The Color Story.


Lately I’ve been wearing the same colors-over and over again.
Oxblood, Army Green, + Cream. 
[with little-to-no variation]
I’ve found that this color combination is great together, and also great in separates! 
My favorite way to rock this color palette is with a green Army Jacket, Oxblood Lips and Cream pants/accessories.

J.Crew Leather Pants//Current Elliot Jacket//Savoir-Faire Necklace//Anthropologie Kicks//3.1 Philip Lim Bag



Cold Blast.


If you haven’t noticed, it’s a tad frigid out!
This weekend however, I won’t be enjoying the warmer temps in Arkansas
but going to Chicago for some colder temps!

As you might’ve noticed on my twitter feed, I’ve been tweeting for a few days about going to Chicago, most recently about the 50 mph wind gusts that are currently delaying my flight as we speak/as I type.
But what am I going to Chicago for, to endure the negative temps you ask?
I would love to tell!

I’ve been a H U G E fan of Bri Emery’s blog, Design Love Fest for the longest time. She posts about all sorts-design, decoration, fashion, entertaining-you get the gist. [her site is where type and images totally make out, as said on her site-love.] I’ve recently become a fan of Angela Kohler, who is basically a mastermind visual artist. She’s a photographer who creates A M A Z I N G images, some for Toyota, Amazon, Capitol Records, and Verizon [to name a few].
Obviously these two lovely ladies are basically pros at Photoshop, so they teamed up to host photoshop classes all over!
They created Blogshop, a Photoshop class for bloggers.
In this class, they teach the basics along with some fun things that help to make individual blogs, well, individual!
Blogshop literally happens ALL over the world [NY, LA, Chicago, Sweden,Canada, Australia…] and for one of my Christmas gifts, I was given the opportunity to participate in the Chicago Blogshop and literally could NOT be more excited!!!!
Through this class, I’ll going more knowledge about photoshop and how to make my blog better, more exciting-and overall more pretty with it! So over the next few days, stay tuned as I share my amazing experience with you all!

Until then though, waiting in the airport is ultra boring so I wanted to show some fur
-something I’m definitely bringing for the -13 degree weather in Chicago.
Below are some of my favorite furs of the season.
[fun fact-I made this image in PS!]


1//Fox Unlimited


3//Scarlet Vegan Fur



Recently, I’ve been so intrigued by the Navajo culture and especially prints and patterns.
I’ve always wanted a Navajo blanket but I thought, perhaps, a jacket could suffice.

I always see jackets such as these for sale, advertised as hand painted-but at price points way beyond my reach.
Yes, these jackets probably shouldn’t be any cheaper, since someone took their precious time hand painting them,
but I guess I just wanted to paint my own for justification.

I ventured into my local thrift once again (for about the hundredth time this break) and found the perfect denim shirt/jacket,
and started painting as soon as I was home.
This is what I came up with!


Yes, my pattern is a bit uneven, but that’s what makes it unique!
I free handed this pattern, so I wouldn’t expect it to be pitch-perfect.
To make this, I used simple acrylic paint and puffy paint for the yellow outline.
I have yet to wash my jacket/shirt, but I doubt I will since I’m afraid the paint may come off!
some of my inspirations







There’s just something about red+yellow+turquoise together that just is so perfect.
I’m truly inspired by this wonderful artwork, and will continue to be.


This Year

This year, I’m not going to have a new years resolution.
Because honestly, who ever keeps theirs? (I don’t.)
And even if I ever do try and make one, and then don’t keep it-I feel like a failure, or I just feel bad about myself. But I know that’s not a true reflection about myself, so this year I’m doing something different. Instead of focusing on one major change in my life, I’m going to try and focus on smaller things, but not be so distraught if I don’t follow through with this one.
Because we should never take life too seriously, it’s not like we make it out alive anyway.


This year

A bad habit I’m going to break:
Biting my nails!

A new skill I’d like to learn:

A person I hope to be more like:
Both my Mom & Dad-so much giving and so much drive.

A good deed I’m going to do:
Buy a family’s meal, once a month.

A place I’d like to visit:
Ireland, Scotland, the South Beach Flea market in San Fran!

A book I’d like to read:
Harry Potter

A letter I’m going to write:
One to my grandparents every month.

A new food I’d like to try:
This is a hard one, maybe greek food?

I’m going to do better at:
Being nicer to people close to me and opening up more to those I don’t know that well, and not being quick to judge.


This year, I encourage you to not have a new years resolution-I promise, it’ll be worth it.

XX Flancake

(below is a link to a cool video of my year in pictures!)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

On this lovely Thanksgiving day, don’t forget to remember everyone and everything that you’re thankful for!
This Thanksgiving I’m spending it at my grandparent’s ranch with all my mom’s side of the family, and I must say it is rather cozy here!
We’ll probably sit around the fire all day and I might sew a bit, sew that should be fun [see what I did there…]
For your Thanksgiving pleasure, enjoy these lovely photos from Thanksgiving’s past.



Stuff your face and enjoy this time with family and friends, 
until next time lovelies!


[Grown up Christmas List]


Ok, maybe I’m too old to be asking for things for Christmas, but I mean who really is?
My dream Christmas list would have to be the one I’ve created below, for obvious reasons. 


1| I love fixing my hair in various ways all the time, and I’m 100% sure this book would help with that. I love braids and I’m always interested in learning new tricks, so this book is perfect.

