Girl em[Power]ment – Chloe Curnel

Girl em[Power]ment – A Series of Short Essays.

Over the next few months will be bringing you the Girl em[Power]ment series, which consists of interviews with several working women of all ages in different stages of their career. These are women I not only find inspiring and interesting, but who I think women of all ages should know about and learn from. These women hold careers in several different industries, from creative design to politics.They’ll give us an inside look into what their job is like, how they got there, share their advice for twenty-somethings, and touch on what Girl em[Power]ment means to them.

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Our next influencer is a fellow blogger, and a gal with serious style–Chloe Curnel. I’ve been following Chloe on insta for a few years now, after initially seeing her fab style via a boutique she worked at. It’s been so fun following along as she’s graduated, moved to a new place + started a cool job, and recently got engaged! Keep reading to learn more about this fab fashionista who’s with it.

Introducing Chloe Curnel, of Dillard’s Corporate 
Insta – @chloeelisec
Blog – Nomad en Vogue

Q: What is your current job title, and can you please briefly explain your career path?
A: I am a fashion stylist for Dillard’s corporate advertising. I graduated from the University of Arkansas in 2013. Before graduation, I went through the career center at the University and interviewed for Dillard’s Executive Development Program (EDP). I landed the job and in June, started working in the Div. 4 buying office as an assistant buyer as part of the program. Phase two of the program, I was sent to work as an Area Sales Manager at the Dillard’s flagship store in Little Rock. It was when I was out at the store that I decided I did not want to return to the buying office. So I left the program, and voiced to upper managment that I wanted to work in the advertising department. I interviewed with the Vice-President of Advertising, Creative Director, and Studio director at Dillard’s and was offered the position of fashion stylist this past January.

Q: Where did you go to school and what was your major?
A: I was an apparel studies major at the University of Arkansas.

Q: How do you deal with negativity towards women in the work place [if at all]?
A: Luckily, I haven’t many encounters with this, but I am a firm believer in actions speak louder than words. Work hard, be kind, be professional, and that is what will make you successful in your career. Don’t give anyone a reason to treat you differently just because your a women. A co-worker gave me some wise advice. She said that “As women, we have to build each other up. Make each other stronger, and praise each other for accomplishment.” This is SO true and SO important. Women have a tendency of letting envy and jealousy get the best of them in the workplace. We can’t do that, we have to stick together and help each other learn and grow.

Q: Who are your mentors or role models, and why?
A: My mom, Karen Curnel, for her caring and loving spirit, and her ability to follow her passions. She just decided to take up horseback riding in her fifties! She is not afraid to try something new.

My sister, Kelly Stuckey. She is driven, artistic, and stays true to herself. She has the most giving spirit and makes an amazing leader. It has been so inspiring to see her career path grow. [see Kelly’s profile here]

My old boss and dear friend, Becca Brisiel. She also, has such a kind, giving spirit. She was the best boss I will ever have. She lead by example. She taught me the importance of staying true to yourself, as well as the importance of kindness in the workplace and giving back to your community.

Q: Have you ever felt unsure of yourself or felt that you weren’t “enough”, and how did you overcome that?
A: When I was working as an area sales manager at Dillard’s, I had multiple times where I felt unsure about my managing skills. I had 18 employees under me, and at times, was in charge of the whole store. I had employees of all ages and backgrounds, and sometimes it was difficult for me to be confident, demand respect, and feel in charge. I am by nature not a confrontational person, and being a manger puts you in some confrontational situations where there is a need to be authoritative. I had to overcome the fact the I was young and lacked experience. Everyday I learned something new about my team and myself. When I would make a mistake, I would do my best to learn from it. I sought out help from my bosses and fellow co-workers when I needed it, asking “How would you handle this situation?”. I learned that I couldn’t manage everyone the same and that it would take different tactics to gain respect from my employees. It was the most difficult job I think I will ever have to do, but it is the job that taught me the most.

