits right at the waist line-so flattering. Just overall great outfit!


Now, this is how I styled my 2 pair’s of not-so-sweat pants!

First things first-ignore the fact that I have no makeup on(I just started accutane-WOO, so I’m trying to limit makeup, you can follow my progress Tumblr at http://accutaneflancake.tumblr.com if you’d like!) And also don’t mind the water droplet on my pants-oops!

For this first outfit, I paired my not-so-sweats with a lace tee to dress them up. Even though they are silk, they still look to me like sweat pants. I paired my low sandals with snakeskin straps because I love how lace and snakeskin look together-it’s almost like the mimic each other in such a fabulous way!!

{Outfit Details}
Shirt-old Urban Outfitters
Pants-Winfred (from Courtney at http://sunshinefullofsmiles.blogspot.com-check her out!)
Shoes-Sam Edelman

For this outfit, I chose something a little more casual-I threw my hair up and put a tee on! I kept some wedges on though to keep things dressy, I wore my fancy vintage necklace from my grandma’s closet and I tucked in the front of my shirt-something I basically always do.

{Outfit Details}
Shirt-Target FEED collaboration, from the boys side!
Pants-Joe Fresh at JCP
Shoes-Sam Edelman



So I’m sure you’re all wondering-where on earth can I get such cute pants!? Well, here are a few options! (click the picture to be directed to their site for ordering!)

For leather:


For striped down the side:

I know I said no floral-but these are just too cute to pass up, plus I couldn’t find any with just a simple stripe!


For casual:


And some more that I just LOVE-all from Nasty Gal.com:


Well, now that everyone knows how fabulous being chic and cool can be, we can all agree to slip into some fabulous not-so-sweat pants. Until next time!



XX, Flancake

Turning Tables.

It’s Saturday ya’ll!

{before you start reading-start listening to Farmer’s Daughter by Fleetwood Mac {fun fact-it’s actually a cover of the original Farmer’s Daughter by the Beach Boy!} (I’m definitely listening to it while I post this)-it’s an oldie, but SUCH a goodie!}

Anyways—I normally give more than just a few details on what my Saturday involved, but lately I’ve been working on something top-secret/AWESOME!!! I literally can’t wait to share this something with ya’ll!! I will tell you some of what I did do though, and basically what my past 3 days have consisted of-going picking(thrifting!!) and making shorts! And of course, working on my super secret project! (SO excited!!!)

Since 2 days ago it was my birthday, I wanted to share with you something I got! (BTW-I hope a lot of you donated to ACH, because like I said-SUCH a good cause!!)
Lately, I’ve been so fascinated by old music, the good stuff. And I felt like I wasn’t being able to experience it the right way off of my stereo/iphone, because back in the day everyone used record players!
I don’t really know why we made the switch to CD’s anyways because vinyl just sounds so REAL-I just love it! Of course I have to tell you my silly story associated with record players now, and why I became to want one other than the fact that they sound amazing.
A few months ago, my boyfriend had to house-sit his Aunt’s house, so I came over for a little bit to watch movies/make dinner/etc. They have a record player and I noticed a few awesome looking records, so of course I had to listen. We danced around to Bob Dylan (Tangled in Blue being one of my favorites) for a few hours, and I was in love-with of course the music ;)! And that’s where this obsession started!
So, needless o say-I got a record table for my birthday! I am OVER THE MOOON! Seriously though, I’m SO excited! So, If you know where I can get any old records, or if you have any you’d be willing to give me, that would be SO rad!! (This is what it looks like!) YIPEEE




Anywho-something else I’ve been working on lately are Crosseyed Cricket’s windows! So obviously it’s summertime!(100 degree weather-dying) For the summer window’s I wanted to make it seem like the old days-where people went out and had picnics in the parks and where just so relaxed and not busy with work or sports or any other things people get busy with during the summer. I wanted the windows to reflect the easiness that summer suggests, I wanted to remind people to take a break and reeellaaxxxxx!! Here they are: I hope you love them!



I can’t WAIT for the July windows-just thing FLAGS, lots of flags!!! 

That’s it for today lovely ladies! Keep reading-within the next few weeks I’ll tell you what my new project is that I am literally SO excited about!!!
Until next time!!


XX Flancake