This past weekend I was able to travel once again to my favorite city, NYC for fashion week
>>insert a very excited EEK<<
Many people have asked what exactly I’m doing while going to fashion week,
since I’ve been posting pictures without explanations/so sorry,
so of course I would love to tell what I’ve been up to!

Last fall, Anna (the creator of Judith&James) and I met and decided that
my earrings would be featured on her models for the show.
I of course would be invited and come to the show, so that’s what happened this fashion week also!
Last fall I was able to help with model fittings/styling before the show, but sadly this time my flight wasn’t there in time, insert sad face.
It still was a blast putting together my earrings again though, along with seeing one of my favorite designers/I literally wear it everyday-Chain Crochet(Carson Roncketto) show her jewelry with Anna’s collection as well!
//for more info about last fall’s fashion week, look at this post

Below I’ve posted the finale, my favorite Casual & Evening looks, what I wore to the show,
and  Tulip Louise– Anna E. Cottrell and myself(another Arkansas blogger, one of my favorites!)
I’ll be posting pictures later from the other designers at the show and of course my favorite fashion week looks.
//for a video of the finale, check out my insta account!






what I’m wearing//
BCBGmaxazria jacket, Joie pants, Jeffrey Campbell Shoes, Piko top, Chain Crochet necklaces, H&M socks


Tutorial Tuesday//wrapped up

One thing I love about Christmas is the pretty, different ways packages can be wrapped.
This year I used a lot of silver glitter wrapping paper, wrapped with twine and a pine needle filled branch, which was rather messy. I also incorporated washi tape-I wrapped packages in plain paper and simply taped on different designs, making for a cute + unique look.
After you’ve opened everything however, it’s so depressing to throw away all the beautiful paper.
If you’re like me though, you keep it-in hopes that some crafts soon will be there.
I probably should’ve created this post a while ago, since the trash has already gone out-meaning the wrapping paper, but if you’ve still got some left over I’ve got the perfect craft for you.

This Christmas, I received some lovely gifts from my neighbors + dear friends, that was wrapped in the most amazing bicycle print. As soon as I unwrapped it I neatly folded the paper away, already thinking of something I could do with it.
Since the paper was the color of cardboard and the bicycles were printed in black,
I knew gold would surely be a lovely addition.
I’ll be living in an apartment next year, so proper decoration is a must. I know I’ll be using lots of golds and neutrals, but it stinks to have to go out a buy all that-so why not make it!

Wrapping paper>>wall print

For this craft, you’ll need:
-Printed wrapping paper
-1 or 2 tiny paint brushes
-Fine glitter
-A picture frame
-Sharpie/Pen/Marking device


>First I took the glass out of the frame + I lay it down on the wrapping paper, making an outline of the rectangle so I could cut the right amount out for the frame.Image

>Next I cut this rectangle out.

>I then picked out 3 bicycles I wanted to paint with the glue and traced their outline//I think 3 is a good number when decorating, or any odd number is.

>after I painted each one, I sprinkled glitter on them so it wouldn’t dry too quickly//I decided to use fine glitter because the bikes were so small

>I shook the glitter around on the paper then dumped it back into the glitter tube to conserve as much as possible


>I repeated this process 2 more times, then voila!
Let the bikes dry for a few minutes, then put in the frame and you’re done!ImageImage

My finished product in my room!
I thought this definitely turned out pretty awesome,
and I’m excited to do it again next year with some fab wrapping paper!

what I’m wearing// Ascot+Hart white T(my 2 favorite bloggers’ collab), Rag&Bone Jeans, Jeffrey Campbell boots, and a BarIII blazer.