All About Isabel.

Hi friends, 

First things first, sadly my last day of my internship is tomorrow which is rather sad. I pinky swear I’ll post a summary of my summer soon! But for now, I would love for you to all meet my super stylish friend and sorority sister and fashionista all wrapped into one, Isabel! This fab gal and I met our freshmen year, by discovering our love of clothing and shopping and all things fashionable. It’s been so great to talk about fashion and not sound like a crazy person, which is the usual reaction when you can talk about clothes for more than an hour. Last October, we were able to attend Teen Vogue’s Fashion University together in NY which was oh-so-fun (I also met her mom, who is also super fab herself), and we got to know each other better! During Greek Week this year, we got to work together designing and making the costumes which was SO fun and a great time to get to know Isabel even better! I learned that she’s creative like me-so of course we get along great! She’s original, fun and fabulous (did I already mention that?).


For our first blogging collab, we asked each other some questions and styled a trend we both are loving right now-overalls. Read her answers below and check out her blog for my side of the story! PS also check out this post, it’s my favorite (can you say yum??).

Q. When did your interest in fashion start?

A. I remember the end of freshman year in high school I was picking classes for next fall. I was missing some hours and had to pick one more class from a large list. Beginning sewing stuck out to me and thought I would give it a try. I ended up loving the class and that’s how everything started!

Q. What have you done to learn more about fashion?

A. After my first sewing class I kept signing up for the more advance classes. I also joined my school’s fashion club and became the president my senior year. I knew I had to lean more than just the sewing part so I applied to be on the Nordstrom fashion board. The fashion board taught me all the different roles that the employees have and had us make outfits with the new seasons apparel. When applying to colleges I knew I wanted to major in fashion and the U of A had everything I wanted. I am an Apparel Studies major and can’t get enough! The more I learn about all the different designers and how textiles are made the more I want to be in the fashion world. My all time eye opening experience was going to New York for a weekend my sophomore year with Flannery to attend the Teen Vogue Fashion University. We were able to meet the editor of Teen Vogue and listen to amazing well-known designers and fashion bloggers. Now going in as a junior in college I will be the VP of the Fashion Club and writer for Her Campus online blog. 

Q. What is your future dream?

A. This is a tough question for me to answer. I’m still learning so much and don’t want to build up a wonderful dream and never accomplish it. As of now being a buyer is really on my mind. I love the company Free People and would love to intern there and eventually work there. I’m open to whatever opportunity is given to me!

Q. What’s your inspiration right now?

A. I have been inspired this past summer with colored hair. When I saw Kylie Jenner’s turquoise hair I fell in LOVE! I ddi a lot of research on Instagram and Pinterest for a month and finally went through with it. I couldn’t be happier! (See her post about going blue here.)

Q. What’s your favorite fall style?

A. I love fall! The changing of the leaves and pumpkin lattes; I can’t get enough! For this fall I’m really excited for booties. They are very easy to pair with a dress of black skinny jeans and a leather jacket. Nothing better!

Q. How would you describe your personal style?

A. My style is changing all the time. Right now I would say hipster-chic. This summer I loved wearing sundresses with chunky jewelry. I mix it up by wearing high top converse. I have 8 piercing right now (Is it bad that I want more?). They all are on my ear except for a nose ring. During the fall is when I can really show my style. Layering is the best. I wear one of my favorite tees with a flannel, skinny jeans and some leather booties and I’m ready to go! I’m not afraid of trying new trends and going out go the ordinary. Every season I challenge myself to go for a different look just to open my eyes to the different varieties of styles there are. 

image-3Outfit details | Overalls- Frankie Phoenix, Shirt- BP Nordstrom, Shoes- Converse


I hope you enjoyed reading about my lovely friend and fellow blogger Isabel! Don’t forget to check out her blog, Just A Taste Of Fashion. Have a fab day everyone!