Q: What are other things you do [hobbies, projects, interest] that you feel passionate about?
A: Yoga, photography, fashion, antique shopping. I also have a style blog called Nomad en Vogue. It is just a hobby, but it is a great creative outlet. I’m planning a wedding right now, which has turned into my biggest hobby, or should I say “time consumer” at the moment! Hah!

Q: Is there anyone you think that is making a difference in women empowerment that you think we should all know about?
A: My sister, Kelly Stuckey! She owns a small business in Fayetteville called Crown Beauty Bar. She empowers women everyday at work and through social media!

Q: What do you do in your free time to relax?
A: Just give me HGTV, a glass of wine and some cheese. Just kidding! But, not really. I love to antique shop, usually alone. I could wander around looking at antiques forever. But I feel the most relaxed when I’m with my fiance and our dog, Bella.

Q: What career and/or life advice would you give to your twenty-year-old self?
A: Don’t sweat the small things, and don’t worry about what you can’t control. Also, don’t worry so much about what others think because you can’t make everyone happy. Stay true to who you are, be kind, work hard, and always look for the positive. Also, take care of your body and wear sunscreen everyday because the wrinkles will come!

Q: What does Girl em[Power]ment mean to you?
A: Girl em[Power]ment is all about us gals supporting each other and building each other up. The internet is can be such a positive or negative tool. With all the negativity that resides on social media, it is SO important for girls to take a stand and not take part in it. Life is hard enough, we need to use the tools we have to empower one another.

As Chloe said, it’s so important to support each other + build each other up, which really is what Girl em[Power]ment is all about!! Stay tuned for the next influencer, and be sure to follow along on our insta–@girlempowerment.

[graphic by the talented Courtney Ulrich]


NWA Boutique Show – Giveaway!

I’m so excited to share with you all that I’m partnering with NWA Boutique Fashion Show this year! Even more exciting, I’m having a GIVEAWAY!! If you live in or around the NWA area, this one is for you. From now until Tuesday, Oct 27 you have a chance to win two passes to the NWA Boutique Show Girls Night Out event!

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There are three shopping events, plus general admission shopping.
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Good luck, and hope to see you all at these events!
Xo, Flancake

[photo credit:: Nyck Renard]

Obsessions: The not-so-sweat pant

Wait a minute-who is this and what have they done with Flancake? Sweat pants?? I mean really???
Ok ok, it actually is me. I know right, who would’ve thought in a trillion years that I would EVER be talking about this as a trend, definitely not an obsession of mine!! But it’s true-I’ve fallen for the not-so-sweat pant, as I like to call it!

So before I explain what makes this so great, first let me clear up a few things. I honestly believe that this trend only looks good dressed up-as in, with heels, strappy sandals, or super bling-with a mix of sporty fun. Now, the not-so-sweat pant, contrary to belief, isn’t actually even a sweat pant. Nope-don’t go running to Nike to get these-it’s basically a super tailored pant with an elastic waist(I must say, elastic waist’s are a favorite of mine!).
I think the reason I love this trend oh-so-much is because I LOVE mixing dressed up and dressed down looks-there’s just something so chic about it, so cool. These pants are no doubt the perfect way to give off a chic, cool vibe.
So as I said, I think this trend looks best paired with heels and jewels-to dress it up! BUT-if you must wear tennis shoes with it(which I probably will be for class!) then wear extra pretty jewels-they balance out the sporty-ness! For colors, I think that neutrals are the best choice for this trend. Because they are a pretty new trend, they might be around for a while(maybe a few seasons), but I honestly don’t think they’re here to stay, so don’t go crazy with prints. Plus-neautrals are so easy to wear!
With all that said-let’s see how these fab pants can be styled, where to buy them, and my take on the not-so-sweat pant!

So first lets talk leather-ohemgee, SO fab!! I mean really, leather not-so-sweat pants, what could possibly be better??? I think that this combo works so well because leather is such a staple and such a statement, that the pants just WERK. (notice the strappy shoes in both pictures and how they dress them up even more!)



No really, how cool are these not-so-sweat pants with side stripes? Not only are vertical stripes so flattering(they mike you look super tall!) they add a pop of super cute color! I also love how both gals are wearing pointed heels-they really pull the outfits together and also dress up the pants even more.


