//S a t u r d a y//

It’s borrowed from the boys for weekend wear, while also supporting those Hogs-Woo Pig.
For this weekend’s wear, I was inspired by one of my all time favorite bloggers-Laura Wiertzema, of Ascot Friday and her love of plaid shirts.
[Literally almost all of her amazing outfits are with plaid-up the cool girl factor]

I wanted to wear mine tied around my waist and over my shirt, but I wanted it super loose-so I borrowed from the boy. It turned out to be such an easy/effortless look.

Button Up// Urban Outfitters (similar here)
T.Shirt// Razorback Shop
Leggings// Similar here
Shoes// Converse
Bag// Lucky(similar here)




Until next time,

XX Flancake

Its Gunna Be May…

Happy May First everyone! 
(did you see what I did there-N’ Sync anyone?? ok, I’m done)

First off-SO sorry to not have posted in literally almost a month! What have I been thinking!? Who knows really. Well, let me fill you in on my life so far-

First of all, this girl is officially a working girl! (WHOOP-WHOOP!)

If you havn’t heard of Impressions, I definitely beg you to come in, look on facebook, or go to our website! My newest adventure is at this lovely little boutique, and not only do we have some of the cutest clothes, but literally anything you could want-Butter Nail Polish, Mothers Day gifts, Shoes, Purses, Jeans(AG, True Religion, need I say more?) oh and even stuff for your man! Seriously, this place is heaven of all things. Come see me today from 12:30-6! 

In other news, I’ll be staying in Fayetteville this summer! WOOO-literally so excited about this. 

Ok, I’m sure you’re all bored with my life stories so I’ll get to the story!

Since today is the very first day of May, I wanted to share some beautiful flowers with you! Lately, I’ve become almost obsessed with flowers, it’s actually kind of strange. I’m sure you remember my story on Flower Crowns a while ago, well let me tell you-I’ve definitely bought 2 more since that post! (oops…) Today however I just wanted to focus on extra pretty flowers, and what occasions they can be for! 
For this story on flowers, I wanted to actually focus on my absolute FAV place to get them-which is Pigmint. This absolutely ADORABLE floral shop is located on 617 N College Ave in Fayetteville. It’s in the Airstream trailers! (how cute is that!?) 

Well, every time I’ve been in the owners have been nothing but nice-and super spunky too! They literally can create things for any event/occasion, at basically any price point! (I got some extra pretty flowers for just $20 the other day!) So, I’m sure you all want to see the beauties I’m talking about, so allow me to share some of their amazing pics-


aren’t these lovely? (they were mine!)ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

this is their adorable little airstream!ImageImageand a pic from one of their photoshoots with the fabulous Kelly Stuckey (that’s my hairdresser! She’s seriously such a beautiful person inside and out btw!)Image


That’s really all I’ve got for today! I’ll try to keep you all update, buuuut finals week is next week so no promises! Until next time pretty readers,




XX Flancake