Who would’ve thought?
Overalls, on GLHC-what a riot.

I noticed this becoming a trend around Spring last year,
and I tried to ignore the weird urge I had to like this trend I used to despise as a youngling.
I can remember looking at them in stores when I was little in disgust, so what is this now?

I’d say I’m pretty particular about the right kind of overalls though, so don’t jump to any conclusions just yet.
My dream pair would be loose, however the legs would be tapered [perfect for sneaks + heels], they would be a light-medium wash and possibly have some washed-out/faded out flowers or a fun pattern. I just love the concept of an outfit in one piece-you can add a fun shirt underneath, some cool shoes and call it a day, possibly also why I love dresses so much.

Overalls are also such an American staple. They date back to the backbone of the great US-in 1873, Levi Strauss + Jacob Davis invented the overall, complete with buttons for suspenders.
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These really are such an American staple, and I’m SO happy to see them making a comeback.
I’m sure we’ll see them in the spring again,
and hopefully I’ll be rocking a pair soon [hopefully vintage, because that’s fun].
Until then, here’s what I’ve been pinning recently-overalls, duh.


|| images above via Pinterest ||

Also, some of my favorite on Free People right now.



L O V E those green with the diamonds

If you noticed in the title, I said ‘pinned’-I’ll be doing something new where I post once a week about the latest things I’ve pinned, to my Stylin + Profilin board of course, which is fab I must say.
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Can we go thrift shopping?

I’ve always been a lover of thrifting-there’s just something about owning something that once was someone else’s,
because everything has a story.

Being home for Christmas, I’ve been able to make several trips to the local thrift-PCDC. I’ve posted about PCDC before, simply because they really do have the best deals and steals.
A few days before Christmas, I decided to stop by looking for a few flannels,
and I came across probably the greatest thrift store find E V E R.

I walked in and spotted |literally| a leopard coat.
I almost died.
I ALWAYS see bloggers posting about their leopard coat finds and I get so jealous, since every fur I find at a thrift either has a billion tears/damage done, smells like a cigar club, and/or is in terrible shape. 
This coat was different. 

I immediately went to it, probably a little quicker than I should-I think the entire store was wondering what on earth was wrong with me, running in PCDC. I ran my fingers through the soft fur, realizing quickly that it was genuine rabbit fur, dyed like leopard, so that was a mega plus. It had HUGE shoulder pads-which wasn’t a problem-I like a little padding every now and then. 
I tried it on in front of the teeny-tiny mirror and OHMIGOSH IT FIT!!! My heart did a little flip-flip inside, because this was crazy.
The arms were just my length, with fitted wrists, it had a semi-cropped length,
coming to the top of my hips and the fur was in excellent condition.


did I mention that it was $20???


I looked in my wallet and sadly only had 10, so I asked the cashier if they could hold it (no) so I cringed putting it back on the hanger while rushing to the bank. I got back and the beauty was still there! I grabbed it up and purchased it, along with a black/white checkered flannel. 
The fur really was the steal of the century.


A few days after christmas my cousins were in, so obviously I took them thrifting. 
The thrift was having a sale, so I definitely took advantage of it!
I got some ahhhhhmazing steals, totaling to $11 (can I get a whoop-whoop).
So needless to say, the thrift was good to me. 

//the steals//

[don’t mind my messy floor, I’ve been sewing a dress which I’ll soon post about]
A denim blazer with a boyfriend fit [which I’ve been searching for] + a lovely plaid blazer that’s wool, also boyfriend fit.


A dotted chambray shirt + a wool/polyester sweater-like shirt


2 tees-one army green, the other khaki colored

and possibly the coolest denim vest ever. 
It’s definitely western, and has white/red/blue fabric with the most rad detailing. 
[looks like something from Free People]


Have the happiest 2014, I know I’ll try to!