2| Everyone needs a fur vest, and this one from Joie is no exception. I actually was able to try on this lovely and the softness is absolutely incredible, definitely a luxe item.

3| Because I love lipstick, I actually don’t have a matte lipstick and what better way than to go Chanel? This Rouge Allure Velvet matte in 37 Le’Exuberante or 38 La Fascinante would be fabulous to wear year round.

4| Who does’t love a good pair of bells? These by Novella Royale are no exception to fabulousness. Did I mention that they’re having a cypher Monday sale? 😉

5| The new Tiffany & CO Atlas collection is SO incredible, and this bangle I think-is fabulous.
In rose gold of course

6| Michael Kors has done it again. The Selma bag is structured perfection, in this water/scratch proof leather, it will definitely go with everything and last forever.

7| These New Balance for Free People sneaks are the perfect thing to slip on when running around the city while staying chic. I’m SO in love with this deep purple color, however I also love the deep blue with red.

8| I’ll soon be making a blog post about these fabulous little boot’s mothers-bloggers Ascot Friday & Deep in the Hart, two of my ALL TIME favorite bloggers and style inspos.
[I’m not even kidding they have the best Cali/West coast style I ever did see]
These boots though actually must be added to my growing collection-they’re the perfect shape of bootie with a totally rad color, and perfect heel height to match.

9| Alexa Chung, Style Icon [one of her many hats] has released her first book, IT. I’ve heard that it’s delicious, so I think I need to have a taste.



These are a few of my favorite things.


We all have those products, jewelry pieces, and simply put-things we like, that we can’t seem to live without.
I definitely do, and I would love to share them!

1. This i.d.|Bare Minerals brush is probably the softest thing I’ve ever come into contact with. I use it to apply ma mineral hydration powder after all my makeup is complete, but I think it could be used for anything, it’s simply amazing. 

2. This Mally mascara is actually the most amazing mascara, basically ever. I do have naturally long, yet light lashes, so this really helps bring a dark color to them while also lengthening them in a feathery way. I also love that this mascara has never flaked on me.

3. I’ve always been a fan of fun eyeliners, but this Two Faced Metal Eyed is a standout. I love the chrome feel to it-it’s a dark almost pewter color, with a  slight shimmer to it. And the brush is long and thin, perfect for a cat eye application. 

4. This face cream is one product I actually don’t think I could live without. Because I’m on accutane[only 1 month left!], my face is extremely dry. I discovered this little wonder while in NY, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m sure it would also be good for winter skin, since I’m sure we’re all too familiar with chapped noses and nasty redness. This little number will take care of all of that and more-as a bonus, it lets me wear makeup with dry skin and you would’t even notice. 

5. Sometimes I just want to put my hair out of my face but still keep it down, and these little beauties are the perfect trick. From, [I actually got mine at Riffraff], these are the perfect shaped bobbi pin, just with a little glitter. 

6. My beloved DIY Lulu Frost necklace is a timeless piece I can throw on over a t-shirt or sweatshirt, or layered under bottom up with a sweater. 

7. I love eye makeup, and this is possibly my all time favorite shadow. From id|Bare Minerals, this pigment in High Shine Sand Dune[similar Here, color: Patina] is a lovely and flattering shadow I can layer on or wear alone.

8. I’m all about hair care, and I love the line Davines [my hairdresser introduced me!], and this Beach Spray is amazingggg. I actually got this mini version in my Birchbox, but I also own the larger one because I love it so much. I have naturally straight, thin, fine hair-so beach waves are somewhat of a myth. However when I wear a super loose braid overnight and spritz a bit of this spray, I might as well have spent the night surfing. Oh, and did I mention that it smells heavenly? 

9. Miss Dior has been a staple of mine literally for years, I just can’t get enough. And how cute is the mini version?

10. Because I’m naturally blonde, my brows are almost invisible and super thin. Benefit’s Gimme Brow is the perfect product for me. Not only does it add a tint of color, but it also adds some thickness with tiny fibers that stick to your brows when applied. I use it in the color Light/Medium, so I don’t look too frightening. 

11. My Catbird rings are my babies. I have a few rings that I wear daily, which were given to me by my parents, and their both silver. However I also wear my baby ring on my pink which is gold, so I balance out the gold/silver by wearing my Catbird’s mostly gold and one tiny silver sliver. [Skinny gold ring, hammered gold ringsilver ring]

12. Whenever I do have to put my hair up, why not do it in style? I love this sparkly and velvet duo from Old Navy.

13. I used to be a Moroccan Oil addict, however I’ve recently come out of rehab and been introduced to Eufora Beautifying Serum, which is actually better for your hair. It leaves behind absolutely no residue [M. Oil did, sadly], and it smells almost like an orange grove. 

14. I am a scent junkie, but this makes it to my second favorite scent-Lollia Relax smells exactly like Lavender and Honey, two of my favorite things.

15. This lovely necklace is one I wear almost every day, because it’s so chic and timeless. It’s created by Carson, of Chain Crochet [who I just adore!]. She makes all her things out of vintage pieces, and every piece is totally different from one another, totally unique. 


That’s al of my favorite things in one place! Later on I will be doing a post about my favorite clothes/shoes/bags, and how I wear them of course! I hope you enjoyed, until next time-

XX Flancake