Now, for those who just cant resist the classic cotton not-so-sweat pant, these are for you! I love how all of these outfits are wearing easy to wear pants, but they all look so pulled together! Even though the first outfit is with sneaks, the glittery shirt adds a major dress-it-up factor. I love the sweater in the J.Crew Fall 2013 lookbook, how it adds an extra bit of coziness, but the heels still keep the pants dressed. The last outfit is just SO chic-I love the vest paired with the pants, and how her shirt hits right at the waist line-so flattering. Just overall great outfit!


Now, this is how I styled my 2 pair’s of not-so-sweat pants!

First things first-ignore the fact that I have no makeup on(I just started accutane-WOO, so I’m trying to limit makeup, you can follow my progress Tumblr at if you’d like!) And also don’t mind the water droplet on my pants-oops!

For this first outfit, I paired my not-so-sweats with a lace tee to dress them up. Even though they are silk, they still look to me like sweat pants. I paired my low sandals with snakeskin straps because I love how lace and snakeskin look together-it’s almost like the mimic each other in such a fabulous way!!

{Outfit Details}
Shirt-old Urban Outfitters
Pants-Winfred (from Courtney at her out!)
Shoes-Sam Edelman

For this outfit, I chose something a little more casual-I threw my hair up and put a tee on! I kept some wedges on though to keep things dressy, I wore my fancy vintage necklace from my grandma’s closet and I tucked in the front of my shirt-something I basically always do.

{Outfit Details}
Shirt-Target FEED collaboration, from the boys side!
Pants-Joe Fresh at JCP
Shoes-Sam Edelman



So I’m sure you’re all wondering-where on earth can I get such cute pants!? Well, here are a few options! (click the picture to be directed to their site for ordering!)

For leather:


For striped down the side:

I know I said no floral-but these are just too cute to pass up, plus I couldn’t find any with just a simple stripe!


For casual:


And some more that I just LOVE-all from Nasty


Well, now that everyone knows how fabulous being chic and cool can be, we can all agree to slip into some fabulous not-so-sweat pants. Until next time!



XX, Flancake

Borrowed from the boys.

Happy Saturday all!

Well ladies, I’m in a rut.
I’ve become OBSESSED with a new trend, I literally can’t get enough!!!
First, let me tell you something-I’ve never been a fan of its-fedoras, wide brimmed, even baseball hats-I always think they all look weird on me! WEEELLLL I’ve changed my mind-I’m currently literally wanting to buy every single baseball hat ever! (especially leather and acid wash ones from FreePeople….ooops)

So let’s talk about where I first started seeing this trend-about 3 years ago in J.Crew and I thought oh lord I hope this doesn’t become a “thing”….well 3 years later, I saw an adorable yankees hat on the owner of Savoir-Faire, Tess Bleich and I then thought-GEEZ I hope this becomes a trend!!! But seriously, literally so cute.

Let’s talk about why I love this trend so much:

1. They’re SO easy to wear!!!
2. You can seriously wear them with anything (ok, maybe not a ball gown…ok maybe)
3. I always have this problem-BEAUTIFUL locks, but greasy roots! I’m not kidding, my hair always looks the best for some reason on like the 3rd day of not washing it, but HELLO I can’t just walk out of my door looking like a fire could start on my crown??  Eww no, but guess what-baseball hat to the rescue!!

Now, this trend is (right now) for the daring, since it’s wearing it with cute cloths, and not just a tshirt and jeans, so I’m going to give a little explaining.

In my opinion, always try and stick with the same color scheme as your hat, because the crazier the color, the more the hat will stick out and look like it doesn’t belong on your head!
Also, this may seem weird, but I think baseball hats look best with loose clothing, mostly causal clothes but dressy accessories to up the cool factor (think sparkly necklaces, pretty makeup, heels, maybe a huge bag).
And really I don’t have any more tips on how to wear them, just have fun with them!! I just love wearing them because I feel like I’m 12 for some reason!!

