My newest adventure!

Happy Saturday all! 

I’ve ventured into new territoy-which is making cut-off jean shorts! 
I decided to make them for a few different reasons-1) Theyre SO easy! 2) I didn’t really like the way other people/places make theirs 3) I wanted to make them for other people too!

I was SO inspired by these shorts that Rosie Huntington-Whitley wore to Coachella in 2012, and I just HAD to have them, well make my own version that is! Here’s her version



(and some other pics of them!)



And my version!



I was literally SO proud and excited about these!! Not only are they so cute, but they fit perfectly! They’re SO comfy-I made them out of some old interesting (maybe maternity?) jeans from a local thrift store!

Here are some of my other shorts that I’ve made!



My pricing is going to be:
$30 for shorts with fabric/heavy embellishment
$25 for shorts with lots of holes/distressing
$20 for shorts with just a few holes


I’m going to do a tutorial soon on how to make these really easy shorts!
(But it’s all about the jean-fit I promise!)
I just wanted to share about how cute they are!!!
If you want to order some(In the picture with the 4 shorts-the Top and Bottom shorts on the right are sold!) (I can ship anywhere in the US) just comment below! Or I can do custom orders, email me at with the subject line “Shorts” 

I hope you like them (I’M OBSESSED!) 


Also, here is another one of my creations!



These will soon be sold at Crosseyed Cricket! (Email me for info about these if you’d like some with subject line “Earrings”)

That’s all for today!
Have a great Sunday!!

XX Flancake