Special Projects // Alligator Food Design

Although this happened a bit ago, I still wanted to share the awesome experience I had working with the Alligator Food Design brand. A friend from a freshman class [tip – always keep up with your contacts, you never know when you might need them//when they’ll need you!] reached out to ask about help with her brand, specifically editorial styling for the product. This brand aligns perfectly with my aesthetic, so it was a perfect match.

We met to discuss how the shoot would work and what her ideas were, and of course I added some. The really cool thing that made this project different than any I’d ever done before was that the brand had different collections based on people, which gave them each personalities. This was a fun dynamic to work with, as we wanted each collections to really speak to the person it was inspired by and of course be visually pleasing.

Once we had our ideas drawn out and we agreed on several visual inspirations, we set up shop in a garage to get the magic going! It took a few hours to get everything right, but it the work definitely paid off. Check out Alligator Food Design’s website to read their story and get some prints! [Of course] I had to get some. Enjoy!!

// The Ashley Collection
For the jet setter: A travelogue that shows just as much complexity as the places they’ve visited, the Ashley Collection is for the girl boss inside us all. A neutral palette with pops of color, emphasize the sassy, yet inspirational phrases. The Ashley Collection encourages one to get stuff done while being fabulous as ever.


// The Ashlyn Collection
For the Wanderer: Rooted in adventure, the Ashlyn Collection is for those who are constantly seeking to discover more. Its natural color palette,reminiscent of faded photographs and old postcards, gives texture to the wanderlust sayings that characterize this collection. The Ashlyn will inspire you to pack your bags, and embark on an unknown route to an unexplored world.


// The Ava Collection
For the modern romantic: The Ava Collection combines a passionate sentiment with a classic color palette. Hand drawn watercolor illustrations are the background for tender dedications. The Ava Collection inspires one to rejoice in love, for it truly can and will “save your soul”.


// The Emily Collection
For the party girl: Sassy and social, the Emily Collection is for those of you who love to put on your red lipstick and hit the town on a Friday night. The neutral, high contrast color palette draws attention to the witty quips you’ll be sure to use in your everyday vocabulary. The Emily Collection encourages you to put on your best pair of heels and just live life to the fullest!


// The Mimi Collection
For the southern sweetheart: As sweet as apple pie, the Mimi Collection is for those who always see the good in things. Light and airy pastels fill this collection with a carefree sense of joy. The Mimi Collection inspires one to laugh, dance, and just enjoy things as they come. After all, life truly is sweet.


Hopefully you love the beautiful prints paired with the layout design, and be sure to check out the
Alligator Food Design site and go grab some awesome prints and other products!!

Xo, Flancake

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*all images from Alligator Food Design website*

Design Portfolio.

So sorry for not posting in the L O N G E S T time, but I’ve been very busy!!
With finals happening this week, I had to create a design portfolio for my
Graphic Design class that highlighted things I’ve done.
I’m finally done! Here is the link if you want to check it out-

For now, that’s all! I leave for China in around JUST TWO WEEKS and then it’s off to New York 
for my summer internship! I’ll definitely be keeping you all posted on my travels,
until then-再见!