And here are some lovely visuals on HowTo: Wear a basball hat like a girl!
First-my interpretation!

My jumpsuit is from Free People, vest from American Eagle, converse and my Yankees hat. You can’t really see, but I’m wearing three vintage necklaces, two are Chain Crochet and the other is from Vintage 401 on college in Fayetteville, AR!



I love her leather hat with the sparkley shirt!ImageImageImageImage

How fun is her pink lipstick? I love the way it makes this tough leather hat feel girly and fun!ImageImageImage

Last but not least, I’m loving these baseball hats in J.Crew’s Looks We Love for August!ImageImage

That’s all for tonight lovely ladies! And dashing dudes, of course! 🙂
Until next time,


XX, Flancake

ARM PARTY: (ahrm-pahr-tee)

It’s Tuesday! (or at least I think it is…you know how summer can get!)

ARM PARTY: (ahrm-pahr-tee)
noun: to load up one’s wrist with fab bracelets, bangles and adornments for the simple purpose of looking fabulous.

So today I wanted to post about something that I GUESS is a trend, but it’s been around or a while so I’m not exactly posting about how it’s new-I just wanted to talk about arm parties because they’re SO fun!!

So first things first-I wanted to share my arm parties, and the different ways to wear them!

Lately I’m having a party on my arm everyday!
This is what I wear everyday:

for an everyday arm party I always put on my watch which is a must, since I have gold on my watch I always add a few gold bangles/spiked bracelets, a real fancy pink bracelet, my personalized leather bracelets and my cool turquoise bracelet. For me, this is the perfect arm party because I have a mix of fancy bracelets with easy to wear bracelets-which works for everyday because sometimes I dress super nice but sometimes I just want to wear a tshirt! I also like to add bracelets that are personalized because that makes it YOURS!


If you’re wanting an arm party that’s bohemian, do something like this:
add a woven friendship bracelet with some vintage bangles and be colorful!! Also for a bohemian arm party add some leather bracelets(or faux leather!)


If you want a dressed up arm party or have a bigger bracelet that you want to show off-do something like this! For this arm party, add some different bangles in the same color as your statement piece(gold/silver) and add your statement last(closest to your wrist)


Those are my interpretations of arm parties- here are some of my favorite arm parties!


Basically here’s the rule with an arm party-pile on pretty jewels in similar colors, the limit is about 5 or 6 inches up your lower arm, and rock them!
The reason I love arm parties is because they just make an outfit SO much more interesting! If you have a cool piece from a different country, think about what a great conversation started it could be! One last thought on arm parties-if just a bunch of bracelets aren’t enough for you(because sometimes they aren’t enough for me!) add some cool rings! Either 1 or 2 bigger statement rings on the opposite hand of your arm party or a bunch of little dainty rings! You basically can’t go wrong!!

That’s it for today’s post! I hope you’ve been inspired and rock some awesome arm parties!!


XX Flancake

Rifle Paper Co. inspiration

It’s Tuesday ya’ll!

Hopefully everyone is having a fab t-day. For me, I painted my nails! (okok, I did them last night but I finished them this morning!)
If you don’t know about the beauty, I HIGHLY suggest you check them out. They’re definitely one of my biggest secrets. They literally have the BEST tutorials and just advice for all things beauty! And my favorite part is that they always are from a point of view that the model is the one doing the tutorial-so they’re actually do-able! 
Well, lately I’ve become obbsessd with another website, which is Rifle Paper Co! Yes, it is a paper company but it’s seriously SO cute. {definitely ordering one of their phone cases soon!} WEEELLLL, I was SO ecstatic when I realized that TBD was doing an Anna Rifle Bond{founder of the Rifle Paper Co} manicure! So of course I had to try it-now I’m not saying it looks like theirs but it is okaaay. Below are some of the Rifle Paper Co’s products, and then TBD’s tutorial, and finally my nails! Enjoy!

I mean really, how cute is this stuff.



{click HERE and scroll down for the tutorial!}


And last but not least, how my nails turned out!



That’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed some fancy nails on this lovely Tuesday.
Until next time!

XX Flancake